Josh Windass and £5M…


Press reports today have
confirmed Cardiff
City’s long-term interest
in Rangers’ attacking midfielder Josh Windass has become serious with intent on
the Welsh side’s part to bid around £1.5M for the 24-year old.
It goes without saying this must
be rejected hands down.
Only last night we discussed on the site the irony of Celtic securing around £7M for Stuart Armstrong without
anyone batting an eyelid, while Scottish football falls all over itself to be
outraged when any prize Rangers talent looks set to leave for some large sum.
And it is clearly evident that
Josh Windass is worth a hell of a lot more than £1.5M and the club’s reported
demand of £3M is well below the mark too.
If Josh Windass was Scottish
there is no denying he would be an international by now – a goalscoring
midfielder with his kind of pace and finishing talent is a rare commodity and
such players, when they’re German, English or French, for example, are worth an
absolute song.
Windass is worth at least £5M –
not necessarily his absolute market value, but his value to us and the amount
we must demand if we are to consider selling such a player.
For his part Windass confirmed
manager Steven Gerrard did indeed speak to him (and others) in Dubai (yeah, we
got that one wrong, apologies folks) about the role he wanted him to play, and
while Windass honourably kept the nature of the chat private, it was evident
Gerrard wants to keep the ex-Accrington man.
And it is even more evident that
importance to Gerrard and his clear potential makes Windass, when he doesn’t
disappear in matches (yes, we know he sometimes does), a truly colossal player
whose value is up there with your Armstrongs et al.
Rangers cannot accept even £3M.
It is simply an insult to the player, the fans, and the Journey if we do
another Barrie McKay and tolerate a significantly below market value fee for
one of our most prized assets, and would be hypocritical beyond words given the
board apologised for aforementioned fiasco.
If Windass is to move on, is to
be sold, it must be on our terms at a cost acceptable to us.
Nothing less will do. Hardball.


  1. I would take the £1.5M.As people wrote on this page last season,He drifts out of games all the time. Not the quality required if we are to stop 10iar.

  2. The boy has the attributes to become a top player for us. The papes are quoted as getting £7M for Armstrong….we could get that or more for Windass next summer if he shines under SG & GMac

    • I'll have a pint of whatever you're drinking Dino. I like Windass but the idea he's worth £7M is hilarious. I might not take the £1.5M but I would snap you hand off if offered £3M. IN is quoting Barrie McKay but we got £500K for him not £3M. If we got £3M for Windass and used it to buy Oli McBurnie I'd be a happy man.

  3. Would not accept £3 million. Stevie G might bring the best out of him, get him fighting fit and actually6 be involved in 90 minutes.

  4. Keep him,under Ge55ard he will be worth 10 when ready🏋️‍♂️

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. £4m and 15% sell on hedges the bets I would say.
    But is it true? Doubt it!
    Does Stevie have plans for him? Possibly!
    Pea and ham oot of a chicken I know!!

  6. Boy has talent but no heart goes missing when the chips are down am afraid I’d take £2 million and say see you later 🇬🇧

  7. Completely agree. There are some who would sell him for a fiver because they don't like him.
    We must operate in the real world. If we wanted to buy him from another club with his goalscoring record and years left on his contract, we would be quoted £7 million+.
    We are not a charity and we need the money, so if anyone values Windass, they can pay the going rate. He has been more productive than Armstrong, imho, so that is the ballpark I would want. Whether I wanted to keep him or not.

    • Sorry mate I always like your posts and usually agree but you have got this wrong. I sat and watched Windass roundly abused by the people around me in almost every game he played last season. Part of that was unfair but some of it was deserved. To suggest that Windass has been more productive than Armstrong is laughable. They are not even on the same page as footballers. To think anyone will offer us £7M for him is fantasy. If we could get £3M then great. Anything over £2M would be acceptable.

    • Fulham,

      You might be right. I don't claim to be an expert and maybe Armstrong is worth a lot more. BUT, Windass did score a lot more goals than Armstrong although he spent the first part of the season out of position on the wing. Not the only job in football, creators are also valued, but goals win games and get valued accordingly.

      I agree that he can drift out of games, the Celtic game where he scored in first 5 minutes then left the match sticks in the mind. I don't know if that can be fixed, hope it can as he is still youngish.

      But if an English Premier League team thinks he is worth having, then they think he can live in and contribute to that league. A league where the team that comes bottom will bank £160+ MILLION.

