One rule for Rangers, one for everyone else


Tonight Sky Sources have
confirmed Southampton are likely to pay around
£7M for Celtic midfielder Stuart Armstrong.
What’s that you hear? Nothing?
Rangers expect in excess of £3M
should anyone bid on James Tavernier, and received a near-£11M bid from China for
Alfredo Morelos. Josh Windass is valued at circa £5M.
And yet from Scottish football?
Absolute ridicule and comical scoffing that a 21-year old Colombian with the
best scoring record is ‘worth that amount’ while a 6-cap Scotland player at 26
is clearly worth such cash as is an uncapped French striker.
Ibrox Noise never fails to be
amused by the ongoing hypocrisy in Scottish football – when a Celtic player
goes for a fortune, no one bats an eyelid – when a Rangers player looks set to
leave for similar amounts, the whole country goes into absolute meltdown.
If ever they hated us more, we
can’t remember it. Every single chance to object, ridicule, discredit and mock –
they take it, but they pretty much leave Celtic alone.
Aberdeen’s Jonny Hayes moves to Celtic – no one
bats an eyelid.
Aberdeen’s Ryan Jack moves to Rangers – the country
crumbles in loathing of both him and Rangers.
The one rule for Rangers and one
for everyone else is amusing, if tiring – we really do grow weary of how fans and the media never
fail to take a shot at anything to do with us, while leaving Celtic alone
pretty much Scot free.
Armstrong will go to Southampton and no one will give two hoots about the
value. Had it been Morelos to Renhe or anywhere else, you know Scottish
football would have quite a different response.
Get a life, guys!


  1. Hatred or jealousy!? At the end of the day screw em!! I couldn't care less with anything or anyone on the dark side

  2. A player is only worth what someone is willing too pay , I personally think rangers and ther fans should stop grabbing at straws , if you want to talk about dodgy deals what about your young talent. Barry McKay , Billy gilmour who went for a snip Celtic know how too do business there player's have European football in there CV plus winning medals in all comps in there country , rangers have no one of interest in there ranks as they are losers clubs don't pay big money for losers ie your man souness never bought any one but winners , rangers players know nothing about winning so in there in the low cost bracket it's simple maths not some kind of conspiracy against your team , Celtic are a very well run club with a very strong foundation buying and selling is a well run part of the business and very good relationships with a lot of teams and very much trusted something rangers are not , rangers after liquidation tried to run before they could walk and with one crook after another at the helm can't see a future for them , unless the fans demand change and start from the bottom and build with men you can trust not these thieves that are out to get there cut of the pie

    • James, it's your lot who like to start at the bottom.
      Why would we want to start at the bottom. We finished 3rd last season despite some dodgy signings, 2 of the worst managers in our history, and a team without fight and character. We are on our way back with Stevie G and its onwards and upwards from here. Your days of cheap trophies are over.

    • Smell the fear!!!! These jokers are playing their last hatred cards at Rangers …We Don't Care …DK proved how rotten and corrupt the SPFL SFA etc are it smells @!! Armstrong average …good business by the Rotten Mob …Enjoy it now ya twats We Are Coming

  3. Listen James , players are bought based on performance etc. Tav :- best right back in the league hence figures being quoted. Morelos top scorer hence price quoted and same for windass. Players aren’t purchased because they won medals, the interest is picked up on because of performances and consistency through the season, and for the gers players mentioned it’s down to that and that alone. Wf are you even doing here anyway, yous just can’t stick to your own business , always fishing around here looking for a bite. ��⚪️��WATP

  4. Its cos WATP they all want involved🇬🇧
    Its hard being a box office class act that everyone wants to watch🇬🇧

    Lynx sales are up,there all shiting themselves cos they know we're BACK

    WATP LETS GO 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. Why not get Trump to invest in Rangers? He's already put half a billion notes into Scotland, he's half Scottish and it would royally get under the skins of the mhanky seps

  6. Listen, the Glasgow media is not going to change. It might be a good idea, to limit media interviews to "trusted news titles" only. Is there any?? All we can do, is keep on, pointing out their obvious "green bias" at every opportunity. We KNOW, they're twisters, when it comes to our club. So let's close off their oxygen supply. Till they learn, to play nicer.

    • Disagree. That shows we are upset by media. We shouldn't care, no one likes us but as long as we win life is sweet. Stop worrying about how non Rangers people perceive us or judge us as it is totally irrelevant – all that matters is we win…

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