Has massive Rangers signing turned into a dud?


There is little question few in the Rangers team right now are able to walk with their heads held high.

Even the previously brilliant Jamie Murphy has struggled recently, which is not surprising such is the devastatingly poor form the team has shown.

Greg Docherty and Sean Goss have found themselves axed, despite how well they did up till the Old Firm match, and in many respects have found themselves scapegoated by their ex-manager.

But one player has come under heavy fire for never having delivered in the first place, and while we have consistently made excuses for him, with regards his being played out of position, at the end of the day, Graham Dorrans has not delivered 10% of what fans hoped he would, including us.

The man’s CV is impressive, no denying it, but increasingly now we are starting to think this was a dud signing.

Sure, he had a long term injury, but even before it, he simply did not have impact in anything like enough matches.

He has really only delivered in one single match – the Perth trip under Pedro – but even Carlos Pena played well that night so we’re no longer sure how seriously we can take that one.

And fans on social media have been quick to castigate the ex-Norwich man, pointing out, with worryingly-increasing accuracy that he simply has not performed in our shirt.

Some call him a wage thief and that his legs are gone – we wouldn’t go as far as the former but the latter seems plausible.

For whatever reason, Graham Dorrans has not worked out in anything like the way we expected.

If we remember back to last summer, one analysis from a few Norwich fans was that he was all-too-often a passenger, and went missing. They even alluded to him being a ‘luxury’ player who might have talent, but is patchy and inconsistent and far too infrequent at imposing himself.

Indeed, most of them really didn’t seem that bothered about him moving on at all.

And that’s the most worrying indictment.

We honestly felt that his being at Ibrox, his boyhood team, would give him the urge to fight tooth and nail and produce great football.

The blunt truth is it hasn’t.

We hate saying this about a player we had massive hopes for, but little about the signing of Dorrans has worked out like it should have.

He’s not alone in underperforming, that is true, but when it’s ‘one of us’, you expect more.


  1. Sadly he’s another of the had one good games them 10 wrotten. Just need consistent players

  2. In fairness it's harsh to judge the players on this season. Lets face it, it has been a total shambles this year. With a pretender as manager 1st, then a complete rookie with no top level club experience even as a player. We don't know what's been going on behind closed doors, but we do know it hasn't been positive. Look at the effect Rodgers had on them after taking over from Ronnie. An experienced manager/motivator can turn duds into stars. I'm willing to wait and see how Dorrans is in a team full of players who know what they're doing, willing to battle and trust the players around them. At the moment we don't have that.

  3. He won't get a start in Gerrards team, another that could be sold come the Sumner. Tavi also if someone offers 3m for him hes gone.

    I'm at the stage now where I'm thinking out of them all who's staying.

    Add Arfield & Shagger

    Fuk me gently 9 players.

    No way Gerrard is going to spend any of his kitty money on the loan players.

    Torres & Morelos up front next season, could U handle that!???

    • Sorry Alan.
      Top man were in double figures, forgot about him he's been out for so long.
      Also he can play at RB like he has for his country, less chance of being sent off back there also!

  4. Get the point he hasnt performed well at all…. however, he aint getting played in his position OR playing the sort of game he plays. Also think he still isnt fit.

  5. Like others, I think Dorrans has been poor. But, like others, I think his best position is the same as Windass's, in behind a lone striker, or at the point of a midfield diamond.

    It is unfair to blame him for poor performances in a position he isn't designed for. Let's try him where he should be. Although I suspect he needs to go, Arfield can do all he does, with more energy.