      I will agree that Windass may not be God's gift, but I do think that in the context of the EPL, someone who can score goals is worth big money. If he scored 10 goals in the EPL, Cardiff would want £15+ for him.

      I suppose the best compromise would be as Robbie Wilson noted, a decent fee of £4-5 and a decent %age sellon, or further add-ons. I suppose time will tell. I suspect SG thinks he can find better and wants to up the price as much as possible. I honestly think, if he leaves, it will be for over £4million with add-ons. If nobody wants to pay that, we will keep him. He is proven in our league, which McBurnie isn't. And I am on record as a big McBurnie fan.
      Time will tell, we can revisit this one in September 🙂 I will admit to being wrong if he goes for under £4 million, you can hold me to that

  8. Make a statement of intent to keep him. If someone wants him let them pay over the odds for him. That's usually how it works for us.
    I think he is a young lad with loads of potential and I think Gerrard can get more out of him. Don't forget his excellent scoring record last season despite playing out of position for most of it.

    • Yes. Good managers make good players better Gerrard won't allow any players to just switch off. Rangers will be a become a better team with him in charge in that regard. So, what's the rush to sell Windlass now. He was bought for buttons and playmakers cost dearly. The manager is limited in options and the club is realised as a firesale opportunity due to it's finances. So sell him but then what do you do?

  9. If Cardiff/Swansea want Him?
    …£5Million Minimum!

    But like has been mentioned, Id Hold On To Him and if he Performs Well Under SG we will be looking at £10mill 😁👍💰⚽

  10. Of course he drifts out of games he's only just turned 24, it's only the really top top players who are consistently good at that age. We signed him when he was 22 for next to nothing, the boy has improved each year since we signed him. In his 2nd season He's been inconsistent, but still scored 17 goals. If we had better team he probably wouldn't get much of a chance. But how much do we need to spend to get better quality and consistency? probably £4-7m. Now compare with Armstrong, signed for celtic 3 years ago. Only started playing well in his 2nd season when brenda came in, and also scored 17 goals that season, he was out injured for the majority of last season. Basically he's had 1 good season and he's worth £7m at 26yrs old. Well windass has had an equally as good season there, hasn't had any long term injury issues (as far as I'm aware) and is 2 years younger. He's got to be the same or more. Maybe the problem with windass's value is the constant public slagging he gets from some fans. I know we expect the best. But for now we've got have the capacity to develop young players in the team, and unfortunately that comes with inconsistency and occasional mistakes, however the rewards are worth when you get a team that all peaks at the right time, and if that's not this season, I'm confident it will be the next one.

  11. No less than 5 Million… Windass much more potential than Armstrong …Much more goal threat …Quicker ..Younger…
    Please Rangers do not sell any of our assets at low prices

    • £5m?? I'd let him go for a fraction of that. He may be younger and quicker than Armstrong and maybe scores more goals against poor opposition like Ayr and Fraserburgh. However, they play totally different roles and Armstrong is ten times the player Windass will ever be.

  12. Windass has tremendous potential, but he's extremely ball-greedy and is not a "team" player, He runs at goal, like a nag with blinkers and not a thought in his head, of looking up to see if a team-mate is in a better scoring position. No him. If we could sort that out alone, he'd be three times a better player.

  13. As Tav already admitted the standards have dropped remarkably under recent managers and SG has already boosted moral by stepping up the pace and making training arrangements and technique for formations etc more professional and enjoyable and challenging.
    If the opposite was the case last season its no wonder players switched off.
    Not ideal obviously for hard working supporters are paying to watch for definite.
    But it does say a lot about why moral and confidence went downhill.

    So I fully think Windass and others will be allowed to progress next season.
    Aside from that English Clubs have paid huge amounts for average Celtic players while WE have allowed ours to leave for curtain rings.

    Time to live in the real world.
    £1.5- £3m? Celtic would not allow that type of insult to happen put it that way.

    Plus it certainly wouldn't help us by a better player or put speckled in the alledged empty kitty

  14. We need to stop bending over for clubs down south that are not short on coin. If Armstrong is worth 7mil with 1 year left and barely played last season, then josh is worth 10!!

  15. Get rid of Windass AND Morelos…… They both bottled it in the Old Firm games showing once again we CANNOT seriously depend on them to show Heart and Fight for THE RANGERS cause….. Get rid ASAP.

  16. Can't compare Windass with the ex celt because of one word consistency if Windass could achieve it yes he could one day be worth 7 mill bt for now I'd say 1.5 is a bit low given his promise bt 3 is to high probably 2 or 2.5 be right

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