Time for something new


Frankly, we’re not interested in what happened this afternoon at Parkhead here on Ibrox Noise. We explained, to much abuse, that Celtic would win the match, and the title, and evidently that happened to woeful aplomb.

Now it’s time to move on from this disgusting era in Rangers’ history, where two or three months aside, this team and club have disgraced themselves – from management, to board, to the vast majority of the players.

It is time for a sea change, and the appointment of Steven Gerrard is exactly that.

It’s ballsy, it’s risky, but it’s also the bold change in direction we desperately need – we need a real patriarch in charge of this club, not wet fools like Warburton, Pedro and Murty, nor the idiotic decisions to appoint them.

Gerrard is the most legendary British footballer of the past 20 years, with a CV the envy of most.

Whether he turns out to be a success at Ibrox only time will tell, but this board had to do something to fix their own incompetent mistakes.

This summer sees wholesale change. A new manager, new staff, and a lot of new players – keeping very few of this increasing rabble of a squad behind.

Gerrard will not stand for nonsense. He is a leader of men and he will command respect. He doesn’t have experience in the role but then neither did Walter Smith, Pep Guardiola, Zinedine Zidane or tonnes of others who became manager and excelled.

We wish Gerrard the best of success at this grand institution, and we would like to erase this diabolical legacy of the current incumbents.

It’s barely any better than the garbage we suffered in the lower divisions, let’s be honest. Even down there we didn’t lose like this to Celtic.

No, sea change time, and let’s pray this new management and ethos is the right direction.


  1. Can’t see Gerard taking the job now after that drubbing. Does anyone think that Lee Wallace would not have done a better job at left back. He is by far the best lb at the club and should not have been suspended. Bring him back quickly please

    • Roland,
      He was suspended allegedly for…. well, we don't know as board are investigating, that's two weeks now and still nothing. Wallace would hopefully have rattled Forrest Shambles starting from the top, even club statements can't get date right reference Hibs ticket reduction, making themselves laughing stock. Should have said nothing and refused tickets full stop.

    • Roland,
      Just step back and take a wider view. Steve Gerrard would only last a few weeks. He is a leader of men. Ibrox is littered with cretins at every level of the club.
      A pigsty is no place to hold a European champion.
      Today could have been 10-0.
      When you think of the disgusting way Graeme Murty has been undermined by the very people that offered him the poisoned chalice it beggars belief anyone would take a job when the Fuckers merely turn round and dump it on someone, anyone else.
      What we really need is a Steve Gerrard equivalent in Dave King's position as chairman, not as a replacement stooge of a manager.

  2. You seem certain that Gerrard is coming …. I am not so sure after what he witnessed today. He may just consider it a bridge too far. I hope not …

  3. sorry bears, not for me. i wuld rather pay top dollar for a top manager than hand a project manager another 10m. kills me , the club is rotten from the top down.

    • I agree, we shouldnt be taking this massive risk on Gerrard.
      There never seems to be any calculated risks at Ibrox these days.
      Why aren't we going for someone like Wenger.
      He may have lost the plot at Arsenal, but he could do a job in our league.
      Your thoughts on that guys?

    • I agree with you scooby.
      Name me a). A top manager we could recruit. b). A top manager who would come to a club in turmoil like Rangers. c). A manager who has virtually no quality players. d). A manager who would need a budget around £50 million. e). A manager who recently had a full lobotomy.
      Answers on a postcard, etc.

    • Exactly Alan. If they are good enough, they won't come.
      There is not enough money to fix the problems. Board have spent what they could, but scum have more money, fact.
      I would have gone with Alex Neil or Clarke, but looks like it is Gerrard. Whatever, we pray and move forward.

