Crisis at Ibrox; are the board being held to account?


Ok ok. Enough is enough. Long-time readers of Ibrox Noise know only too well that we were never in favour of the current board. That while we were less negative about the Easdales and Llambias regime than others (hard to 100% condemn guys who kept us afloat with interest free loans), and ultimately knew they’d served their purpose, we really didn’t want the current lot in Govan.

The majority of fans didn’t agree with us.

They were vaunted as kings, and that they had saved our club from the ‘spivs’.

After all our opinions previously, we gave up on preaching them any more.

This morning’s latest shambles down Edmiston way has fans once again aiming ire at this board, and demands at this site to speak up.

So, we shall. Again.

Following what happened with Mark Warburton, we are in disbelief to see lightning strike twice. An ignominious departure with different sources claiming different events.

What it boils down to is a board who don’t understand how to run a football club. My colleague Robbie makes a very fair point – they are businessmen (albeit how good they are at that is rather unclear too), and not football men.

They have done some good things at this club, albeit not an overwhelming amount – but the stuff fans care about isn’t the roof at Ibrox or the wifi – these are standard things any club should have. It is also over three years since they took charge and that is enough time to get infrastructure sorted.

The stuff fans care about though they have spectacularly failed at, and that includes managerial appointments.

It is on the board and no one else that they appointed Mark Warburton – a manager who left us weak down the spine.

It is on the board and no one else that they appointed Pedro Caixinha – a manager who should never even have been in the picture of contention never mind the hotseat.

It is on the board and no one else that they promoted Graeme Murty in abject desperation, a youth coach who was never cut out for senior management and who struggled badly with the job.

It is on the board that Rangers remain unlisted after years of unfulfilled promises to the contrary.

It is on the board we have had no outside investment in three years and only a Close Brothers credit facility to ‘boast’ of.

It is on the board that Rangers have no independent fan voice thanks to appointing Club 1872 as an official group. There is literally no group (other than us) who actually says anything.

It is on the board that the voices like Sons of Struth who held Easdale, Llambias and Somers to account will not say a word against these incumbents – because they helped get them in there.

It is on the board that Rangers fans go through the humiliation of ignominious manager after manager departure.

It is on the board that after decades of literally five managers between 1991 and 2010, we have now had six managers in less than six years.

Many are calling for this board to move on. We can’t say we blame them. We also can’t say we didn’t warn them.


  1. Ironically some one person was on the board before.. American guy, Robertson was at Motherwell so they do know how football clubs are run….
    1) warburton came here with a big fan fair and with David weir we expected it to go down great. No one complained about this when it happened and no one cared the 1st season when it went well… it wasn’t until the last few games of the season when things went wrong people started getting unhappy….

    2) Pedro was a weird one but on the recommendation of a very good and highly though of explayer…

    3) both managers have bought a full team each so u can’t complain they aren’t getting the financial backing… Pedro spent more on one player than the rest of the spl spent (bar Celtic) combined… yes he’s a dud but did have international starts

    4) Murty even as a step up manager got to bring in new players too… we just didn’t expect international like murphey and Martin to do soo badly

    5) the club is still running at a loss yet we are still outspending everyone else.

    6) Murty has been well backed with played and support … you don’t suspend ur captain and co and back a manger that ur def going to be showing the door anyway

    Personally everything has been done as said. And a lot of the things that have went wrong are as much unlucky as anything else
    People couldn’t believe there luck when we got warburton and the board were praised at the time. All that is going to happen is others like green, lambis and Ashley will get incharge again… and there will def be no players being bought then, anyone that says otherwise are obviously def and blind to the new castle fans

    As with Gerard. It’s only the Scottish media that is saying this is bad for rangers, the English media are worried it could end gerrards Career if it goes wrong, it’s as big a gamble for him as it is for us

    • I agree with every word. Get a grip Ibrox Noise. Get behind Club. No one knows if Gerrardwill makeit. But who would you choose that is available? Oh you have no idea.

  2. Are the board being held to account.The first obvious question is who is there to hold the board accountable to..answer is there isn't anyone in a position to do this .King does what he wants always has.Ive said on here before as long as King is in charge we cannot move forward .He is the fourth swindler to run the club in this decade.David Murray sold his 83 percent share of Rangers to Wavetower for one English pound.For anyone who doesn't know Wavetower was owned by a certain Craig Whyte.Along with the solitary pound Whyte paid he also took on close to a 20 million Lloyds bank debt which he said he could pay with his off the radar personal wealth when in actual fact he planned to use money in advance he got from a deal with ticketus for season tickets .Meanwhile Murray claimed he been duped by Whyte…..Whyte was declared bankrupt in 2015 for the second time ,first time was in the 1990s when his hire company failed .In 2012 Whyte put us in to liquidation and Charles green came in and bought Rangers assets for 5.5 million .Most of this money was to transfer the clubs employees to his company .Rangers member share of the SPL and SFA were sold for a pound each so technically Whyte doubled his money…… Ive saved most of my ire for King.In 2002 he faced 11 counts of fraud owing the equivalent of 60m to SAR .He pleaded guilty to 41 criminal charges .He was also charged with money laundering and racketeering but were dropped in a plea deal.King lost 20m in the liquidation saga ,and in my opinion and I stress it's only my opinion he's hereto recoup his money You couldn't make this up.So to answer your question Ibrox noise ,no the board isn't been held accountable and hasn't been for a long time .Over to you Ibrox noise

    • King has the option to get that over turned now that the judge has been convicted of taking bribes during that trial. His main company also have a lot of South African government contracts… so I wouldn’t impede his character by what’s happened in the past

    • Stuart, did you miss the FACT – KING plead GUILTY during the trial…. Smoke machines or mirrors wont change that FACT!!! Neither will they change the fact that he is a compulsive liar.

