Former SPL manager ‘interested’ in Rangers job

Former SPL manager ‘interested’ in Rangers job

With Graeme Murty’s position increasingly unclear, there has been no shortage of managers throwing their hats into the ring as candidates should the position become vacant, and in the past 24 hours former Hearts manager Robbie Neilson has confirmed he is interested in the post.

Or at least, refused to say he wasn’t.

The ex-Hearts player turned manager at Tynecastle was, frankly, outstanding in both the Scottish Championship and then Premiership under Ann Budge’s stewardship, but followed that up with a real disappointment when English League One’s MK Dons utterly bombed under his tenure.

Such a poor time in England has damaged his stock, and many Rangers fans have protested at his taking over at Ibrox, but fact is Rangers need a manager who knows how to win in the SPL, and Neilson isn’t the worst at that. Under his management, Hearts managed to top the SPL table at some points. A near-60% win record in a league where Celtic rule the roost and Aberdeen filled the gaps is pretty stunning. In almost two years since promotion, Rangers haven’t topped the SPL at any single point.

The 37-year old said:

“I think first and foremost there will be a lot of names on that (Rangers) list. But the big thing I think is, what are the future plans for the club? That’s what every manager that’s going to be interested in that job is going to ask. What’s the strategy, what are we going to do? What are the plans for the next few years, what’s the budget going to be? I think that’s the biggest issue. That has to get sorted out. What’s the set up? You know, the director of football, the CEO, how are they going to do it? I think that has to come out first.”

To be fair, he is absolutely dead on. If Rangers lack any one thing, it’s direction and a plan. There is basically no transparency with the current regime and frankly there never really was, but it’s worse now.

Nevertheless, back on topic, Neilson might not be quite Pep Guardiola, but if he could translate his Hearts success to the bigger scale of Rangers, he would not be the worst option to go with.

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  1. Let him Murty take charge for last five games it gives us time to pick the right manager if we get this next manager wrong then it could set us back five to ten years this should have been put in place way back when we where in second div so when we got back in to top div we had money to buy players and a top manager,it never happened so we must start again now before its to late.

  2. I can fully understand Alex Neil being linked with the job. In fact, I thought we should have went for him whilst he was at Norwich. Basically, he has been successful everywhere he has went – forget the spell when Norwich were in the EPL, they are not a team equipped for that division. In fact, Neil did amazingly well to get them promoted to the EPL, in the first place. He knows Scottish Football inside and he has a history of developing young players. So, for me, a good call. Neilson, are you kidding? He has done nothing! And was an unmitigated disaster at MK Dons. If he ever returned to Scotland, it would be at a club the level of Ross County or Hamilton. Never in a million years is he Rangers class.

  3. Another mistake if this happens! Alex Neil the new favourite- that is someone we could all get behind.

  4. If we are seriously considering Neilson for the managers job then the club is in a poorer state than any of us could ever imagine!

  5. Graeme Murty has to stand down now as he's lost the dressing room and we won't qualify for Europe , let alone finish second , unless he goes . If there's not another manager already lined up , then we have to finish the season with Jimmy Nicol and JoJo taking the team .

  6. Neilson & Alex Neil……, just a no from me, what players would he attract to Rangers, we are already a laughing stock and either one would just be a train wreck waiting to happen, l for one im not renewing my season ticket, l have poured so much money into the club like every other loyal fan over the years whilst King sits in his South African home avoiding everybody when should be here, enough is enough

  7. if we don't already have a manager signed. We are doomed and it shows an extreme lack of leadership and ability from the board. This is not an issue that has suddenly hit us. This should have been in the making from Dec 2017.

  8. Really…!!!! NO chance !! Jack Ross yes …We need someone who gets the need and has the ability …

  9. Murty – Fuck Off!

    Alex Neil, David Moyes, Robbie Neilson
    …Just No, Not a Fkn Chance!

    Jack Ross – Maybe, In a Few Years 🤔⚽

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