Confusion over Graeme Murty’s departure


In a worrying echo of the departure of Mark Warburton, confusion reigns over whether outgone manager Graeme Murty resigned or was fired.

Different outlets claim different outcomes, and it is initially unclear the exact circumstances of his departure, just like occurred last February when Mark Warburton denied he’d resigned and claimed to know nothing about the developments.

Murty himself has not made claims either way, but the 43-year old is reported to have left following the Celtic debacle.

He is said to have said his goodbyes in the dressing room and left Parkhead – which explains the total lack of media duties.

Rangers’ board really isn’t handling these things too well these days, if indeed anything these days.

We will have more on this breaking news as we get it, but for now, another day at Ibrox and yet more chaos reigns.

It is likely Jimmy Nicholl and Jonatan Johansson will take charge for Kilmarnock.


  1. Is there ever anything other than confusion coming out of Ibrox these days. At every turn the club get it badly wrong and turn every single action into a PR disaster. The Board are totally culpable for the current situation. To leave an inexperienced rookie youth coach to carry the can from January after they had made a pigs ear of appointing Pedro’s replacement was shameful and in doing so they were writing this season off, and cheating every single season ticket holder. The players too in recent weeks have let the club, the fans, and themselves down by laying down tools as soon as King came out with his season ticket sales pitch ahead of the semi final, which showed exactly where his and the Board’s priorities were – sales over results. I crave for the days when Rangers Football Club carried out their business in a professional and dignified manner off the park, almost as much as I crave a true Rangers team worthy of the jersey on it.

  2. So Murty has finally left…the only one in this sorry shambles that has tried to act with some dignity. I wish him well. As for his replacement… if it is indeed Gerrard, then the board is at it again in treating us like total numpties. All this is is just smoke and mirrors to deflect from the fact they don't have a clue!! Couldn't organize an orgy in a whorehouse!

    Breadman… disaster. Pedro… disaster. Murty…disaster. Is there no one else out there not spotting what the lowest common denominator is? Come on Ibrox Noise, you stated before you did not trust this board much. Time to grow a pair and state it again…louder this time!!

    • I don't think the Board can be blamed for all of this. Warburton was seen by most as an exciting appointment. It didn't work out. Caixhinha was a disaster – for that they are culpable, yet they still allowed him to spend plenty of cash. After that McInnes was the target and it looked like he was in until the last minute. After that it became a necessity to get the right man and Murty was just a stand in. Even then he was being lauded by many a few weeks back before it all went wrong. It's just not possible to attract the calibre of manager some fans want with the funds we have and the prospect of being humped by the unwashed at every turn. At this point a risk has to be taken. There is no point appointing a safe pair of hands who will guarantee us 2nd place for the next 3 years. That is unthinkable. We need a sea change. If that means rolling the dice with Gerrard then I am all for it. That guy has a determination which exceeds that of Rodgers or any of the other managers out there. He will also take no nonsense from the likes of Kenny Miller and unlike any manager we have EVER had he can point to his Champions League medal and say "I know better than you and I've proved it" (not to mention his 114 England caps and 8 other trophies won with Liverpool). He may yet refuse to take the job but if he does I want everyone behind him from the start – half the support were anti-Caixhinha and anti-Murty before the start and we can't afford to start a new manager from that position.

    • Murty was caretaker in charge but no real voice because nobody trusted our Board.
      Good luck to Graham Murty, you deserve better

  3. I wish Murty all the best for the future for him and his family, he was put in a position that held no future the simplest explanation was that this job was to big for a novice and this must send a message out to any manager that comes in to take the job,you must hit the ground running and never stop and you must win every game but most of all you must beat Selltic more times than they beat you and understand this no one is exempt from the sack,only winners need apply.

    • He was sitting in the main stand at Firhill last night – not sure however if he was on club business or just to support his old students. He did appear to be well away from official Rangers delegation that included JJ amongst others.

  4. Not going to comment on Murty till the facts are out there, he was as white as a ghost before Sunday and the board declined him an interview which I think was a good idea. For me I think Murty may have had enough and walked out the door. We shall see.

