VOTE: were Rangers right to take action against pair?


It’s all been said already, and now it seems the dust is starting to settle (slightly) from Sunday’s debacle.

There isn’t much point covering the disastrous afternoon much more, but we would like our reader opinions on the whole sordid affair.

You’ve all seen our takes here on Ibrox Noise, but what do you think about it all? We’ve had various agreements and disagreements in comments recently, which is hard to measure, but hard numbers can do a better job.

In short, were Rangers right to suspend Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace?

Some fans believe their behaviour was out of line, while others think they were speaking up for the good of the club.

We’ve been here before. Barry Ferguson, Kenny Miller, Joey Barton – it’s been a bizarrely frequent occurrence at Ibrox.

But this latest incident has seen the club captain and vice captain both banned from Rangers until further notice, and that really has set the cat among the pigeons. We know Miller has previous for internal disagreements, but the involvement of Lee Wallace really makes us wonder what really happened. Whether the players really were in the wrong or if they’ve been scapegoated.

Naturally, we don’t know exactly what happened in that dressing room beyond disagreements. We don’t know if anything did happen beyond that and Murty has simply lost the plot and overeacted to dissent. We just don’t know.

So, based on everything you’ve heard, seen and read, whose side do you take?



  1. They did the right thing just did it the wrong way. I have no doubt what they did they did for the club. There both great proffesionals which have gave huge amounts for the club but they have also played under great managers in the past and with Miller internationally too… if they believe Murty didn’t do things correctly as he should have then as captain and vice they should say so. Murty obviously is out of his depth and even I started to see that the other month

    • 100% correct Stuart! Mirth is the one who should have been binned on Monday NOT skilled or Wallace. I firmly believe both have understanding of tactics and what is needed at One of than Murty will ever have!

  2. 100%

    They crossed the line once again. Would like to know who the hell they think they are. I k ow they’re a pair of journeymen who wouldn’t have gotten a sniff at a jersey in our great teams. 🤡

    • It doesn't matter what was said. The manager should always have the respect of the players, no matter how they perform.

    • Absolute rubbish Ketron. As in every walk of life you have to earn respect. A title, no matter what it is eg politican, football, whatever doesn't, by itself, earn respect! And Murty, by the way he has operated does not deserve the respect of fans or players. Get in the real world pal!

  3. I'm caught into minds but voted the manager as I'm sure Miller and Wallace have been involved in this kind of business before however the manager has lost the dressing room so he must go I hope I'm wrong with the vote as I like both players but if they have something to say then do it behind closed doors once again they have made us a laughing stock off football all the players at Ibrox should feel like us supporters sick and fed up we deserve better I honestly think we will Finnish fourth in league Celtic will let hibs win on Saturday so they can win leugue against us and also make sure we lose second place to hibs

  4. It’s not really such a straightforward question without knowing all the facts. The blame for me lies with King who threw Murty under the bus in the run in to the semi. I think the players then thought it fair game to disrespect Murty and air their grievances. At the end of the day King, Murty, and every single player should have put their own interests and agendas aside and all done everything they could to achieve a result for the fans. That is the most disappointing aspect – once again the fans were taken for granted and given little consideration. We were embarrassed and shamed in front of our greatest rivals and that is unforgivable. There are no winners from this sorry affair – only losers – with us the fans losing most of all!

  5. At the end of the day it's incredibly simple. It doesn't make any difference if you're under the leadership of the most incompetent coach or manager in the universe, the calls are theirs to make, good or bad. They'll live and die by them.
    As players their job is to implement their plans and instructions as best they can. Being passionate, arguing amongst themselves, showing disgust at poor performances and losses, airing grievances in the correct manner, fair play.

    To verbally attack, admonish, undermine or insult the coach or manager crosses THE line and warrants all punishment going. Of course nobody seems to know the extent to which the players spoke out toward the management, but IF it were as serious as is made out, they deserve all they get.

    In how many vocations do you believe you could attack your boss without suffering severe reprimand?

    Even if the (incompetent) board plan on removing Murty, which I fully believe they will, they HAVE to back him and sanction the players, otherwise the entire club screams out that there is no authority or respect toward leadership and players run roughshod with all the power. That would leave the club with an even more pathetic image than it already currently carries.

  6. It hardly matters who is right and who is wrong. If you want to go to war with a manager, you win or you are out. They didn't win. I feel that we have to support the club until or unless they are proven to be in the wrong.
    In 10 years, neither footballer will be playing – the Club will still be here. If we as fans go to war with the club, how does that play out? No season tickets – no money – no new players – no improvement.
    OR, board and Murty resign en masse. No board, no new owner(who buys into that mess when nobody wanted to buy in before it), nobody to appoint a new manager so no new manager, some season tickets are sold but nothing like enough to stem the losses, so no clearout of dressing room problems and no new players so no improvement. Oh, and player power rules, so players will be making all the decisions. On who gets a contract, a pay rise, who gets to play. You think Murty is bad? You honestly think Miller will be better? In 5 years he will still be picking himself. He is not our best or second best option up front. He has done well, but his time is past.

