Josh Windass – stick or twist?


Josh Windass’ former Aberdeen striker dad Dean
has today confirmed there is indeed an escape clause in the attacker’s
Josh signed an extension only a
few months ago and one would have assumed the £3M value already embedded in the
old deal would have been increased such was the 24-year old’s increasing stock
and superb form.
Alas, bizarrely, it was not –
perhaps the retention of that clause at that value was a reason Windass signed
a new deal, but his father claims he fully intends to remain at Ibrox.
It leaves us with more questions
than answers.
What is Josh’s ambition? Does he
want European football, 50k crowds every other week and the hotbed of the Old
Firm clash?
Would he rather the higher riches
of the English Premier League with newly-promoted Cardiff
and the guarantee of at least six matches at huge away grounds in front of
Manchester United or Liverpool crowds?
It all depends on what he wants.
If Cardiff do
indeed activate that clause, as is being reported, Windass will hold all the
cards and be able to choose his future.
His current manager Steven Gerrard
has made it abundantly clear that he sees him as an integral part of the squad,
team, and club’s future – he sees the purple patch from February as a glimpse
of what Windass can attain, and he wants to build around that.
But the player must be tempted by
the filthy lucre of the EPL – there isn’t an English player around who doesn’t
want to play in the showpiece of the world’s most lavish league, and the
potential call up to the national side it could lead to.
And we completely understand that
– at the end of the day if the bid comes in, Windass has to make the choice,
and frankly we don’t mind which one he goes with.
If he stays we have potentially dozens
of goals from midfield, plus his pace, and presumably new-found desire under
Steven Gerrard. We also have a fine threat for European football, and someone
who knows how to score against Celtic.
If he goes we get enough cash for
another couple of players, so a good profit. We would also have a fair amount
of cover in the attacking areas to compensate for his loss.
It’s down to him at the end of
the day. Whatever the outcome, as long as it’s in the best interests of

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  1. Surprised at the results to far. I think if Murty could get him scoring and playing well, albeit in 10minute spells, surely Stevie can ger him playing like that for at least 45mins!

  2. Can not believe his “escape clause”, as you’ve put it was only 3million, apparently not changed from the first contract he signed, love him or hate him his value is more than 3mill, loose change for a EPL team. Stinks of more incompetence that he was seen of significant value to offer him a new contract yet have such a low buy out clause, we just seem to continue giving away valuable assets for peanuts.

  3. If offered take the money
    Far to hot and cold
    Remember his purple patch and who he scored against a non league team a 1st div team a team 2nd bottom of championship and a team 2nd bottom premier for me he never a rangers player

  4. If we played against Fraserburgh or Ross Co. every week i'd keep him around but we dont. We cant afford to play matches with effictively 10 men everytime he goes missing. He has shown for 2 full years that he isnt Rangers level when it comes to workrate, heart and commitment, i'd take a less talented player who would run through brick walls for 90 mins any day.

  5. Of all the players in the current squad, Josh Windass is perhaps the least structured.
    That is not designed to be a negative comment…more so, that he has, in his DNA, a laid back demeanour.
    This is probably why opinions of him remain divisive. Explosive one minute, positively distracted the next.
    If Gerrard can somehow harbour the former attribute, we could witness a very special contribution from the player during this campaign.
    The opening goal, in the three-two loss at Ibrox, was an overwhelming moment… reminiscent of Colin Stein's strike in the ECWC final, and entirely indicative of his skills, and capability.
    The management should seek to secure him on the payroll, and nurture him, at any cost.

  6. Stick we get big money for him under Ge55ard next season🇬🇧

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Not unless we get him another new contract without the clause. Otherwise we could lose a £7 -10m rated player for £3m.

  7. Sell, we shouldn't be narrow minded to think there aren't any better players out there for half the price of Windass. I'm sure our scouts have got a few in mind to replace such a fraud. How many managers do we need to go through to "give him a chance",, Have you not seen enough to prove it's players like him that won't win us titles or cups?
    3 Million would be steal and get someone in who will bust a gut and play for the full 90+!

    • Got to agree Jimbo Casper just turns spectrum far far to much for my liking.
      But the guy that broke the story is about as dependable as our weather, possibly a load of mugumba.
      On another note whoever kept that clause in his contract wants put up against a wall and shot* Twice!! Could have robbed someone for 5m for him no bother..££££

    • Jimbo,

      You and I would bust a gut for 90 minutes, but while I don't know about you, nobody wants to see me playing for Rangers, I promise you.
      If an English Premiership team wants him, is it because they need to sign pish? Doubt it.
      Because they can't afford anymore than that? Doubt it
      I suspect that if he goes to the premiership and scores 5 goals by January, he will be worth £15 million. He did last season what Armstrong did the year before. He has only 12 months left on his contract and they get £7 large. In this market, Windass is worth £5 Million, without another high scoring season. If he repeats his form, £6-8 million. If SG improves him, gets him to work harder instead of quitting when it gets tough, not for sale at any price

  8. Madness. Who sanctioned a new contact without increasing the buyout fee. Why bother with the offer?

    • Gav.
      Rangers don't have a choice but to sell for 3m if someone matches that amount. We can't stop him going or Rangers are in breach of contract.
      As mental as that sounds its only the player himself who can Vito the offer.
      He will be offered a sign on fee and double at least what he's on now.
      Total Madness!!

  9. If the rumours are true we offered £300K for Jordan Jones last year. Are we really saying Windass is worth 10 times Jones??? Aye right. Snap Cardiff's hand off for that £3M now before they change their mind.

    • Yes at least 10 times. I'm a fan he was surrounded by mediocrity last season there is definitely a player in there. A very good player. 3 million is a steal for a goal scoring midfielder who is only gonna get better. On another note if the Steven Davis roumors are true that's magic. 3 years left of a very very good player 👍🏻

  10. Im not a Fan of Windass
    I hope he Goes/We Sell Him!

    But I would not let him go for £3m, Give him some time under SG and we could Sell him for Double that 😃👍⚽

  11. Only the details of the contract are between club, player, agent, it's pure speculation otherwise on a release clause.

  12. The clause is a joke. I can only assume that was negotiated with the player. If it’s triggered by a £3M bid it’s down to the player obviously. I would like to see him stay and progress but if he wants to go he can fuck off. His loss.

  13. In Scotland i think you would have to be a very top of the class player to get £3 million for not being a International Player,the problem is other teams may well pay £1 to £1.5 million but no more this coming season may see the price go up if he can score in the European games.

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