Stevie Ger drops a massive hint about new players for senior squad…


Rangers manager Steven Gerrard
has dropped a huge hint that one or two of the Academy youths who went on the
summer  trip to Malaga may be ready for the first team and he
is strongly considering a promotion.

Stephen Kelly, Glenn Middleton, Serge
Atakayi, Matty Shiels, Aidan Wilson
and Zak Rudden all joined the senior squad
for the training camp in Spain’s
south, and if Gerrard’s word is anything to go by, one or two of them are
serious contenders to make the step up.
He said:

“We’ve obviously had six really good
ones with us here, I’ve got a bit of thinking in terms of do I keep a few of them
around the first team squad, do I move a few 
of them into the first team.”

Gerrard’s focus on youth is
promising – while not all the youth squad players are good enough to make the
leap to the first team, it is high time Rangers started regularly promoting
those who have done well enough to earn a shot.
From the clues over the past
season or so, it looks like Serge Atakayi and Glenn Middleton may be two of the
closest to aspiring towards the big time, albeit Aidan Wilson also has a shout.
Gerrard went on:

“There’s one or two them really
knocking on the door to be part of the first team squad.”

If ever a statement of intent was
clear, this is it – Gerrard is clearly suggesting there will be significant
Time will tell who that ends up


    • He’s going on loan to Partick for the season going by reports.. Will do him good as he needs game time which he can’t get in the first team as yet..

  1. Middleton defo getting the upgrade, he shown like the North Star and in my humble opinion can keep Windass out of the team when he gets his chance or when Windass does his Casper impersonation act!!*

    • He’s got to be given his chance Robbie mate! Middleton can also play through the centre not just both wings which is an added bonus – he will drag defenders all over..

      Funny the Norwich supporters couldn’t give a flying f when Dorrans left but were gutted to see Middleton leave very highly rated..Add young Serge too and it’s a very hungry couple of players..
      Looking good 👍

  2. I don’t see the boys getting many minutes on the pitch this season. Great boost for the confidence of the boys and no doubt a few will train full time with the 1st team squad. Good motivation and man management from the gaffer.

    As for Barjonas or any other on the periphery, I’m sure the new management team are fully aware of their situations and what they can or can’t offer. Giving the younger boys a boost doesn’t automatically mean demotion got others. Onwards and upwards for all and if some are jettisoned in the process so be it. It’s a harsh industry. Trust the gaffer.

  3. Not surprised that Serge Atakayi is there. For me this lad had been a stand out for a while, but yet not given the opportunity. Hope he gets a turn in the upcoming friendlies to see if he can step up.

  4. It is always difficult for the support to gain a perfect summation of a young player coming through the ranks. Often, media hype can have a negative impact on their progress…building perhaps an unfair, and unrealistic profile, from which some never recover.
    In saying that…for what seems likes decades now, the supporters have been led to believe the academy is a vital aspect of the structure.
    Names are thrown about from time to time, creating a sense of optimism for the future, more often than not, though, resulting in base disappointment.
    I would trust the Manager's background at Liverpool would finally offer the young and gifted an opportunity to shine on the big stage.

  5. Pedro had his failings for sure but at least he gave the youth a chance. The expectation of the media & support is beyond fucking stupid at times. That’s one thing about that other mob the press never bat an eyelid when they bring in the youth players for starts..

    Rangers on the other hand it’s peer pressure on them before they’ve even got laced up. You then realise why Billy Gilmore left for Chelsea and his reasoning behind it. Would he have gone if Stevie Gerrard was our Manager then – I doubt it but just my opinion..

    The Gaffer will play them if they show the desired qualities, and being young they will be hungry enough to succeed in the game. Not like some who are just after the pay check and the prestige of saying they play for the Rangers..

    Like my arsehole this opinion is my own 😎

  6. Will be Happy seeing some of our Boys in the First Team! 🙂⚽👍

    Atakayi, Wilson etc!
    Lets Go!!!

    Would also like Barjonas to be Included

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