    We are left without a choice. Buy out the board or back them. Personally, I am a little short of the £60 million needed to buy the club and new players. Can someone lend me £59.9 million? Honest, you will get it back. As soon as we win the Champions League or I win the lottery

  7. It’s like something out of school, Murty ran to the headmasters office to grass, because like this team he didn’t have the bottle to stand up for himself and fight his corner himself. It’s pathetic and symptomatic of what we have to watch week in week out. No heart and no backbone and it’s the sack for anyone who shows any signs of fight and heart. Who cares if they were out of order so was the team selection, the tactics and capitulation during and after the match. We need to fight for change now, maybe if we shout too loud we will be asked to leave too.

    • You have no idea if what you say happened. Murty is the manager – rightly or wrongly- and the players are there to do his bidding.

  8. Collapsed share price to take control of club with promises that included
    Proper investment.
    Proper financials in clubs interests rather than individuals on the board.
    End of scam artistry

    Kind came with a Court judgement of being a criminal and a glib and shameless liar.

    Broken concert party takeover rules while collapsing the share price.
    No transparency
    Took club off the stock exchange
    Cant get nomad
    Pretty much blacklisted from London stock exchange if the rumours are true
    Racks up massive debts that he intends the fans to pay for him in share issue
    No accountability
    No sustainability
    No hands on presence
    Always pointing at other people
    Bizarre club statements
    Bizarre management appointments
    Unrealistic expectations with loan players
    Play now pay later with other peoples money
    Never held to task by fan groups
    Never held to task by investigative journalists
    In court with everybody every other week
    Takes the Rangers fans for mugs

    Im pretty certain King is another in the list of poor stewards in fact he is actually a criminal.

    Feel sad for all my Rangers supporting mates. Rangers supporters love their club above and beyond. Being badly shortchanged.

    Sadly I don't see a quick fix solution without a generous billionaire type and a genuine love of the club. There are individuals on th current board who appear to be decent hard woking guys with clubs best interests. But don't have the throwaway wealth required to click the brokenness back into place instantly. But King clearly is the problem underlying every problem at Rangers at moment. Promised many things. delivered none that I can see. Not Murty fault. Shouldn't be Rangers manager in first place. King is master of sophistry and double talk. And this everybody hates rangers mantra is balls. Without a functioning Rangers Scottish football is a backwater. Rules should be put in place that reverts rangers back to pre Murray era ethos. The protestant work ethic. Work harder than everybody else with openness and finical prudence. This Loan after loan doesn't work then or now. Where are all the die hard Rangers loving football players who value the shirt more than their bank balance. Where are the stewards who love rangers more than their bank balance. Most rangers fans that i know don't care bout money first. It once was all about controlled passion and not accepting anything less than 100 percent effort.

  9. Can't decide until we know all the facts but that may never happen until one of them decides to write a book!!! But what its done is it has deflected any more problems/abuse that the board should be getting from us fans and ultimately they are getting a Free Ride once again…..watp Helicopter 2005 And fed up��

  10. The board has been playing for time since McInnes turned us down.Murty will have been told that he would have chance in summer and would be judged on his performance. We , as well as King, knew 2 weeks ago that it was unlikely that Murty would make it. He picked poorly and obviously couldn’t motivate the team. Board has got to support him till end of season. If Miller and Wallace called him out in dressing room following disaterous game so what? If he runs to board demanding they suspend them they must do it. But you cannot demand respect. You earn it. Only hope Murty has is that we win all our last 5 games. But we won’t. He will be gone. But it should all have stayed in dressing room. Murty had no balls to handle two players who would have been as angry as we were.

  11. I seem to remember him saying at the agm he and the board would not welcome any advice from the very people he wants to buy season books on matters regarding manager/player recruitment.In other words, we know what were doin? or he mean't shut it tae a get ma 20m back, either way i find it astnishing to dismiss the people who stand by the club and exclude fans groups in consultation regards major decisions as shareholdes.

  12. Not a had a split like this in the fan base since the Ashley carry on and rest of that lot. It’s splitting the support down the middle. Kings not perfect I’ve never said otherwise but he was a better option than those before him.

    Our Team are the second highest earners in the SPL and I’m sorry to say this but they simply ain’t worth it..Not just Sunday’s performance either but over the past two seasons..

    If supporters stop going then the Club dies it’s that simple so what’s the answer – I have no fucking idea to be honest. But I’ll go back a few year and Scooby might remember this too -Fergus McCann was vilified at Parkhead there was a huge split in their support. While Rangers & Murray went for the Holy Grail and the 9iar McCann saved that Club from being extinct fact..

