Rangers break their silence on Gerrard negotiations


Rangers have officially confirmed talks with Steven Gerrard and that an announcement over the situation is due ‘next week’.

The 37-year old Liverpool legend has been undergoing negotiations at Ibrox with regards a permanent seat in the manager’s chair as his first foray into senior coaching, but after days of media silence over the talks, Rangers finally revealed their hand today and confirmed the Champions League winner is heavily on the radar.

The statement through Sky said:

“We can confirm talks with Steven are at an advanced stage. There are still a few things to iron out, but we will be going onto further talks and hope to have an announcement next week.”

Of course, next week is technically tomorrow so you never know.

Gerrard certainly has his work cut out if he accepts the job following today’s debacle and it is one hell of a way to cut his teeth in management.


  1. Absolute jokes! Sack the fuckin board for even entertaining this bullshit, rookie manager to get us out of this mess, unless Brenda leaves the unwashed we are fucked! After the last few appointments this beggars belief!!

    • Andrew,
      it's bread and circuses for the masses.
      We have a rookie chairman and it would seem that rookie Robertson wants yet another rookie manager.
      Well kiss my arse guys, you will do it without my rookie season ticket.

  2. Everyone keeps saying it’s too big a risk for rangers… it’s more of a risk for Gerrard personally. If he messes up it will kill any career he could have had. Celtic done it only a few years ago with Larson so a newbie can do it

  3. Nothing on the official website regards this.. Do you honestly think Stevie Gerrard would touch Rangers now after that shite?

    If anything this gives him greater leverage over King & Board as hardly any of that Team is worth keeping.. Alnwick the only one with pass marks or it could’ve been worst defeat in history..

  4. About time
    Gerrard has European and international experience surely good enough for diddy league

  5. Cant see ANY new manager sorting our mess out,even next season…..sooooo many players need to be re-assessed….the ONLY thing our defeats from the Scum have proven is, we dont have a FIGHTING team…i believe cause, too many of our players,are NOT physical when they have to be……we didnt just lose a game,it showed how we need bigger,faster,tougher players..

  6. So every football manager in the world never had a first professional game in charge? They were never a rookie manager? Some of the most successful managers were average players.

  7. Fuck me God couldna sort at bunch o fukin cowards out you would think they would have some pride after the last time, Fcku em all

  8. The big problem we have is around a cool £50 million so we can only take baby steps for now,but we need to get a winning manager on board one that has won cups and Leagues those managers are hard to get hold of but first we get the manager then new players i am not saying we will win the League and cups in first season but i would think it will come with a strong minded manager who knows how to win.

  9. OK here's Steven arriving at Ibrox day one, this might cheer U all up


  10. Not sure what experienced, quality manager with good contacts would touch us.
    If they are good enough, we can't afford them. So we gamble or give up. I don't do give up. For me, I would have gone with Clarke or Alex Neil and a prayer. But if it is to be Gerrard, I will support him. And the board. Not sure what else they can do, although I have heard a rumour about money from the Far East. Complaining without the money to replace them is futile.

  11. There is only one thing needed – Mr King and his board must go before the club can move forward. Absolutely clueless.

  12. Lets get the most inexperienced manager we can think of to take over. Are we going to put up with this?

  13. Am I glad I bought a holiday with my season ticket money, a joke of a team, a bigger joke of a chairman and Gerrard, great player, might become a great manager, enjoy, those who decide to pay up!! J.

  14. I'm fed up hearing that we need to get rid of most of the team. when in actual fact all I think we need to get is a fucling rock solid defence. How are any of the midfielders and strikers meant to do their jobs when the fucking defence can't do theirs. If Gerrards coming that will probably be his main priority starting with a new goalie (McGregor)if its true. Maybe 2 or 3 midfielders (Arfield) and (McArthur) but as I said the main priority should be 2 rock solid defenders like (Berra) and (Bartley).These are just some of the names that have been mentioned lately. I know that it all comes down to the budget but I don't think things are as bad as people are saying. In a nutshell all I'm trying to say is it doesn't matter what job you do, if your not doing it right then it affects everybody else and they have to cover you ass. Onew more thing let's stop talking about Gerrard not having any experience because he will bring so much more to the team. If he's coming he must be getting some serious cash to spend otherwise he would tell us to fuck right off. Let's just see what happens. No Surrender

    • Totally agree bt it's a full back line we need tav and John will not do as 1st picks gr8 for cover bt not good enough against them
      Two big hard centre halfs we have fair midfielders bt loan guys need go back inc Murphy and Cummings unless we get him at a snip.
      Basically all current players playing today are 2nd string imo

    • At last, someone talking sense. We cannot tackle, we cannot head the ball, our defenders stand off until its too late. How are Holt and Dorrans meant to get forward when the back 4 cant stop one player?
      As for Gerrard being too big a risk … a risk is only a risk when you have something to lose, WTF do we have to lose right now?

    • Agree,they have been in charge far to long and we are no better than when the board took over,it is time to move over or shows the money that will takes to the top.

  15. This was like semi final part 2. Just worse. These players are not rangers class. They had no fire. No ideas. They were like clueless chickens. I'd get boyd back for a couple of years. Top stricker.then we need a total new back four. Can't work out how murty doesn't realise this. The team know he's on his way out. And it showed in yesterdays performance. Shocking.

  16. ALL true blue Rangers minded boys, men, woman, families, institutions etc. etc. were well aware of the bleedin obvious critical fact, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that every effort had to be made to guarantee that THIS managerial appointment HAD to be the RIGHT one, as the short/medium and ultimately long term future and possibly even viable existence of our ONCE proud and famous club could very well depend on it

    WHAT does King and his inept band of impostors do? they go out and attempt to hire a guy, who is an extremely well kent face around the piggery these days and has never MANAGED ANYTHING (apart from his regular fish supper on a Friday night) never mind a club of our (once) respected and international stature

    The only sensible conclusions are that our current "bored" are either only knittin wi one needle or they are purposely scuttling the ship

    The bottom line is that WE CAN NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN and all blue noses must do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to prevent it,

    I acknowledge and appreciate, like everyone else, that sadly and financially we have gone from the high and sublime of a Rolls Royce to Del Boys 3 wheeler in status these days but the absolute least we can do in the meantime is ensure and insist on having competent leadership in place and in my mind you never get extreme results without extreme actions – no holds barred!


    • Don't know if it's 2 plus 2 = 50 but there's a bit of noise on the Liverpool sites about Buvac leaving rumours he has fallen out with Klopp? He's the man that Klopp calls the brains and if he's coming with Gerad may put a whole different slant on it.

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