    • wenger? come off it man. On what basis coukld he be tempted to Glasgow? Some Rangers fans really live in a stae of abject deniial about where the club is at now? The SG stuff is nonsense as well, he is being coiurted to hoodwink the fans into believing the club is still a major player. Thats working with many convincing themselves, despite no eveideence whatsoever, that he will be the saviour. His daughter is callled Lourdes I believe, handy because Rangers need miracles

  4. Everyone seems to be assuming Gerard is a done deal. I'll be surprised if he comes. Why ruin his career before it's even started. I don't know where we go from here – apart from nowhere fast. We're a disgrace from top to bottom.

  5. Rangers need to realise how far behind Celtic they really are. Today should make that much clear.

    Gerrard may help, but it needs a lot more help from the board in terms of support and money.

    It won't happen next year, nor the year after. Will the fans allow this time?

  6. I have to agree with you and hope that today was the first and last time I ever have to watch any rangers player be so easily tamed at the molesters but. Today I am ashamed to say that I turned it off at the second goal because I could not trust myself , i too hope Gerard can put some fight into them but unless he picks up john henrysH bank card on the way out I fear what is to come .

  7. Please no to Gerrard….no disrespect to Steve ,brilliant player ,lovely guy,tough as nails .But we need a proven manager at this stage of our horrible existence.This fiasco has been in the making for 6 to 7 years.Gerrard will only be a band aid ,it goes a lot deeper than this.If and when he signs on there will be huge hype and fanfare but sadly we will be brought back down to earth with a thud.To my aghast ,King is a very clever and calculating man and Gerrard will be seen as the vast majority of us as the redeemer , this is what King wants. Murtty has to go along with Halliday ,Dorrans,Tav to name a few but the mighty Glasgow Rangers are forever hamstrung as long as King is in charge.He needs to be first one shown the door

    • I agree king has to go 1st he dragging us down he should put his shares up for sale and the fans should let him know we are not happy with his reign

    • So who has come forward with the money to buy out King? It is all very well saying he must go, but who comes in! I don't have £50 million. Nobody who does has come forward. So let's get real.
      And with no money, no quality experienced manager will come. We move forward with what we have.

  8. I wouldn't be surprised if Gerrard had a rethink about the job after another complete shambles. It looks like we will struggle to get third. Can you see that lot beating Hibs and Aberdeen? Why would he risk his managerial career on such a tough task?

  9. Tbh, i'll hold my hands up and say that i was one who slated you for the "defeatist attitude." And you know what, i'm sorry guys. It took todays despicable performance to make me realise that it was not defeatism, it was in fact realism. Realism that this current crop of shite do not have it in them to win a big match when it counts.

    Awful, spineless, pathetic. Any faith i had left in this current crop of players has completely gone.

    Russell Martin is terrible, McCrorie is a cdm not a cb, Murphy is only good enough for a sub next season if we sign him perm, Dorrans is pish, Cummings isn't good enough either. And if i say Dean Windass's boys name i'll lose the f'n plot.

    Seriously can't take any more of this crap. Massive changes needed.

    And it's bye bye 2nd place, hello 4th place if that's the way we're gonna play for the rest of the season.

    • Gary got it in one mate definitely rebuild from top to bottom need to get somebody in with MONEY as that was the worst I have seen in a long time no guts no fit to wear the Jersey anwick couple of good saves top 4 finish mate nse

  10. Why not go for something Old. Why hasn't Souness been asked to be manager. Experienced been there done it. Takes no prisoners. Passionate about Rangers.

    • would souness work with the incompetents at boardroom level? is it any wonder why we ended up with the calibre of pedro ect.

    • Get real!!!!
      Sourness is not interested. Smith is not interested. Don't think Bill Struth is available either. Neither is Guardiola, Klopp, Mourinho or Pochettino before you suggest anyone else.
      We are shopping in Pardew, Allardyce, Wright, Robinson and McInnes land and we should be grateful a legend that Gerard had actually said yes.

  11. Murty must be removed from his position first thing in the morning.
    See if Gerrard will start early and bring UR boots!!
    If not let Nicholl take over for the last 3 games, if not no European spot for Sure!

    4 loan players return to sender not good enough.

