Monday, 25 June 2018

Rangers midfielder makes surprising admission about Steven Gerrard

Greg Docherty has admitted unlike Josh Windass and James Tavernier, to name just two, that he has not yet personally spoken with new manager Steven Gerrard about his future at Ibrox and the role he can play.

Much has been made in recent weeks of players the manager has made specific headway with regards to one-on-one counselling and expressing plans for their future at Rangers, but it seems, as yet, that the January signing from Hamilton is not one of them.

He said:

“Not personally (he hasn’t spoken to me), I think if I could play a role I think I would bring a lot of energy to midfield and get about the park. From the way they want to play, from what they’ve said so far, I’ve got a good feeling and it could suit me.”

He went onto discuss aggression again and that aggression is a key tenet coming out of the training camp in Spain, which is a huge change from the spineless nonsense we’ve witnessed too much of late.

However, his admission that he and Gerrard are yet to have a one on one is slightly surprising – we do hope the new manager sees Docherty as a useful and important part of the team – we believe he has a huge amount to offer and we loved what we saw of him last season.

We are well aware a lot of fans have no time for him all of a sudden, but we don’t share that, and we support all the players with a blank slate, not just our ‘personal favourites’.

If Docherty is good enough, and we feel he is, he will surely play a role.

But that’s down to Stevie Ger.

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