A Rangers insult – Brendan Rodgers and the ‘garbage’…

A Rangers insult – Brendan Rodgers and the ‘garbage’…

You know, we actually used to have genuine respect for Brendan Rodgers. Close to winning the EPL, it was a major coup for Celtic to get a half decent manager, and we did wonder how it would turn out.

And until this season, quite honestly we’d had barely a bad word to say about him, and it’s not often you say that about a Celtic manager.

But in one month Rodgers has smeared Rangers, directly or indirectly, on no less than three occasions, and the club has just taken it by bending over and directing him.

It’s extremely poor and as much as we are disappointed with his change in character, we are more disappointed our club has not defended itself against his ‘garbage’.

First he advocated the title winning match should be played at Parkhead, purely as a vindictive and petty pointscoring exercise, not caring what happened in 1999.

Then he essentially said Steven Gerrard was in the wrong to want to manage Rangers.

And now he’s smearing the club genuinely by saying “he’s (Murty) just been thrown to the garbage really and I think it’s very, very discourteous”.

We know Rodgers talks about Rangers more than Celtic these days, so we’d remind him Graeme Murty’s deal was till June.

A further assessment would be made of his performance, and sorry mate, it ain’t been good enough.

Frankly we find Rodgers’ obsession with us ‘discourteous’ and if the powers that be had any cajones, they would make a statement defending the club.

We’re absolutely tired of rival managers taking pops at this club. There is absolutely no dignity in Scotland – the only time a Rangers manager has ever engaged in this nonsense was Pedro, and he was a disgrace of a manager and shamed the club.

But Walter, Ally, McCall, Warburton and Murty have never insulted other clubs like the way we get aimed at us, and it’s high time we defended ourselves.

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  1. More propaganda from the tattie howkers. It has been relentless. Like one big paranoid family trying to convince anyone’s who listens that Gers are not only a state but a rotten bunch of bastards.

    Aye righto timmy’s. Sounds like their noses are out right out of joint and they are actually raging.

    What we have been needing is a massive shot in the arm and this could be it…..and the howkers fine well know it. That and Brenda’s contacts down south and further afield will be trumped.

  2. Sutton, Provan, Commons, Hartson, Nicholas, Riseth, Rodgers, McClean(?) Speirs & Lynch(FFS), they're wheeling bittermen out from everywhere. Chips off the shoulders gents…

    • Yeh the lnyx lovers are all coming out the woodwork to condemn the move,because no cunt interested in them only the Rangers🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧watp

  3. I'll start it then by stating ur 7IAR means fuck all, at least both clubs were in the top flight during our march to 9IAR. Ye've came up against a mexican bullshiter and bambi in headlights well fuckin done.A serious challenge and ur joinin him.

    • The shite u talk is hilarious, during ur 9iar bank of Scotland weee the benefactors, short memory muppet

    • Admins getting slow letting you comment , I thought I stood on something when I was out , now I realise where the smell was coming from

    • ps. fuckin obsessed wae the FAMOUS,ye widnae catch me anywhere near yer bheggar webshites. I was to busy celebratin oor titles!

  4. Not just Brenda that's complaining about the treatment given to Murty. Billy Dodd feels the same way about how he's been hung out to dry.
    Rather than care about what some other manager spouts out when a microphone is put in front of his face, in my view Ibrox Noise should be far more concerned about the board that has put Murty in this position in the first place. Mark Allen supposedly had a list of suitable candidates and yet we end up with a youth coach for months who, surprise surprise was totally out of his depth. And now the solution to this… another youth coach with even less experience!! Sometimes in my more paranoid moments I wonder if our board has been infiltrated by Celtic spies because they sure as hell seem to be doing their level best to ensure that the gap is getting wider!!!

    • Hi Craig,

      We were one of the few sites/groups to actively oppose the board – we were against them, and no one listened. We have given them credit at times when they've done decent things, but by and large we have never believed in them. No one listened. So we stopped preaching. And now the rest of the support is unhappy with them and demands we stand up against them, as if we never did in the first place.

      It actually amuses us the revisionism going on. It's only when we stop peddling our comments on the board that everyone starts complaining about them!

  5. Please do no lower your self to his level. The board are correct to ignore his comments. When Murty was given job till end of June he had chance to prove himself. The board would have been failing in its duties if they were not putting out feelers. The last straw was the 4-0 defeat not the 5-0 loss. We all knew Murty was not up to job. My own anger was when he unbelievably defended Kipre for his tackle on Ryan Jack in December. Kipre should have been red carded. He didn’t even get a yellow. How do you think players felt? We brought in 5 players in January all approved by Murty. Including his over the hill mate from Norwich. So board supported him. He blew it. We can’t sit around until end of June.Board had to act. Whether Gerrard will be right is impossible to say but same would apply to anyone. Celtic are not nearly as good as they think but Aberdeen have been no competition for them. Hibs have shown what can be done and their manager is first to rage when things have gone against them. Rangers have had some dreadful refereeing decisions this year but we maintain a so called dignified silence. Murty should have called it as it was. Let’s move on. I am no lover of King but before advocating for his demise I would have to find a replacement. I don’t know one. But I know King is 1000 times better than Whyte and Green. We should all support share ownership where possible. I subscribe to Club 1872 but if fans prefer other avenues then good. Our long term objective should be to own the club. Use Barcelona as an example. Club owned by their 120 000 supporters.