    Put on transfer list pure pish;
    Along with the rest of the wage thieves

    McCorie must never ever play at the back again.

    Morelos & Docherty on the bench WTF is that all about??

    RFC player of the year, I'll crack the fuking jokes, Cancelled due to no entrants.

    Rip it up and start again. Gerrard requires a 30m war chest or were trueley totalled.

    Ps. I took the dog out for a walk at 2-0 and my assessment is based on what I saw, my eyes were bleeding at 2-0. Whoever watched it all u have my utmost respect!!

  12. "It is time for a sea change, and the appointment of Steven Gerrard is exactly that.""

    I'm alarmed at the way most fans are accepting SG as the right appointment. It's a bloody joke. This team and club in the crap big time. We're going to lose another two years at least with the direction we're going! NUTS! Everyone seems blinded as if sg will sort this club out. ??????

  13. Listen of Gerrard has agreed to take the job. Hope he sees some of these players for what they are. Absolute bottle merchants. Dorrans is a waste of a jersey. Halliday simply not good enough. Martin ffs my gran could do a better job n she's dead. Mc crorie is not a Cb. Candeias shys away. Ooft going to be here all day at this rate. Better saying the ones I would keep. Rest can get to fuck.

    Tav defo keep. Alright defensively not the best but think he's a right good player.

    John again same as tav.

    Doherty keep aswell. Still so young and the right manager could turn him into a right cracking player.

    Mc crorie keep but as a Cdm not cb. Got good qualities.

    Windass keep. Think the boy has all the ability in the world. Just needs to produce it more and s better team round about him would surely help him achieve consistency.

    Walker again keep. Think he has ability aswell but again rest of the team not good enough.

    This one divides opinion but for Morelos is a keep. It's all about goals but I believe given a proper break in the summer and good pre season the young man will be on fire. Against Celtic alright he hasn't scored but his hold up play and bringing others into play is great imo. Tried Cummings up er the day n he done fuck all got bullied to fuck. Celtic would love to play against Cummings than buffalo. Give him a proper break in the summer and the right coaching the young man could be unreal.

    Well there's the players I would keep the rest can go n find another club to nick a wage from. This is obs from the senior squad. Some of the younger squad should get a chance before season ends. Middleton in particular.

    • Walker what Rangers Team were you watching? As for the lazy work shy waste of a shirt fucker Windass don’t get me fucking started – talent is one thing but being a lazy fucker doesn’t cut it…

    • Same one as you. Only difference is I can spot a decent player when I see one. Some good players in the squad just needing the right coaching. Unfortunately some people are blind to the fact we have some decent players in the squad. Maybe you should stick to giving opinion on netball or something

  14. Hold your horses, I understand after that display your being positive, well done, but no deal has been done yet, and what's with all the leaks of news coming from ibrox?

  15. I watched the whole game (unfortunately) and have read various news feeds regarding everything from Gerrard to who fans blame for today. For me Murty lost all respect when he stated in a mid week interview that “no one” could have done a better job. well that comment came back to bite him in the most colossal fashion. Holt should be nowhere near the first team. I appreciate his appatite and enthusiasm but the lack of any real skill shows Murty has lost not only the dressing room but his mind. People saying Halliday was our best player!! Maybe you guys could come up with an article about all the ways that statement is wrong. And slating Cumming… it’s hard to be a clinical finisher when the midfield is too busy chasing shadows…again to provide any real assistance. Windass did his usual disappearing act. Gerrard was mentioned more than dorrans and I have already discussed holt. As for Gerrard and how he is cutting his teeth and no clue about management I would like to point out that yes maybe another manager might do a better job even if we hired Mourinho, Guardiola or Klopp they could all come and fail. There is always an element of risk no matter who we hire. Look at all the top rate managers that go to the premier league and last a year or two. The things we know about Gerrard are that he is a leader, captained Liverpool and England. Many managers fail at rangers because of the expectations and atmosphere. Well this guy had done it all. I still remember watching the AC Milan, Liverpool champs league final. At 3-0 down with barely 30 mins left fans from both sides were giving Liverpool crap. Not only did they fight back but they won and I believe that was down to Gerrards leadership and I think that qualifies him as a worthy man to take the hot seat. I like you guys at Ibrox noise. I like the honest approach and the way you stick to your beliefs even if it is universally hated. Hopefully you have happier times and more positive articles to write about in the near future.

