Rangers sell naming rights? Reports…

Rangers sell naming rights? Reports…

According to reports online, not only are Rangers set to rename Auchenhowie, but that the rename will be a sponsorship-based deal with kit-supplier Hummel having allegedly bought the rename rights.

The former Murray Park, then Rangers Training Centre, would conceivably be called the Hummel Training Centre under the new arrangement, which frankly we are quite happy with given the club can always use new streams of revenue.

Sponsorship is the modern way these days, with dozens of British clubs selling the naming rights to their stadiums for millions of pounds, and while this deal probably wouldn’t earn quite that much, it will nevertheless bring in cash for further investment into the club.

The club training facility’s name has been an issue of contention for some considerable time now, with the original moniker unofficially discarded to zero fanfare following protestations about its title and a general lack of popularity.

Ergo the Rangers Training Centre was a more neutral name, but now the Hummel Training Centre, if these reports are indeed accurate, would be a sign of the sponsorship-laden times.

What is unclear is if the naming rights were included as part of the kit manufacturing deal – we would assume not, and such a privilege would cost extra.

But don’t quote us on that…

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  1. I agree with that they could even get a sponsor for Ibrox. I'm in SA and most of the cricket grounds are sponsored by someone. We have Bidvest Wanderers/sahara newlands/sahars kingsmead to name a few its the modern way too go as these sportsmen are earning so much that they need it. Can Rangers not get a better sponsor than Red 32.

  2. No,No and No
    We should Keep The Naming Rights! 👊⚽💙

    Auchenhowie is a Better Option than 'The Hummel Training Centre' 🤔

  3. Stevie, is Auchenhowie better than Hummel Training Centre and a new Striker, though?

    It's what you can do with the money that counts and so far I like the way we are spending it.

    • Thats True.
      I like how we are spending it too

      But I Dont Agree with Selling the Naming Rights
      …Just my Opinion 🤔⚽💙

    • Yupp!

      Personally speaking I'm alright with that too. financially it appears to be all hands on deck, remove the Celtic allocation to bring in money now! Bring an orange strip out, extra revenue now! Sell the training ground naming rights again more money! & the share issue (6m)

      If they aren't going sell the naming rights to Ibrox, you can bet it's been up for discussion & I'm alright with all of this..

      What I can't deal with is listening to that condsending smug knob Rodgers lording it over us for much longer…

  4. Business is business,all sources of revenue must be considered when rebuilding our team to stop the rot👍

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. Who gives a muckin flunkies?

    Man City may have an owner with cash running out his jobbies.
    He has notes coming from his Uranus because he brings it in
    And looks for more!!

    Perhaps get VENUS to pump £50 million in.

    The Wee Arra Billy Boys Colosseum

    I likes it

    I likes it a lot

    Steve? Take a Loving Cup Pill

  6. Mate please sort the ads out onon th page, it's unreadable on my phone as the ad is covering the text

    • Hi Stumber, yes we’re aware of the issue (mobile only) and we’re working to fix it. Thanks.

    • Stop trawling they Vietnamese wife buying sites and you'll be fine. Or get a decent ad blocker running.

  7. Season ticket money won't cover it, so any deal will help. With the lack of people leaving the club (and none, as of yet, for any money), and the expense of the new boys coming in, there will be a shortage of cash before Christmas. What then?

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