Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Confusion over Graeme Murty's departure

In a worrying echo of the departure of Mark Warburton, confusion reigns over whether outgone manager Graeme Murty resigned or was fired.

Different outlets claim different outcomes, and it is initially unclear the exact circumstances of his departure, just like occurred last February when Mark Warburton denied he’d resigned and claimed to know nothing about the developments.

Murty himself has not made claims either way, but the 43-year old is reported to have left following the Celtic debacle.

He is said to have said his goodbyes in the dressing room and left Parkhead – which explains the total lack of media duties.

Rangers’ board really isn’t handling these things too well these days, if indeed anything these days.

We will have more on this breaking news as we get it, but for now, another day at Ibrox and yet more chaos reigns.

It is likely Jimmy Nicholl and Jonatan Johansson will take charge for Kilmarnock.

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