    Hard days

  6. Murty had his hands tied at times in charge of Rangers and not only is Dorrans recovering from a long term injury, he has not had Jack, Wallace, Milller, Cardoso after the Motherwell game, McCrorie, Alves intermittently, Wilson leaving, Bates injured recently, that is his defence.
    Now the negatives; Dorrans is not in any way a defensive midfielder, we have just one who is comfortable in that position Jack, Rossiter if he could ever get fit. Whether you like these players or not, Murty made huge errors in his team selection, dropping players in form, Holt captained us for a few games and played well, he was suspended and dropped out the squad, Docherty was played in his place had a good start and faded fast, far too much responsibility put on him.
    Murphy looked good in parts but fades out the game to easily, with O’Halloran available we had options wide right or left.
    All in all Murty made drastic team selection and tactically inept choices playing players out of their best positions. What can anyone say about Windass? How he has scored so many goals I will never know, if he had as much effort as his Dad or Moreles hi so tally might have doubled.
    Murty is now history, some squad players will be released, others transferred, but as a long term Rangers fan suffering in the late 60’s, early 70’s, the pre Souness 80’s now is the worst squad of players we have ever had in the top league in my lifetime.
    Bringing Allan McGregor back, why? this is a retrograde move in my opinion, Scott Arfields move is six years too late, but hopefully he can do us the business.
    Talks about Morrison, McArthur and other Rangers minded players could end up like Halliday, Dorrans, Murphy and Docherty. If they bleed blue blood for the club like Alex MacDonald, John Brown, Richard Gough, Ally McCoist did and those converts into the Rangers fold like Jorg Albertz, Nacho Novo, Michael Mols and Fernando Ricksen among others then we might just be on the road to recovery.

    • well said that s the difference no blue blood in them the lads u said mc coist gough they had blue blood an where we going to get player like that no where murty done his best maybe not good enugh went to his head he gone now see what happens an who does come in an see if they get funds cant see it my self but think we need to get rid of dead wood

  7. Has IN gone completly negative every thing to do with rangers? reply please!!
    u cant judge dorrans now it aint abt a player or to givin up or no playing gd enough . teams gone do well to finish 3rd. theres a spin o a team still need the summer to tweak a few things! onwards and upwards. stiill improvin king may not be the best man but hes better or whyte

  8. I have seen a hell of a lot of better Rangers squads over the years but feel it has to be said that in all honesty the recent performances, in my opinion, do not reflect the potential on the park, I could very well be wrong but we will not truly know exactly what each player can offer until a decent manager (who? I dont know but personally dont think SG is the answer!) is in place who can communicate in a positive manner with the players and guide them through their duties and responsibilities to get the best out of them

    psychologically our current guys should be on Valium as they are obviously depressed out their nuts and lost and in a very dark place and dont have a scooby how to go about solving the current trend themselves and we need a manager who can identify and encourage individual strengths, hammer the slackers big time and adopt tactics which are specific to the opposition and understandable to the team

    But more importantly the minimum asked of a Rangers player down the years has always been CONFIDENCE in their ability and the norm in the best of them was often described as ARROGANCE and we are currently a million miles away from that

    These guys are fitba players and not rocket scientists as we all know and need discipline, encouragement and direction otherwise the majority of them are like weans lost at the seaside

    Decent players dont become numpties over night and most of them canny be that bad as I didnae hear many Bears moanin the day they signed

    We are all well aware of the differences and resultant fortunes gained between the episodes involving Ped taking over from The Loaf & Wattie taking over from The Frog

    That is the place to start, its a no brainer!

    • Big Tam – 100% agree mate…. Well said.

      There are too many players who have "became duds" for it to be true. I believe, we have the making of a very good team, IF they played a system that works AND have the direction a good manager would bring.

  9. The time to judge Dorrans might be after a full pre-season, but there is a suspicion th at his legs have gone and is perhaps no longer capable of playing the no 10 role, hence his move further back. I think there is a real question here about the due diligence Rangers are (not) carrying out before making a signing. Krancjar was never fit, Rossiter catalogue of problems, Alves full of niggling injuries, and Pena clearly has off field problems.

  10. Miller and Wallace should have they're suspensions cancelled and brought back into the fold to end they're Ibrox careers on a better note . After all they've given to the club, it's the least they deserve .

  11. If we get the right manager in, he will resurrect Dorrans enthusiasm and hunger. Murty is a powderpuff manager that has let the players rule over him and not the other way around!
    Once we get a strong, experienced and respected manager in, some of players will perform again!

  12. Dorrans a dud ? 100%

    Can’t get across the grass anywhere near quick enough. Slows the play down. Is a poor passer of a ball. Had his dream, like Halliday. Time’s up.

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