    I also think the board don't have a fuking clue about football and should distance themselves from that side of things.

    I am certainly looking forward to Gerrard & Allen working together, in fact I can't wait for that to get up and running😎

  5. Great piece by fulham john, as far as undermining managers go,we (the fans) are the biggest many times on these pages alone, have warbs pedro & murty &players been slandered after just a few games. Make no mistake they read articles & threads like every one else. How they must feel when they read them is beyond me. Yet fans expect them to give everything. Our most successful managers were before social media. Funny that.

  6. This shambles of a board are currently starting to feel the heat big time! and will not like it one bit as they are a collection of blazers with no significant footballing admin, talents or anything like worthwhile idea of how to run a fitba TEAM or the managerial structures involved

    They may just about pass muster in relation to identifying and correcting issues with infrastructure maintenance and a coat of emulsion here and there etc. along with the sticking plaster ability to tap each other for a measly few quid to keep the bleedin lights on but the ba,s well and truly burst now and if they dont realise that then they are foolhardy as well as inept

    GM is a decent bloke who was unceremoniously thrown to the lions when it was obvious to everyone (including him, I suspect) that he was not qualified in any way to handle such an enormous and demanding role, but there is no doubt that he sincerely tried his best,
    and for that, as an individual, he is ultimately due complete respect for having a go

    I personally think the proposed installation of SG as our next manager is a train wreck waiting to happen (for many reasons) particularly with DK categorically stating recently that he would ensure the next guy would be "A safe pair of hands", which unfortunately confirms to me that he haw has changed and that normal service has been continued/resumed

    But, Kidden aside, I would NOT like to be a board member when the manky mob get to 8, then 9, then 10 as it is plain to see that currently the Bears attitudes are starting to get a lot darker and come that fateful "armageddon" day attitudes will be as black as 2 in the morning and the demand for heads to roll will border on the fanatical

    Hope against hope that they, "inadvertently" or not, get it right this time cause if it does come to pass they are going to be held accountable and all people and things Rangers are going to find it very very difficult to cope and move on in any kind of positive manner

    I concede that Its fair to ask if I have a cunning plan up my sleeve to avert this potential disaster and the simple fact is, like every other Blue nose I DONT!

    But I will state this, If you want to hire a good manager with a decent track record at a relatively high level, go out and get one but dont go out and hire an apprentice manager like the last 3 who, at the end of the day achieved a level of success you would expect from a novice – bugger all, and only puts progession back years

    • So Tam you have no plan – just go out and "…hire a good manager with a decent track record at a relatively high level…". Christ why didn't we think of that? The boy Guardiola has done well, so has Klop or maybe Zidane (although the latter two can't even win their domestic leagues so maybe they are failures). All we need now is the £10M per year salary and a little something for their assistants. I think you're missing the point – WE CAN'T ATTRACT A PROVEN MANAGER!!!! Not one who has any chance of beating the scum. We need to take a complete throw of the dice. And this negativity has to stop. Now!

    • I second what Fulham Johns says too… Every Manager is a risk even Souness has his doubters but with a good assistant in Walter he soon shut them up big style..

      If Gerrard does take the job then the attitudes of Bears wanting him to fail before he starts says it all in my book..

  7. Murty did the best he could,unfortunately i believe his decision was wrong when asked to become Rangers manager..Rangers are NOT just a football team,in the past(before 2012).They were European class,not just Scotland.
    We spent the money,made our team great…now its a very different time and for Murty i wish him the best as long as he realises,that being a Rangers manager was for someone who has to be very special…

  8. I didn't hate the man. He was thrown into an impossible position. He should never have accepted that job. Murty was always respectful to the club and it's supporters. My anger is directed in the boards direction. They have thrown Murty to the wolves. I'm sure he did what he thought was best, but it just hasn't worked.

  9. Agree with You Joe90 🤔⚽
    Think Murty should be allowed to slide back in to his role with the 20s

    • Would YOU slide back into that role after being repeatedly publicly humiliated and undermined by the board ? In ANY job ?

  10. I'm sure his Celtic fanatic family will welcome with a big smile on their face. I'm not fooled by the team he put out on Sunday!!!

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