Is Steven Gerrard making Rangers great again?

Is Steven Gerrard making Rangers great again?

Article by: Richard

It’s his first management job apart from
coaching Liverpool’s U18’s, but Steven Gerrard
knows how to fix the gap that developed in 2012, between Celtic and a skint,
underperforming Rangers.
The world class football legend has been
working tirelessly since joining Rangers and is totally dedicated to becoming a
management success at Ibrox.
He has already brought in seven players since
taking over the job. Keeper Alan
versatile midfielder Scott
centre back Connor Goldson,
central defender Nikola Katic, full
back Jon Flanagan, winger Jamie Murphy plus loan signing
midfielder Ovie Ejaria. with the
promise of more players still to arrive at Ibrox.
If he has a chance of succeeding with the difficult
task of turning his Rangers team into league or cup winners, he must prioritise
the weaknesses he found during his studying of many of last season’s Rangers
He saw that Celtic had superior fitness over
other SPL teams, and that was imperative to them dominating the league in
recent years.
Gerrard has made it crystal clear to his squad
that they must be prepared to press the opposition continuously until they win
the ball back. To attain his intentions correctly, all his players must be fit
enough to be able to deliver these tactics.
And that’s exactly what Gerrard is looking
for, once his exhaustive pre-season training is over and why he took his
players to Malaga
to improve their fitness levels ahead of the new season.
Gerrard couldn’t help but notice the defence
was letting the team down in most games, due to their obvious defensive
deficiencies. Again, a situation which he is resolving.
Signing Connor
and Nikola Katic, two
tall central defenders, became one
of his priorities and were both identified by Gerrard as his main defensive targets
in late May. He also brought versatile full back Jon Flanagan to make the defence even stronger.
The amount of deadwood players who still remain
under contract to Rangers is mainly due to our previous managers’ relatively
poor signing choices during their various transfer periods. Stevie and his
background staff are also working their way through this other problem.
Gerrard has stated that he will not continue
playing the same way against every team they meet.
Frankly, this has been glaringly obvious for
several seasons and thankfully he is addressing the issue.
Encountering Celtic, Aberdeen, Hibernian and Hearts away from home
should be the most difficult encounters we will meet this season and a new,
positive defence is just part of the reinvention of the team. He will also pick
stronger, faster and fitter midfield battlers for these special occasions.
Gerrard will want to pick a very difficult
team to beat and more importantly, one that can also win these games.
Let’s hope his new team will compete, scrap
and fight for every loose ball during every match, and
return Rangers to our former glory.

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  1. It depends on how you view the players being brought in imo.
    Ayoung 21 year old CB from Croatia who none of us know, a 25 year old CB who has just played what, 16 games in around two years and had heart surgery ? Then we have a mega injury-prone Jon Flanagan and the forever hiding Murphy, especially in the bigger games.
    Nice to see Shagger back though.
    Then we have a couple of loan signings, Very difficult imagining beating the filth to their 8th title to be honest, though I'd imagine there will be the usual types Always grateful, no matter what happens….. long as they have their season ticket seems to always Be their answer.

    I would much rather that we had seen Mr Gerrard bringing us in a better standard and time-served pair of CB's to be honest and any others being our own players and not loan signings.
    Players aged say between 25 to 29 years of age, these would have been the signings that I would have loved to see us buying/bringing-in to our Club as RFC and fans deserve it and more after the mess of other bad managers, so here's hoping I am made to eat my words here and Steven's Train choo-choo's it's way to The Title !

    • Here we go again" The negativity b4 a ball is kicked…..
      And by the way alan63,its no a choo choo train? Its a Juggernaut!!!

    • I agree with most of what your saying Alan (just not a fan of McGregor at all). I would also say, as it stands right now,, Celtic still have the stronger team! Pound for pound, they still have the better players. To keep the likes of Halliday and Windass will not win us the league whatsoever.
      We still need to sign a class centre midfielder and 2 class strikers!
      Time will tell what our team will look like in the friendlies and then our first euro game.
      But right now,, on paper,, the beggars are favourites for the league, and that's just a footballing opinion!!

    • In what way is Alan63 being negative (Dave the Rave)? I agree with his balanced viewpoint and as much as I am enthused by the SG revolution, I am still waiting in the marquee signing that shows our intentions are serious.

  2. To answer the question…Yeeeeeessssss and to top it all off a couple of Marquee signings please……watp Helicopter 2005

  3. Good points made Alan , but it's also about the changes he makes to the systems we play , to the attitude of the players and the way they battle to win . Also to the affect he has on some of the players he's inherited , like Tav and Josh , who we all know can be much better players . Here's hoping it all comes together !

  4. stevie g has a hard job to do but he has great contacts,is known throughout the
    world and has worked under some good managers.
    good luck to him,I'll be very surprised if he spends about £2 million
    on a player with alcohol problems!

  5. A ball has yet to be kicked and you are asking a silly question like that!!
    The end of the season will answer you question.

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