The return of Allan McGregor


The Allan McGregor and Rangers story is a very strange one indeed. Naturally we know how he left us in 2012, but time seems to have healed for a lot of fans and now that the 36-year old keeper has returned, the gravity of what he did has been played down significantly.

Just like many of the rest he deserted us when we needed him, citing tosh about financial uncertainty with regards a transfer, when it was just clear that with Rangers going to the Third Division was not what he had in mind.

He used excuses about fearing where the transfer fee for him would go if he transferred his contract, despite plenty of other players doing it anyway, so honestly his and others’ excuses didn’t wash and probably never will.

But that said there wasn’t a Bear around, ourselves included, who didn’t have huge smiles on our faces seeing him back.

He’s one of us, whatever has happened and whatever mistakes he made in the past – even Kyle Lafferty has admitted he was badly advised – not everyone admits their errors though and we don’t want to hold grudges.

And it’s great to see him back. We have the closest thing to a world class goalkeeper we’ve had since he left, and there’s something warm and fuzzy about watching Allan McGregor at Rangers’ training as if six years have been erased and he never even left.

It’s surreal in many ways. He’s the first returning deserter and he’s honestly been welcomed back with complete and unconditional support. We wanted him back, and we got him. We doubt Steven Naismith or Steven Whittaker would quite get the same welcome in truth – but Allan McGregor was as thrilled to come back as we were to get him back.

It’s true – time is the greatest healer. Have we completely forgotten the past? No – impossible for this club to just erase 2012 and onwards.

But just because the wound was deep doesn’t mean it never heals.

We, like the rest of the support, can’t wait to see McGregor in goal against Bury on the 6th of next month at Ibrox.


  1. Ironic he was right. Most of those transfer fees that we got went into certain people’s pockets. But going to feel so much better with him in goals especially at set pieces next season

  2. I can't understand why I forgive him, but I do. Naismith and Lafferty, never. Whittaker has nothing to answer. He wasn't on of us and while he was shown up by Bocanegra and Goian, he didn't we us anything.
    I feel I should hate Shagger, but I don't. Mind you, having put himself and money before Rangers, I can never revere him the way I did. He is no "Flying Pig".
    But he will be the best we have had since "Shagger" himself

  3. Sorry Joe, but I will forgive Naismith and Lafferty when I am iceskating in hell. Nothing personal against…………..actually no it is very personal. Self confessed fans who ran when those with no need for loyalty stayed. Bocanegra, Goian and others. They got a move, no disrespect there. If Naismith had publicly said in our darkest hours "I stand by MY club" and privately told McCoist he wouldn't be playing Division 4 football or for a bunch of people he neither liked nor trusted so they better get him sold, I would want him knighted and given the freedom of Scotland. And I would welcome him back on bended knee.

    BUT, he didn't. So I held, still hold and will forever hold a grudge. I don't do walking away and I don't do forgive

  4. Whilst I can understand why some can't forgive the players who left back in the dark days, I believe we should only focus on the future. I agree that McGregor will feature against Bury – I'm sure SG will give him half a game before offering him his choice of cushions for the bench. For the season…….

  5. Glad to see Him Back! 😀👍

    Gks – Shagger & Alnwick
    Sell Foderingham and then when Allan Retires make Alnwick No 1

    Ive Forgiven …Shagger, Lafferty

    will NEVER Forgive …Naisy, Whittaker


    • Stevo

      Just curious, why would you forgive Rangers fan Lafferty for walking, but NEVER forgive Whittaker, a Hibs player and fan who came for his career and left for the same reason? He did a good job while with us, but he was never emotionally attached to us, to the best of my knowledge.
      It is for that reason I have never bothered about him. But I felt embarassed for all the times I had to defend Lafferty's behaviour and lack of goals, only for him to leave the club he supported.
      As I have said before, even I don't know why I have forgiven Shagger, but I have.

    • I Forgave Lafferty because He didnt Leave in the same manner as Naismith/Whittaker and has since come out and said he regrets leaving and was badly advised 🤓⚽💙

    • Stevo,

      Fair enough. I agree Lafferty has said he regrets it, but for me too many footballers kiss the badge of whichever club pays this week's wages. They can all claim they were badly advised. As fans, we did not have that option. I suppose that is why I forgive the ones who didn't claim to be fans, like Whittaker, but not the ones who did claim to be fans.

      But I respect all Rangers fans' right to have their own opinion on this. There is no right and wrong. Just a sad mess.

  6. I just think it was a mistake to sign him! He is gash at cross balls, lives within his 6 yard box as well as having butter fingers. I'd never have signed him.

  7. ballons every one of u

    why have saying we dont do walking away yet forgive a player who did walk awaway
    double standards and one of the reasons the clubs in the mire
    i repeat BALLONS

  8. What's a ballon? Incidentally, your name is mispelt, it's supposed to have a U in it, not an I.
    I repeat, what's a BALLON?

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