  16. I get the feeling Mark Allen is pulling the strings now and I'm hopeful he can make the correct signings both in terms of manager and player.

    Pedro wasted the last trench of cash the board raised, and Warburton did the same previously. But Allen has a great CV and has established a scouting network 6 months ago so as long as money is available then I am confident (quietly) that we can challenge Celtic next season.

    I sounds simple but if we won more of our matches against Dundee, Hamilton, Motherwell etc then we could have lost all four Old Firm games and still challenged for the title, so this has to be Gerrard' s first objective.

  17. I comment often in Ibrox Noise, sometimes favourably to your articles, sometimes not. On this occasion I would wait to see if Gerrard takes the job, however if he does, we have to give him time to find his feet, give him a realistic budget and we have be realistic on where we might end up at the end of next season. It is so sad an endightment that we are focussing on next season and where we should expect us to be in league and cup competitions.
    If we look at the three remaining games games Rangers have to play, Kilmarnock at home, Aberdeen and Hibs away, can we realistically believe we will gain nine points from these games? Can we also imagine Celtic will field full strength sides in their next two games? I imagine they will for their last home game, so if we attain 2nd place I will be as much surprised as delighted. The way the club is going I envisage 4th place.
    As I average said in here recently, I won’t be renewing my season ticket this year, a ticket I have held since 1987/88 season, neither will my son whose seat beside me since he was 3 years old. I will still go to games, but the failure in the boardroom to appoint a decent manager has taken its toll on me providing them for just short of £1000 for two tickets has pushed me over the edge.
    Before anyone can say I am walking away, I lost a lot of money in shares in the club but that doesn't bother me, I also can’t be considered a fair weather supporter either as I started going regularly to Ibrox at the Hearts game one week after out then worst ever defeat by Berwick, and whenever possible get to Ibrox and away games whenever I can.
    We are stuck in the doldrums with little prospect in catching a wind in our sails, dire players to chose brought on by successive managerial failures, the squad of players we have pale not insignificance that started against Hearts; Martin, Johansen, Provan, Jardine, McKinnon, Greig, (Jackson), Henderson, Willoughby, A.Smith, D.Smith, Wilson.
    That isn’t the best Rangers side you might come across, the hot in the team today would get in that team?

  18. What exactly do the likes of Alastair Johnson and Paul Murray do ? ….. We have a board at Rangers that are absolutely useless. In any other profession they would get no where near the positions of responsibility that they are entrusted with.

    The problems are not Murtys or indeed the players …its the idiots above them that sanction the moves.

  19. Smoke and mirrors to sell season books wake up and see that you need new people RUNNING the club properly

    • Yes William. Until this club is ran properly we are running on stale air. All of it coming out of arses. So please Mr. King and Co. Please go.

  20. If I was Gerrard I would run an f'in mile after that shambles today. Shameful. Get beaten. Fair enough but ffs put up a fight. Have half a clue. As Benidormloyal says "rip it up and start again". Have read so many negatives about Gerrard getting the job. They need a quick reality check. Who would want it? Supported for over 55 years. Can't remember feeling so pessimistic.

  21. Its about the level of risk. We cannot afford to get the next managerial appointment wrong because if we do we are handing them 10 in row. For me the Gerrard idea is crazy and a massive risk. I'd prefer the board acted like adults for once and pay the money for Dyche.

    Today was a new low. Nobody played, we had no men out there…none. Halliday was typical of the sickening lack of heart when he pissed about in the second half writing on the ball rolling out and allowed there player to take it without a fight and then nearly score the 6th!