  6. Is an objectively based observation an Insult to Rangers? Is saying Murty been badly supported by his gaffers, in a crucial period of season, disrespecting Rangers?
    1 shoulda never got job
    2 the rangers board are disrespecting everyone, including; Courts, the men they hire and worst of all, the fans. Then encouraging their fans to blame everybody but the board.
    Now to blame entire board is ludicrous because clearly certain people on the board are trying hard to fi things. But King appears to be full of it. Last board were clandestine, and appeared to be useless for the fans. King promised so much in sophistries language. Most if not all his promises have never come to fruition. He came with a reputation of being financial criminal with billions. But also came with warning of being a non trustworthy glib and shameless liar who unless he provides written proof should never be taken on his word.

    1 won't take club off the stock market and will have nomad within week. lies
    2 will be open and transparent. lies
    3 will be honest and up front. lies
    4 wil;l show strong leadership lies
    5 will invest 30 million of his own money. probably lies sine he claims to courts he is penniless and the accounts aren't transparent enough to see if he is doing the old enron switcheroo.
    6 Said fans would have bigger say on board. lies

    The man also said he hoped lub didn't get CVA. bizarre
    He herald all semi victory like getting rid of ashley as achievements of highest order
    He heralds losing Puma as victory
    He calls an onerous loan from Close brothers as a positive thing even in some reports as overdraft.
    He refuses to bring in quality coach.
    In undisclosed transfers he states large transfer fees were paid. Questionable?
    He gives musty the job when Rangers could have challenged for title? Madness
    He ultimately demoralises the team management before big semi final
    Then scapegoats him for vital run in.
    He doesn't even turn up for semi final.
    But does turn up to liverpool match to hire a new manager in public view when lub technically could technically still win league. Although but would have needed major miracle.

    Murray should have been removed from job after Dundee defeat where he looked like he might actually burst into tears.

    Murray is not the problem. He the only one who stepped up to try and help direct team. But he should never ever have been put in that position.

    And other board member actually tries to portray Shambolicness of the whole thing as ahead of the curve.

    A cynic might think King the worst chairman club has ever had ever. And still the fans of Rangers point outwardly as if the world hates them. If it feels like people are laughing its because its because you actually backed a glib and shameless liar. Club has decent players but no manager to galvanise them. Unless King stumps up with the cash thats needed then I ant imagine Gerrard coming. If he is backed he might well turn things around. But if the club have massive archest hidden up sleave why give Murty job to demoralise fans. Why aint Souness or Walter interested.

    Love your work mainly but need to take of the blue tinted glasses when your hurting.

  7. I'm not surprised what Brenda says these people have no dignity in anything they do , defeat or win

  8. He’s barely been hung out to dry…
    1) he was given money in January or at least had some say in the players in
    2) king never said at any point he wasn’t getting the job.. he said they would appoint the best manager for the job- it was the media that said that he ment Murty wouldn’t get it. I think if the old firm games had went better then Murty would have had a chance
    3) both our captain and co captain have been suspended to protect Murty… oh and this was after king supposedly said Murty wasn’t getting the job
    4) the club have never came out and said they are talking to Gerrard publicly.. again it’s the media putting it all over the back pages( though we know it’s true but Murty couldn’t honestly think he was getting the job after his more recent results)

  9. I simply don't trust this board. They're snide and hiding, from the fans. You only have to know about how many court cases, Dave King has had in South Africa, to know he is actually, quite a shady businessman. (I'd say it to his face.) It'll be the last laugh for us, if Brendan Rodgers leaves Celtic and goes to Arsenal. They'll never get quality, like that, again.The board are blatantly stalling for time. OK, this season is screwed. I accept this. But if NEXT season continues in the same vein, who knows what could happen, with humiliated and angry fans. The board must know that this season's "anus horribilis", cannot be tolerated, next season. Not a sniff of it. They must get their act together and fast.

  10. Bears should be concerned with the board ??
    Is someone having a giraffe 😂

    Years of the mint downsizing and not spending to maintain our assets, not investing wisely in the playing staff, same with Green, Whyte whilst stripping every penny….then selling out on our revenue stream of merchandise. then constant legal fights with fat mike.

    The club was fucked and this board put millions of their family money in and are turning it around.

    Concerned or oppose the board?? Because they picked the wrong manager in Pedro. Is someone taking the piss or what. Short Selective memories all round.

    Don’t let the Papish Propaganda turn us against each other or feel we’re inferior. That’s their fucking plan.

    Zombie nation eh…fuck them all.

  11. Brenda needs concentrate on fixing the sheep game like last weeks hibs game
    Whos the cheats noo

  12. You know what, I actually agree with Brenda and I'm glad he come out and said this. The club have treated Murty disgracefully and I feel really sorry for him. He never stood a chance.

    The club are not meeting the high ethical standards we used to be so proud of.

  13. You could argue that Rodgers is only looking out and speaking up for his own Celtic fans!!

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