Monday, 25 June 2018

"No phonies" - Steven Gerrard reads the riot act...

If Rangers fans needed evidence from the training pitch of just how the new regime is starting to deliver the kind of preparation that has been missing from Ibrox for the best part of seven years, recent footage from the summer camp in Malaga has been doing the rounds on social media and the response has been gushing to say the least.

As we know only too well Rangers players have been living off the fat of the land for way too long, and been delivering weak and feeble displays as a result. As a Rangers player being bullied by Hibs and Hamilton far less Celtic is utterly unacceptable, but Gerrard’s words in Spain have been absolutely seized on, and no wonder.

During a training match, Gerrard made his feelings absolutely clear:

“No phonies who’re pretending, just little crazy jogs in, watching the ball. We go in to win the ball all over the pitch, ok? Get it in your heads now. Take a rest break.”

Gerrard, simply, isn’t going to stand for the absolute hogwash other managers have – of course there’s a question of why players delivered such feeble nonsense for this club whoever the manager was.

Nevertheless SG is rooting it out completely and making it perfectly clear he expects the same level of aggression, energy, passion and effort he used to exalt on the pitch himself.

Exactly the same as Rangers should deliver.

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