    Tav was awful, the worst he's ever been as he showed no physical fight at all. How a guy that big can let people just take the ball from him is beyond me.

    Our keeper saved the day or it could have been 10 nil!

    Then the humiliation continues when decide not to send players or manager to face the press. The final act of cowardist by us today. Who made that decision? Bloody ridicules ! Who is actually running the club? The standards of the once proud Rangers Football Club have dropped again to a new low!

    We need a new manager not an U18's coach!

    • agree 100% pedro and murty up against seasoned PL manager. i said earlier i would prefer to pay big bucks for top manager than hand rookie manager 10m plus.

    • Blue, you think Dyche would come? Really! What are you smoking?
      He has a budget if £100 million plus in England, is adored by his fans and is in with a shout at a bigger club and/or England job.
      Would you take a massive pay cut to leave that for Rangers?
      I don't think so.

  22. After the Cup Final performance and the reaction from the supporters towards the Board Murty & Team we’d get a marked improvement today..Wrong it was worse to the point of being criminal 92 minutes of pure torture I watched.. I said to her indoors at 5-0 Celtic could get double figures I wasn’t jesting either..

    Good job the powers that be didn’t let Murty speak after the game or I would’ve had to buy a new TV ☺️ If Josh Windass is at Rangers next season a long with the rest of the overpaid overrated shower of shite then the Board can whistle for my ST money for 2018.

    I’ll be bollocksed if I’m busting my all ready bad back at work to travel up from the NE of England to witness that 6 to 8 times a year. As for finishing second we’ve no chance that’s being fucking realistic not defeatist…

    • Windass…I'm with you Billy…totally utterly bloody gutless and useless. He never even looked up when he burst into their box today, just kit in across the box in hope. Coward! Needs to be sold!

  23. I personally think we need a more experienced manager. I also get the feeling Gerrard will have a rethink. Rangers are a shambles at the moment. Where are we going to get the 30 million + it’ll take to compete? We may even need more than that.

    • I think we need around £50m.

      The first £4m should be spent on getting Dyche from Burnley. Then we can build a proper team that will put pride back into the club.

    • Am with you £50 million to start with as they will spend more than us if its under £50m that is about what they will spend,i hope this is the way forward where we can turn them over and over.

    • don't need 50m mate, just a proper f*****g manager. would walter fair any better against rodgers? f******g right he would. That type needed dyche i would welcome.

    • £50 million? Not Not disagreeing, but where from?
      In the last 10 years nobody with that kind of money has shown any interest in spending it at Ibrox.
      So, if you are claiming they exist, please give us a name.

    • Celtic team on Sunday cost less than 12m in transfer fees…doesn't need 50m just someone who can buy smart (unlike past managers)

  24. Steven Gerrard, knows what its like to play under pressure. He was after all a great player for England where before any tournament the English media would hype up the team to incredible highs only to destroy the team when they failed. I hope SG comes to Rangers and yes he is at the moment the 18s coach but for me he seems a very good choice, after all i can't see any decent experienced manager wanting to come to ibrox. Hopefully if he does come he can persuade some decent talent to follow him. Off work tomorrow thank f. Will give the media a miss for the next few days or so but will still tune in to IN for the latest. Im off for a beer and nip.

  25. Gerrard just needs to look at these cunts and they'd run a mile fannies
    4th in the league for us all over after killie game

  26. When Neil Lennon came in interim at Celtic he had a woeful bunch of players on his hands pretty similar to what we are seeing. Ross County playing in the lower leagues put them out the SC semis which would have been the point he realised not a lot of them were worth it and Gerrard would have saw that today. My point being is Lennon sold McGeady and started again brought in 10+ players. The most important thing for Gerrard is it has to be his players and most importantly he has to have already been assured financial backing for 10+ or else why else would he bother coming to coach this lot? Lennon then managed to put Celtic on the map from there. Spent his money wisely, an unknown Manager and good captain pushing their players against the better team in Glasgow to the split and if it weren't for Sellick losing 3 2 to ICT he probably would have won the league at the 1st attempt from us when we had quality players like Jelavic Naismith Davis Bougherra Weir. He done it at the second.

