“I’d love to learn off Steven Gerrard” – Rangers first team star makes feelings clear


Rangers midfielders Greg Docherty has admitted he would love to play under Steven Gerrard and the Liverpool legend is someone he wants to emulate.

On media duties before the Old Firm this Sunday, Docherty tried his best to impart the importance of current manager Graeme Murty, but betrayed his true thoughts when asked about Gerrard.

He said:

“It would be disrespectful of us players to talk about it, we’ve got a job at hand and we focus on the pitch and let the guys above focus on whoever’s going to take charge next year.”

All very true from the 21-year old. But then his true feelings emerged:

“Steven Gerrard is a renowned name in world football, he’s a midfielder and I’d love to be able to play like him and if I could learn off a guy like that it would be great.”

Pretty evident the esteem Docherty holds Gerrard in, and you get the impression his current manager doesn’t exactly have his full backing in the same way.


  1. Pretty sure the whole team will be licking there lips at the thought of playing for such a true great, who wouldn't!?
    1 thing for sure come Sunday every single last one of them will know Steven will be watching the game, We shall see if they are men or mice!??

    • It’s got to put an edge on the players picked to up their game to another level for sure. They either step up and play or risk the fallout come Summer… I’m wanting to see men 🔴⚪️🔵👊

    • spoke to a celtic fan today, dosen't think gerrard manager material for us. had me thinking! surely they would welcome that then as they prefer it ther own way, or was there an underlying fear?

  2. Seen murty on tv tonight showing his teeth he looks well fired up and ready for a fight,somethings gonna happen on sunday🤔🇬🇧

    You were right I.N what a difference a week makes


    • i do feel for him at times but come sunday they should be kickin doors down tae get at them manager included. just put wee fergie in there before kick aff, then they'll get it. do yourseles proud.NO FEAR

  3. We can beat them,but we need to show f**k all repect for them as they do for us.they eleven starters come 12.00 should look the gers support in the eye and think we are the BIGGEST CLUB this one's for you's. it's not just a football match this is war. years of ridicule at our expense. LET US HAVE THE LAST LAUGH GERS!UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL!

  4. WHO DARES WINS SHOULD BE THEIR MOTTO COME SUNDAY. WE SHOULD TAKE A HUGE FLAG WITH MOTTO. C'MON THE DAMBUSTERS. friday night and pumped up for this already. hope that dressing rooms the same.

  5. For young Midfielders like Docherty, McCrorie etc …You couldnt get a much better Teacher than Stevie G! 😃👍⚽

    I mean think of that Generation
    Scholes, Carrick, Viera, Lampard, Gerrard etc

  6. A number 2 maybe, but certainly not the managers job! The managers job is massive and needs a strong and experienced head. Jurgen Klinsmann or similar.
    Someone who will build from the defence up the way!

  7. IF he signs, wonder if he'll still have the same affection for them when he sees the other side of them? interestng.

  8. oh will u stand oh will u stand would u fight for that blue jersey were the best team in the land,would use fight like one who cares do u love the teddy bears if you can ur a man join our band, and with the sound of the fans going crazy it's shoulder to shoduler we will stand to remember the brave who won the battle and fought to protect the rangers badge

  9. fucking disgrace! hope they were hurting like my 2 wee boys who had tears in their eyes, bt i doubt it, sad sad day.hurts like fuck wiz close tae tears myself, the only other time wiz clinching 9IAR.

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