    Yet those in the support wanted him to spend money they never had bottom line. Well the rest is history as they say. Now we’ve gone full circle so what do we do?

    A – buy Shares in the Club with 1872 or whoever you wish.
    B – renew your ST and keep supporting loyaly.
    C – moan like fuck and do nothing.

    That’s the brass tacks of it in my view. Yet look at how much that Team that humped our boys Sunday cost – sure as shite wasn’t 60 million nowhere even close.. Nobody said it would be easy coming back it’s up to us all not some Oil Tycon or Dodgy Dave!

    Just my thoughts please don’t shoot me 🖐🏼

    • Billy

      Have to agree with all of that. But my reference to £60 million included £30 to buy control of the club.
      I like your choices. I will go with A, accept B but think C is pointless.
      As you say, it's up to us. We buy shares or accept rule of the those who do

    • Best article ever published by Ibrox Noise. McCann was hated by Celtic fans because he wouldn’t pay di Canio and van Hooidonk particularly high wages. Now he is revered for saving club( and he made £25m). Buy shares and season tickets. Board chose Warburton on Davie Weirs recommendation and Pedro on Mendes,s recommendation. Must get it right this time. Murty has blown it. I was saying that at Xmas.

    • I'll never forget it billy! i parked the hearse outside (joking) but your right, it has gone full circle. the problem for us, football has changed from those days in 94 as has sustaining football clubs. I would argue their predicament had far less implications.

    • SWH the 60 million was just a figure I’d picked at random mate! Wasn’t a dig at your post above which I think is well put and using the head as to how things are at present. The kit deal should be making the headlines not the fallout from Sunday which should never have been in the public domain ffs…

      Scooby aye you’re right the ramifications of then and now are totally different that’s a given yeh.. My point though was that a lot of their support wanted McCann away tae fuck – not much difference from King and how a big part of the support want him gone.

      There’s no pleasing everybody that’s the bottom line some supporters are happy ( better than Ashley and co ) with King others are spitting blood. Unless they actually buy shares then it’s pointles because boycotting the Club will kill it plain and simple…

      As you said though King better start listening to the support because if he keeps treating them like shite then they will just stay away like the 70’s early 80’s…

    • No worries mate, no offence was taken 🙂

      As you say, we need to ditch the bad headlines, concentrate on things like kit deals and hope Allen has at least 2 new GOOD centre backs under wraps for next season. Until then, we might as well give Cardoso a run out with Alves. Martin is not going to make it. McCrorie into CDM

    • Aye that would be the easiest and best option.. But with Murty that could all go sideways and down the shitter mate 🙈

  13. I have no time for Miller ever since he signed for Celtic. The guy is not true blue ,he is true any colour who pays his over the top salary..Kenny "kiss the badge "Miller, only thing is that it has been numerous badges including Celtics and whatever set of fans he is trying to impress ,or whose skin he trying to get under .Just ask any Hibs fan who he apparently he loved at one stage.He is a has been ,a 38 year old over paid trouble maker .He would only not get a game for any professional side ,nobody would even consider having him in a squad at his age and his bloated salary

  14. Even before Sunday, we had no plan. I think we are missing the point with regard "what next". In any walk of life, you look at what is working and try to better it. So, do we need a better stadium (no, it is great and can be improved in time), do we need better training facilities (no for a long time), do we need a better board (not really, a few changes perhaps), a better support (200% no), better manager and players (def yes based on Sunday alone, the two in the article can go if rumours are true) and finally a better leader and plan 2000% yes, that is where our problem is No leadership, No clue and Mr K's only qualities:an ability to lie and take our club for every penny he can without using his own money unless to make more for himself J

  15. The club have got this all wrong by suspending our two senior players for voicing how they felt surley the players have a right to voice how they feel our so called manager has being given chance after chance to rectify our team but time and time he has got it wrong he has made bad decision after decision and got away with but yet two players stand up to him and their in the wrong when he has got it wrong and the board are quick to back him we need a strong manager but we need a manager who gets on with his captain and a team who should rally around him and play as one unit with the board backing the manager,the club captain ,and the team . and that means not washing our dirty washing in the bias press making us a continual laughing stock of Scotish football you fans deserve better leadership from the boardroom to the pitch if you want a manager look at Sam allerdyce at everton , neil warnock at cardiff dick advocatt ,gus hiddink.manager of that standard not the alex neils ,of this world we must get rid of the failures that have being brought in by previous poor incumbents the first team need a wake up call and show their fans respect after all we are the club lets get back to winning ways and secure second spot and shut the bias press up and other critcs such as lennon ,chris sutton ,and rodgers ,brown .lets get some good press for a change.

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