    But secondly, dear God where do you start with the attitude of these players. Weak. Deafeatist attitudes. I've been a great fan of Candeais all season but I'd go as far to say his attitude towards Murty has caused his dip in performance not due to lack of quality but lack of desire. How can you go from being the absolute workhorse that he is to not even chasing back your man in both Old Firms where he's been at fault now for several goals. Celtics 2nd today I just cannot believe how easily beaten he was. Which makes me think that if the feeling towards Murty is this bad from his players he has to be demoted and let Jimmy finish the last 3 games I don't think any fan would be upset at this.

    One positive I want to say about Mark Allen is the recruitment drive in January was probably a wise one because if Gerrard was watching today I don't think he would want any of those loan players. It's been rumoured that Murphy will cost the best part of 2 million but if you were savvy about it we should be keeping that money for a centre half and promoting Glenn Middleton to the 1st team.

    Allan McGregor is coming back and has a medical tomorrow so again if we can raise 2 million for Foderingham and sell on we need to go straight back for a central defender and there we can start again. Jak Alnwick is decent enough to be our number 2.

    It just amazes me that 3 years on from Warburton 4 of his players he signed STARTED today. I have said it for so long and will always continue to… James Tavernier is not a defender. I would love to see Gerrard see this and use him as a winger because his attacking qualities are as good as that of James Forrest if not better. McCrorie is also another who should be no where near centre defence. We know Halliday is not a left back and Russell Martin is not even a footballer so our defence got truly exposed for what it is.

  27. Injuries and contracts running down have hindered us just as much this season as the instability in our Managers. Otherwise John Bates Wilson/Alves would have been the ones playing today. Our lack of depth was exposed and it's not a first 11 Gerrard has to sort it's the matchday squad.

    Offensively there's not much we need to change drastically we all know it's the defence. If he can come in and sorts the 2 quality centre halves we need from his budget we are half way there. Holt and Dorrans are make shift defensive midfielders and were over run again by Celtics midfield. If it weren't for injuries we have 3 natural and decent defensive mids in Jack Rossiter and McCrorie who can sit in front of the defence and make that position their own next season with hopefully a few new additions like Arfield and James McCarthur. If we can throw in to the mix a new right back and move Tav up I genuinely will feel more confident than the current pish that represents us.

    But, for now, I'm gonna spend all night wondering how these players can go to the Player Of The Year awards because it should be cancelled for that disgrace of performance today.

    We live to fight another day Bears.

  28. Watched the full match and after what we all witnessed today there was only pass marks for our goalie and as for the rest who once again have shamed our great club/supporters, can all fuck off….And do they really care,Do they fuck!!!

    As for the Board,unfortunately there's nothing we can do about them ?

    As for Stevie G at first I wasn't impressed but am now warming to the idea of him being our next manager as I feel he will bring/attract players who will want to burst a gut for him and I'm sure the 1st thing he will sort out is that sorry excuse of our Defence which has to be the worst in our History, so what I say to fellow Bears is that we get behind him and whoever he brings with him as things couldn't get ant worse than what we're witnessing now…watp Helicopter 2005

  29. Rangers should change it to asshole of the year but problem is it's far to close to call with too many in the running maybe just give it as team award murthy lost the dressing room as he is to soft or he would never have picked so many powder puff players the signings loan or whatever there is no one with fight we need a tough tackling centre half and same in midfield who will put some dig in to the likes of brown mcgregor at hibs was freed by us when he was voted player of the year and he gets stuck in whe we meet hibs and that's one of the best signings they have ( says it all )

  30. I just cant keep smiling, I'm out of this garbage, season ticket money used for a summer holiday, King, please go. I wont be back until he has gone, there is our problem, not money not even risky managerial appointments, no it is the person at the top, go now Mr King J.

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