Defender makes point about Rangers which fans will love…


New Rangers signing Nikola Katic has confirmed Rangers are ‘one of the biggest clubs in Europe’ after the colossal Croatian signed a deal to join Ibrox under the legend that is Steven Gerrard.

The 21-year old Croatian international was expected to be unveiled within the next 48 hours, but the deal went through even quicker than anticipated and the ex-Balupo man admitted the box-office draw of Gerrard and Rangers was enough to make him run to Scotland.

It confirms the first formal outfield defensive signing for Rangers under Stevie Ger, and we can pretty much say with certainty Katic, and imminent capture Connor Goldson will be the new first-choice duo for the back.

“This is one big club, one of the biggest in Europe and in the world.”

Playing to the galleries a little perhaps, but there is no denying Rangers remain a global brand and with Gerrard at the helm there is a lure for players that just didn’t exist until very recently.

We wish Katic the best in Govan!


  1. I think Stevie will play a back 3 with Tavi & John as wingbacks.

    What or whom plays in front of that I don't know, could be 7 more players arriving for all we know.

    Got to be asking now who's filling those 2 empty Directors Seats or is King digging or both.
    Next 10 days interesting for me!

  2. Looks like a Brilliant Young CB!
    Bags of Potential!
    Also if he does well we could sell him on in 2-3 years for Big Money 🤗💰

  3. Still Think we should sign Bartley Too as well as a Leader at the Back …(Terry/Collins/McAuley)

  4. Loved his quote about running to Ibrox. Very happy about the way the team is shaping up, but a lot of players must be realising that they won't be playing football at Rangers next season.

    So time for the decent ones to move on. The riffraff will stay as they can't go anywhere

  5. Great signing this lad will be awesome at Ibrox he will have been given the whole picture from Dado and Jelavic He will be no softy either Croats are game ….Gonna be a super sell on too after we win a few league titles…Bring it right on !!!!

  6. half the people here are saying good signing??? Never heard of this guy before, what happened to the big names mentioned? wake up ffs

    • You wake up ffs!We don't have the money for big names unless they're done or nearly 40.This is a market we've got to utilize,are you daft.He's a Croatian international 21 years old with all the right attributes to be a success. We need to find the big names of tomorrow in order to prosper. Great signing.

    • this lad will show u? where do you get that confidence from? don't tell me you've heard of him before he was linked with us. we will be looking for our next manager by Christmas, take the rose tinted glasses off and see that we have a manager with zero experience in Scotland, and had the 5th best youth team in England, even Liverpool told him management maybe not for him, like I said wake up ffs

  7. How stupid do the mhanky mob look…no news about their lot, so they make nonsense up…but they're not obsessed…or completely wrong. Haha.


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