      GersWillie – I wouldnt necessarily agree 100% with putting King in the same category as Whyte, but I get your general point….. He IS unfit for purpose, just like the previous incumbents.

    • Yes he plead guilty after years of fighting. U can fight a battle that’s already been decided before. He plead guilty and settled…

    • Stuart no disrespect but turning a blind eye to his past ,and others ,has led the club to where it is .King was charged with more than 200 offences initially.Would you plead guilty to serious criminal charges that could possibly get you a lengthy prison term if you were an innocent man .Come on mate wake up and smell the coffee

    • Stuart, come on mate, stop listening to those who would defend King for ANYTHING.

      The charges he pled to were NOT silly, little, non serious charges. They were real serious charges. Charges that could have led to a jail term and certainly charges that COULD impede his future in business. Do you really seriously believe he would have done that, even though he was innocent?

  3. Not saying SG is not the right man for the job as any one that takes up the job would be a risk,what we need to understand some one will take the managers job on for three or four years,but we can not sack him if it is not working out in his first season we need to understand its going take time to get this right,we have wasted years so now we do it the right we must start to build the foundations the valuable framework that will takes us back to the top,this may take years but we must do it now.

  4. Rightly or wrongly, I ALWAYS just speak my mind…. I can be best friends with someone agree with them most of the time and will still "go to the mats" with them verbally on other points.

    Last week I went "totally tonto" about an article I.N. published, and I feel I was right to do so.

    This week with this article, I got to come out swinging in support of this article.

    I have stated for months that King is a total disgrace, and that it was WAAAAYYYYY over time that he was held to account. To be fair, I said it before he became "King of the Castle" that he shouldnt be anywhere near Ibrox. But of course, the "We want a Rangers Man Brigade" (W.W.A.R.M.B.) were delighted.

    The scary part NOW is the W.W.A.R.M.B. are still standing up for their "man" and STILL coming up with defences for him and YET still apply one set of rules (normal rules) i.e. wanting managers to be held accountable, BUT do NOT and/or WILL NOT apply that set of rules for the liar that is KING..

    The list in the article is absolutely spot on, indeed the only thing I hold against it is the list just glosses over the surface of the reasons WHY King should sell up and go…. to someone competent and has a clue about how to run things PROPERLY and PROFESSIONALLY.

    Things I would add to the list…….

    The complete incompetentancy of how, under his watch, players, managers and others have been undermined IN PUBLIC and treated inappropriately via the media. YET, he has FAILED miserably at defending our great club from those outside when they attack and make ridiculous statements, comments AGAINST our club.

    His failure to follow through on promises made.

    The fact that he has continued to be what a South African judge accurately described him….. a liar and a manipulator.

    Under his stewardship he has dragged Rangers through the mire and made our club a laughing stock – totally inept and unprofessional – interestingly, some of the top guys the W.W.A.R.M.B. would support, i.e. other well respected Rangers men are sick and tired of King, INCLUDING others on the board – FACT!!!

    The list is almost limitless…… Guys, it has got to the point that you take off the blue tinted specs and see King for what he is…… He aint up to the task, never will be up to the task, cannot steer the ship the way it should be in the "Rangers way"!!

    Well done I.N. for stating the truth!!!

  5. The problem is there is NO one with money that wants rangers. We’re a buissness that doesn’t make enough to run itself and never will to be honest, Which puts investors off.

    Not to sound defeatist, but unless we can get a rangers fan in with billions we will never sign the players we expect. We’re still paying the same price for players we paid in the 90’s yet every other league are paying 10x that easily…

    • Stuart, sorry mate, I dont mean to sound mean or offensive in anyway towards you, THAT is NOT my intention. Honestly!!

      That said, you are defending King and co and yet your opening line is "We’re a business that doesn’t make enough to run itself and never will to be honest" – That is a damning indictment on King and co. There is no reason why it cant and couldnt become that. But under King and Co. I guarantee you will be right. It wont.

      Also please mate, get away from this thing, this BS that keeps getting put out there…… WHY does the person need to be a Rangers fan??? 2 of the previous owners, and a lot of the people who were involved with them were "Rangers Fans" yet led us down the road to where we are today….. Whyte and King….. where has that gotten us. What we actually need is a person with the financial clout to back Rangers AND who knows how to run such a company as Rangers, has the bottle and where for all to defend us, has the necessary contacts to take us forward AND is actually "qualified" to run and organise things properly. Thats what we need…. IF he is a Rangers fan thats a plus point BUT it should not be the first qualification.

  6. I don't think the board does itself in favours by not coming out and making a statement of intent for the future. They are hiding in their wee offices and letting out club and supporters get lost into the abyss of hysteria!
    We need leadership both on and off the park.
    Gerrard would just add to the frustration and should never be considered!

    • Spot on Jimbo…. I believe, they wont and cant cause they do not have a clue themselves. OR if they have they cant cause it wont be to the fans liking cause it will be stacked for them.

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