“They only want what’s best for Rangers” – SPL rival defends banned duo


Hearts’ former Rangers striker Kyle Lafferty has expressed sympathy for his ex-team mates Lee Wallace and Kenny Miller and has suggested anything they have done is for the good of Rangers.

Lafferty, himself a Rangers fan who spent many years in Govan, faces his former side again this Sunday, but while accepting the club’s position, stated clearly that he believes anything they said or did only had the club’s best interests at heart.

He said:

“Obviously you hear people talk and you don’t know what’s really going on but knowing Kenny and knowing Lee, I’ve played with them, they’re both born winners and they’re both Rangers guys who want what’s best for the club. Hopefully they can work it out and hopefully they’ll (fans) see Kenny in a Rangers shirt before he leaves.”

Naturally there is a modicum of players’ union here, but Lafferty knows both men personally and while we should always take all statements to the media with a pinch of salt, especially those of rival players, this is a rival player who remains one of us to this day even if he gets roundly booed at Ibrox.

Bear in mind he did not celebrate his incredible free kick at Murrayfield earlier in the season, which showed respect to the away fans. So even if he is not Mr Popular any more, the guy has a little touch of class with regards Rangers and might be worth listening to.


  1. Don't know about Wallace but Miller is a serial troublemaker who shouldn't be allowed back into Ibrox.

  2. Lafferty ceased to be one of us the day he walked out on the club. Like Naismith and many others.

    I am not going to forgive that, end of.

  3. He isn’t the only one. McCulloch has also said very similar. And he’s another, out captain that’s stood by us during our worst (yeh I haven’t forgot he should have stopped playing sooner than he did. But he’s another true blue)

  4. I've posted this in response to another article and here it is again…Miller is a glory hunter always has been.Signed for the other mob in 2006 ,everybody seems to have forgotten this ,I certainly haven't.He even went as far as kissing the badge ,their badge,on numerous occasions.No time for him at all .As for lafferty he showed his true colours when the going got tough ,caused trouble at every club he's been at

  5. Somehow we have became a dysfunctional football club.
    This extends from top to bottom, whatever happened to sorting issues out behind closed doors.
    We keep giving Celtic fans a chance to ridicule us to such an extent nowadays it’s actually unbelievable and embarrassing.
    Even when they allow Kenny Miller to park his car trackside at Ibrox someone still manages to leak a photo to the press, a photo taken from main stand it looks like.
    If they verbally abused Murty than this is crossing the line but if they were having a go at the empty jerseys that were meant to be on the park then who could blame them.

    • Derek

      I don't blame them for being angry with the performance. I don't blame them for being frustrated with managerial decisions they may disagree with.
      But there is a time, a place and a way to make their views known. There is also a line. Without any knowledge of what actually happened, they seemed to have crossed that line.
      Even if it was the first time, that can't be done. Board back manager, manager suspends player(s). The end. Any other outcome puts players in charge. That way lies madness

  6. Lafferty & Miller may be Troublemakers and Money-Grabbers

    But wallace Isnt…

    I Believe The words of
    Lafferty, McCulloch, Rae & Others that Certainly Wallace should be Reinstated

    …Undecided on Kenny
    (Maybe Coaching 17s or Somethin)

    Wallace is our Captain, He wouldnt have Said what he said unless it was Damaging Us 💙

  7. I’m in no way an apologist for Miller but I can remember him scoring his first goal for them against us and he thumped his chest with a clench fist. Never ever kissed the badge.
    Of course it’s a huge stain on his cv to have went there and as for the walking out on us stuff by the others they were asked to tupe (think that’s the term) their contracts over under Mr Charles Greens instructions. This guy was a opportunist at best.

  8. Everybody seems to want a say! just heard tonight stan petrov claim gers r no a big club anymore. Really! while i appreciate the guy has had his battles he should keep his thoughts to himself, His old club would never have survived under the same circumstances.despite his claims and a truly turblent year for us, we were potentially in a position to challenge them only a matter of weeks ago before the collapse and they knew it despite the trash talk.WE WILL ALWAYS BE A BiG CLUB STAN DESPITE THE PARKKEAD PROPAGANDA.

    • scooby his old club did survive thats the difference someone bought the clube and told them the truth . wheres the transparency yous where promised

  9. I've slaughtered the ones who walked away also, there are bgger culprits who have only suceeded in propelling celtic at our expense n the name of greed.

  10. Fair to say most of us have vented our anger over the last few days and rghtly so! Now let us show aw these cunts what were all about. GLASGOW RANGERS GLAGOW RANGERS we'll support u evermore fuck the score.

  11. With this mornings papers saying that Murty wasn’t even in the room when it all happened. If this is true… then I see Robertson and Murty leaving ASAP

    • That was the very same paper that said Warburton had been sacked unfairly Stuart. Look how that turned out mate! Neither him or Weir have taken that any further just saying.

      I doubt we will ever find out the full truth about Sunday but it’s clickbait ain’t it. I’ve even read it first thing this morning do I believe it because it came from a paper – fuck naw…

      It just causes more division.. Even the bold Barry says he doesn’t believe Kenny did it then he says but….

    • Dunno who to believe. Normally wouldn’t believe the sun either but they were correct about the dispersions before anyone else reported. Sad state for sure

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