New defender and interest in 28-year old England striker? Rumour roundup


Another day at Ibrox/Malaga, another chunk of rumours, stories, transfers and suchlike. Ibrox Noise takes you through today’s highlights and other bits and bobs.

Ovie Ejaria is yet to join his new mates in Spain. The new loan signing has not yet hooked up with the lads at the time of writing, the winger being a Rangers man till the end of the season, but to the best of our information he has not joined the camp. Hopefully today?

Liverpool’s Jon Flanagan is reportedly set to imminently hook up at the camp for a medical, the 25 year old defender being a free agent having been released from Anfield. The near-6ft full back is a former team mate of Gerrard, and his signing should entirely sort out the vacancy for a new FB to compliment Tav and John. Flanagan will be Rangers’ seventh signing of the summer window.

Some outlets are being mischievous over the Kenny Miller to St Mirren story. Miller is set to join Alan Stubbs at St Mirren Park but a few media sources are presenting the story as a ‘Rangers player exit’ when, of course, the striker became a free agent some time ago. We wish him the best of luck, except against us of course, and even Steven Gerrard has endorsed the player and wishes he could have kept him.

Sources claim former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge is keen on a switch to Rangers, with the 28-year old forward having spent last season at West Brom. The injury-plagued hitman is one of the most talented forwards to have come out of England in years, but could never sustain fitness for long enough to have serious impact.

He is reportedly keen to join the ex-Liverpool boys in Govan – but financially it is very difficult at best. If he was to take a pay cut and fit in with Rangers’ pay structure, why not! We don’t expect much of this one though.

And as a little laugh, former Rangers winger Michael O’Halloran was presented by his new club Melbourne as Scott. Good to know they know who the heck they’re signing eh!


  1. Every time l see Michael O’Halloran the traitor on any Gers page it makes my blood boil and want to kick the screen so please save me a fortune and refrain from doing so, l hope the prick has a career ending injury in his first game for Melbourne

    • Settle BlueBear he's just a misguided Jungle J who should me here have been a Rangers player…but I don't wish him ill!@°

  2. Re Flananagan… so much for all the checks that the club does before signing a player….. as stated by our D.O.F.

  3. Gave GAZZA a second chance '' sure if he performs on pitch n obviously behaves off it he will be accepted.
    Before injuries there was every chance this lad would currently be worth millions in the transfer market so hopefully ends up a shrewd bit of business

    • I agree Mark, we did give Gazza a second chance, and he soared at Rangers, one of the best Rangers signings ever.
      I don't condone what Flanagan did, it was wrong. But he did put up his hands and admitted it in court, something a lot of men (cowards) don't do!! He's had his punishment and attended rehab to fix himself. He's done his time and its time for him and everybody else to move on.
      Flanagan is a player, the quality required that will challenge shellic next season, if we keep him fit.

  4. Buffalo Bill Sorry Buddy, please elaborate. I think I missed what you are referring to Bud.

    Bluebear. Why are you so angry towards O'HALLORAN?
    We never gave him near the amount of chances others such as Halliday got and TOTALLY IS PISH.

    MOH IS a good player, never given a fair chance.

    Rossitter, Wallace, Windass, Even fucking Cumbucket who was dross, Kiernan yadda Yasss yards. ALL Below par but given chance after chance.
    Was he trouble inn the dressing room?

    So was Ferguson, Miller, Wallace etc.

    More than given ample chances.


    • None of them refused to play….none of them sat cheering on the Tims….and anyway he got chances and was dross. He only played well for St Johnstone for a bit until people learned how to defend against him. Never kicked a ball for us because teams defend deep and he hasn't got the skill to break them down

    • It would appear that MOH did have an attitude problem, besides not turning up for our youth game he got punished at Perth for being very late and missing start of premier league match Tommy Wright sent him and another away from dressing room after they were seriously posted missing for game prep' then arriving stating they got held up enrolee. Believe they received an internal ban/discipline. So he was signed by the breadman and failed to break into his side with any regularity. Then he had a banishment from Pedro cause of attitude, then Murty brought him back from Perth and after expecting him to slot into his team, he did not make an appearance except for fleeting subs action. So it does look like he was trouble and good riddance and what's the chances he gets found out in Oz? bytheway he might just fit in there as they all appear to have an attitude down under lol.

  5. 1. Looking forward to seeing Ejaria in Action! 😁👍⚽

    2. No! No! No!
    …Please Dont Sign Flanagan
    Their are other FBs
    He is a Woman-Beater aming Other Issues

    3. Would Not Take Sturridge!
    Dont Fancy Him as a Player at All
    …and Hes Injury Prone

    4. Glad MOH has fcked off to Australia….where we dont have to hear from him again …Dirty Rhat!


  6. Let’s be clear here:
    1. Ejaria will be an asset to our squad but perhaps not the starting eleven. I’m looking forward to seeing him in a blue jersey
    2. Flanagan will be a good signing and I think SG has plans for him in the 1st team squad. Any baggage that comes with him will have to be dealt with. It’s what he does on the park that should be our priority.
    3. MOH didn’t get a chance but I’m not convinced he’s Rangers class anyone. He’s moved on. Get over it.
    4. Sturridge is an unbelievable player and would be one of the top strikers this league has been BUT he’s on fortunes at Liverpool and he’s got a permanent sick note so it’s a deal I don’t see happening

  7. 1. I Agree 👍⚽💙

    2. Yeah But it doesnt help our Team if we are Signing Woman-Beaters

    3. He was Never Rangers Class and Hes a Rhat

    4. Never Gonna Happen
    Wouldnt take him anyway 👎

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