Factfile – who are FK Shkupi and should Rangers worry?


So now we know who Rangers will face to begin with in our European adventure next month. Steven Gerrard takes us on his maiden voyage over the continent as a manager, and Macedonia’s FK Shkupi will provide him with his first test in the role.

As for our opponents, fourth in their domestic league last season, a hotbed of football Macedonia is not, and if all is pure and holy, Rangers should progress (irony) to the next round unlike the absolute disaster of last season.

From reports, Shkupi are a team in transition, having recently been taken over. According to Twitter account @macedonianfooty their ground does not fulfil Uefa standards so Rangers’ away trip will be to another group which does called the Philip II Arena.

The same observer namechecks Rron Broja, who plays in the middle of the park and  is an international player for Kosovo – apparently he is seeking a move to Turkey with several sides interested but will still play these legs.

However, with Rangers’ spending and new management, this really, in all likelihood should be an overpowering Rangers performance and a comfortable win.

We will of course respect our opponents, but in no way should we fear a repeat of last season. Having spent what we have pre-season and with the serious overhaul already underway, there is no doubt we must expect the win.

Of course, the friendly on the 6th of July will certainly help give a taster of how the squad is gelling, and we hope the visit of Bury will give a telling insight as to how Stevie Ger’s squad is shaping up.

But a Rangers win here really should be a foregone conclusion.

If Rangers don’t manage to get past Shkupi, we are in almost unspeakable trouble already.


  1. If FK Shupi get a Result against Us like Progres Did …Then Something is Wrong!

    Like you have Mentioned Macedonia isnt exactly a Football Hotbed so over the two legs it should be a Relatively Easy Win! 👊⚽💙

    I Think 4-0/5-0 at Ibrox and Maybe 3-1 in Macedonia 🤔

  2. There are no easy games in Europe anymore, because our Scottish game is gutter level in world football. If it wasn't, then Scottish teams would ease through the qualifying rounds, but they aren't! Why? Because Scottish Football is now a minnow state, thanks to the likes of Doncaster(English) and his Celtic (Irish) contingency board who have no intention of improving our game (Scottish)!!
    European teams now hope to get us as they know they have a good chance to progress(pardon the pun).
    Therefore, this game is very much ours to win. I accept our team is still gelling and need time to get to know each other, but I still expect us to get through, but it won't be easy. It will be down to attitude, fitness and taking our chances.
    I am a wee bit anxious that we have not signed a quality striker yet. We struggled to put away so many chances that cost us many points for the past 2 seasons. I like Morelos and want to keep him, but we also need an unforgiving, confident, strong striker that will put those glaring chances away!

    • Agree. When you sit and play with the players we now have, picking teams etc. it really is glaringly obvious how short we are up front. Sure you can fill in with Murphy and Windass but it's not ideal.

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