Rangers star’s confession condemns former club chief

Rangers star’s confession condemns former club chief

With his admission yesterday that
he believes Motherwell’s Cedric Kipre deliberately tried to hurt him, Ryan Jack
has indirectly confirmed Graeme Murty must never again darken Rangers’ doorstep
again on any level.
Jack’s career was put seriously at
risk when the Steelman lived up to his club’s nickname and smashed his knee,
forcing him to miss the rest of the season, and making rehabilitation a
complete nightmare.
It was a troubling ‘challenge’
that didn’t even receive a talking to, never mind a booking, while Jack himself
was red carded for far less in other matches.
But it’s his admission that he
believes it was malicious, as well as revelation that his manager had not
consulted him prior to the outrageous comments he made in the media post-match
where he defended the assailant.
The bad feeling inside the Hummel
Training Centre should Murty return (and despite rumour and innuendo, nothing
has ever been confirmed about this) would be a worrying counter to the
positivity Steven Gerrard and the new regime have generated, and we are deeply
concerned how Jack, Lee Wallace and a number of others would feel if they
bumped into the former manager again on their travels at the HTC.
And the signal the club would
send to the players is they back the guy who didn’t back them while gladly
informing the world of the greatness of Brendan Rodgers and the claim that
Parkhead was better than Ibrox would also be incredibly negative and counter
In one public statement, Jack has
100% condemned Murty from inside – it is the first time a player has spoken
publicly against Murty, even if  he chose
his words very carefully and diplomatically, which we respect.
But, of course, we don’t have to
choose our words as carefully as we’re independent and aren’t on Rangers’
payroll nor subject to the same scrutiny as Jack for the same reasons.
But reading between the lines,
Jack is strongly condemning the challenge first and foremost, and Kipre, plus
secondly the manager for not backing him and defending the man who wrecked his
And that, for us, is pretty

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  1. thought it was common knowledge that Murts was back in his old position, I hope everyone on the media is wrong and l pray he is not allowed back christ it even divided us, half was glad to see him back, please update everything soon

  2. Leave Murty in the past guys ,it's counter productive to even bring this up ,I sit in sw2 5 rows back and I saw it clearly ,totally deliberate I was angry to at what Murty said can only imagine how Jack and his team mates felt bt let's leave it and look forward

  3. He's a Tim. Something warburton and his like will never understand. We should never employ supporters of that shower of shit. Never

  4. If Jack feels he needs to get that out that’s his prerogative. Personally I would prefer he chose to let it slide for now and leave one on him at some point in the season. Why shine a light on yourself. Mug.

    Murty’s resoonse that day regarding the tackle and his general mr nice guy persona showed him up as not befitting the full time job. Probably pissed aff the players when he again failed to defend them and stood there with no balls whatsoever. Weakness. Players smell it.

    Can he bring something to the table with the academy boys ? Absolutely. They’ll listen & respect him as having been in charge of the 1st team.

    As shit as he turned out, you can’t say he didn’t keep us somewhat on the rails. Be a shame if he left feeling we put him in a spot that lost him his job.

    If he can help get him in.

  5. I'd simply tell Murty that we are taking a different approach with the Unders who have did a lot better since he wasn't in charge of them… thanks for your efforts Mr Murty and goodbye.
    Top Class people in charge in all positions of Power are what RFC need and us fans deserve, not a 'Murty-type' who is much lacking in the ways of proper to goodness decision making, not now and not ever…. so goodbye Murts.

    Who is to fall on their sword/s for appointing Warburton, Pedro and ultimately Murty ? Or is failure now to be tolerated ?

    • Aye, very good. What we need at the club, especially after the shitty situations we’ve suffered are resignation letters handed around the boardroom table. Be 55 in no time.


  6. I said on here a number of times that Kipre should have been red carded and Murty condemned. Kipre was booked seconds later when he kicke Tavenier in face. Ref was a disgrace.

  7. Someone needs to Handy Murty His P45 🤔
    Fk Off Graeme!



  8. Murty stepped up and gave the job his best. He clearly wasn't ready for the job and nothing could have prepared him for it. It's pathetic to turn on the guy now, especially after he was considerred the new massiah prior to the 3-2 Celtic game. On this very site you described him as being "obviously an excellent coach/manager who understands how to put a winning side together" and claimed he was performing miricles at the club and that under Murty we were "finally capable of delivering a sustained and serious title shout".

    Now, within the space of 3-4 months he has become toxic and should be hung drawn and quartered before ever entering Ibrox again. Talk about fickle. This is a disgraceful way to treat someone who undoubtedly did his best for Rangers but failed through no real fault of his own.

    Thankfully the club isn't that narrow minded and short sighted. My understanding is that Murty is back in his old position and according to reports Gerrard intends using the knowledge Murty has to help guide him in his new job.

    That said I do think Jack is right and Murty was wrong to make the statements he did after the game.

  9. I dont know ?
    Maybe its a generational thing ??
    But ive always lived my life by a few simple rules and it seems to be working out just fine.
    1. If you cannae do someone a good turn dont do them a bad turn
    2. If you have nothing nice to say about someone then dont saying nothing at all
    3. And good manners cost fuck all

    Murty may not have been the best manager we ever had and yes he did make some mistakes, but gie the man peace, he did his best the best way he knew how given his limitted experience.

    We hear the term Rangers class being bandied about all the time, but i would like to point out its a term naw just reserved for a players ability, it also defines chatacter and behaviour…..prehaps some fans should ask themselves this, it it Rangers class to drag a man’s name through the mud and slag him for making a few mistakes in one of if not the most high pressure job currently in football ??
    Well i for one dont, leave the man be and focus on the positive direction The Famous Glasgow Rangers are taking.

  10. Don't like the way religion is making it's way back into commentary on our team. We've had Catholic managers in the past and have one now. It's the 21st Century guys and time to leave all the baggage behind.
    Murty is a good man who gave everything he could to a job he wasn't qualified to.
    Please get behind all our people and get Rangers back to where we belong.

  11. So now that Ryan Jack has the BALLS to speak about Murty and Miller and Wallace take the CAN for letting rip at the shite dished out against the filth the fucking board haven't said a word !!!!!!!

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