Rangers chief drops huge hint about Rangers’ new style…


Rangers’ head of performance
Jordan Milsom has dropped a big hint about the kind of style new manager Steven
Gerrard intends to undertake as he gets serious with tactics and preparation
for the new season.
Milsom’s main purpose is to ready
the players physically and tactically for the rigours of the SPL and the
ex-Liverpool man has given a major insight as to how Gerrard is looking to
“I think the manager’s style of
play is going to be quite aggressive, both in and out of possession, and to be
able to play that way you need to cope with that not only within a game, but
repeated games.”
If Milsom’s account is anything
to go by, and he is, after all, being instructed by Gerrard how to prepare the
players, Rangers could look hungry, energetic, physical and extremely tough.
Which is exactly what we’ve been
missing the past six years – Rangers have been bullied by most teams, and
unfortunately players in our ranks have simply not been up to the physical
demands of competing against the likes of Scott Brown or John McGinn.
Milsom appears to be suggesting
that is going to change.


  1. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve been very annoyed about what’s been coming out from the players, saying that it’s the toughest it’s ever been and they weren’t fit enough etc. Personally if ur playing for the jersy and pride then they should have been sorting things like fitness them selfs. They shouldn’t need a new manager to tell them it needs sorted. It def shows that the players that were there aren’t leaders at all and are all happy to do the minimum requirement.

    • But they can do extra if they wish. They don’t have to go home after training. They can and some do do extra. If your playing football and u think your unfit I’d be wanting to rectify that

    • Its all fair and well sitting back as supporters and saying they should be doing this or that and when the players go on the pitch they make the choice of what to do and all that but being a realist and looking at things without a supporters head on then the players only do what the coach tells them, what they have been doing through the week at training in preperation for the game ahead is how they work on the pitch, I for one said some players last season looked tired after 40mins never mind 90mins, I also felt Josh should have been used as an impact player similar to Novo near the end of his career ie 30mins at the end not starting games. I feel most of us are looking the wrong though, if the players are coming out and saying this is the best training they have had I worry for our younger team, unless Stevie G makes sure they are training just as hard then that team will not do well.

    • Stuart it's not as easy as that? U train up then train down, if U start doing sprints after a train down there's a good chance of injury, U must have seen the players after games out doing down work. As Alan says the training schedule should be adequate and most of all varied and fun!
      I'm afraid our previous leaders have been imposters*

    • It was well known in the past that our players used to do above and beyond even under smith. A lot went in early and left late, if they could do it I don’t see why this lot couldn’t have. It was also reported on last season that Miller and been doing it as well… obviously no one else wanted to follow his example

    • Hate to say it but look at Celtic – under Deila they weren't fit enough. Rodgers got them fit and the invincibles season was mostly Deila's team. But when Deila was in charge they almost lost the league to the sheep.

      Fitness plus decent tactics is down to manager.

  2. Yes…The Juggernaut is on its way!!!…get it rite up the lot of Them???
    watp…Helicopter 2005

  3. Music to my ears. It's about time we rolled up our sleeves and got fired into the opposition. That will also get the crowd behind them. For too long we've had mediocrity and half hearted effort. BRING IT ON!!!!

  4. Ronaldo Beckham two players who reportedly stayed on in their own time and worked their asses off to be the best. The rest is history. They did what was asked and more.

    • Are you kidding? Have you seen the build of Ronaldo and Beckham (in his day). That physique wasn't built with a few laps round the training ground and a game of 5 a side. They put the effort in and got the rewards.

  5. Thank God, looking as if the lightweights of recent years are over. Almost a completely new team this season, proper footballers who will be fitter, stronger and more capable.


  6. Bullied, is right. Rangers players have folded like a deck of cards, at the first sight of the opposition, this past season. They have to prepare, for the obvious physicality of players like big, dumb Broony. The one-trick pony, who just muscles people off the ball. Gazza knew how to deal, with those kind of players. Both hands outstretched, fending them off. That's the kind of "steel" we need in our team, this season. No, shiting themselves at the first dig they get, then cowering like whipped dogs. Onwards, let's go!

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