Gerrard names the six players he isn’t interested in…

Gerrard names the six players he isn’t interested in…

Steven Gerrard has formally ruled
out a glut of signings, despite sources being convinced a swathe of new players
were on their way.
A number of summer signings have
been promised, but Rangers’ manager today confirmed the majority of the names
linked are complete nonsense, and spoke of the only one he genuinely is
interested in.
While admiring the majority of
players Rangers have been connected to in recent weeks, he has formally poured
cold water over:
Liverpool’s Ryan Kent, Harry
, Dominic Solanke and Ben Woodburn, Manchester City’s Brandon Barker, and
Kilmarnock’s Jordan Jones.
None of these six players are
coming, despite claims they were close to done deals – if Gerrard’s word is
accurate, and no reason why it isn’t, we were never even interested in them,
and the only one of recent times Rangers are truly working towards is Roma’s
Umar Sadiq.
Indeed, Gerrard’s reasoning is we
just don’t need all these wide attacking players – and we at Ibrox Noise did
wonder why on earth we were being linked with so many. It seems it was smoke
without fire after all.
There was interestingly, however,
no mention of Hearts’ Kyle Lafferty, but the four-player blitz that was on thecards only recently is definitely down by at least two players with
confirmation Barker and Kent are not joining the Gerrard revolution.
So now we know.

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  1. Am happy to just wait and see, relatively happy with the squad atm. I think a few players will need to leave now before more are brought in. Solanke is a bit of a disappointing announcement however big Umar seems like a good option. I have heard theres also another signing to come but the deadwood needs burned before it is possible.

  2. That is totally inaccurate. If you read what he said, he was trying to say "its a different name every day, everything is speculation"

    At no point does he say those names are not coming. In fact he goes on to make a bigger point about Solanke being rumour (why single him out….obviously interested…!!)

  3. Hi BT, you’re a good commenter normally so we’ll let this slide but the quotes he made are clear. He rejected all of those names quite explicitly. It’s why we did a piece on it.

  4. Direct quote from the gaffer widely reported in several newspapers today.. "Kent, Wilson, Barker, Wilson, Jones. I'm a fan of the names and speculation but that's all it is just now. Dominic Solanke? Speculation. All I will say is we need more options in the forward areas"

    Where does that say none of these names are coming…???

  5. The quote I read was
    He said: “Brandon Barker [of Manchester City] is speculation. There’s not enough room for all the wingers we’ve been linked with — Ryan Kent, Harry Wilson, Barker and Jordan Jones. I don’t know how I’d fit them all in. I’m a fan of all the names, but it’s speculation. Dominic Solanke? Ben Woodburn? Also speculation. But we need more forward options"

    Now to be fair, there may be other quotes elsewhere, but the quote above says he couldn't take ALL the names speculated. It doesn't say he is not looking to take one or even two of them. The only definitive quote there is "But we need more forward options"

    I apologise if there is another quote somewhere else that makes it clear he is not interested in any of those players. But the quote above is very cute. It doesn't say he is or isn't interested, just that we couldn't take them all. Which we all know. Personally, I would rather Middleton and Atakayi got a runout.

    While I remember… WTF? Why give Hardie a 12 month contract, then lend him out for 12 months? Honestly, can anybody explain that one to me? So we get him back for a week next summer? I said I wanted to see if he could make it at Ibrox, but I could understand the rationale of a 2 year contract and a one year loan. But this!! Maybe I am missing something, but if he succeeds next season, which is what we all want, he is out of contract. I am baffled.

    • I’ve been scratching my knapper at the Hardie development too SWH…It doesn’t make sense, sign him up for one more year then send him out on loan for full season.. We must be a feeder Club for Livi

  6. The Media print total pish about Rangers and think we will all swallow it I ask you all Rangers Real People boycott them and stick to places of the same standard as IN . I think the Ryan Hardie deal is for Kenny Miller's benefit perhaps and also to see if the lad can move on a little physically .

  7. I do hope we keep bringing in players i heard from a friend who said he heard Selltic fans talking that when SG stops signing players one after another then they going after there own five to seven targets of there own,i hope this is wrong so let us keep signing.

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