The 10-part plan to rebuilding Rangers


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We’re an annoying bunch, aren’t we? We analyse and criticise and praise (occasionally) but we rarely offer many solutions to the problems we see. Indeed, it’s a criticism we get on the site a fair bit – negative this, grumpy that – but not offering our own way forward for Rangers.

So to buck the trend, and to coincide with today’s ST renewal plea, we would like to submit our 10–part plan to get Rangers on the right path, because right now it feels like no path at all.

Stage One:

By hook or by crook secure second. We don’t care how this is done, but none of the rest of our plan can happen ‘easily’ without second. We need the £2.3M, and we need the resulting Europa League cash. We don’t trust Graeme Murty or the team to deliver this, but we simply put our faith in the lap of the Gods and hope they do. Because without that second place, the rest is going to be very hard.

Stage Two:

Sell Alfredo Morelos. This one is critical. Regardless of securing runners up spot, we simply have to get the millions for the Colombian – for reinvestment. He doesn’t want to be here, and we can get a few squid for him. This sale is also a massive plan B to failing to get second and failing in Europe. And we need around £8M+ here.

Stage Three:

Secure Jason Cummings (£1M) and Jamie Murphy (£600K), and try to convince QPR to part with Goss.

Stage Four:

Get in a real manager. Graeme Murty has had his time, and hasn’t convinced anyone. We need a proper flipping manager at Ibrox – we haven’t had one since Walter retired. It’s half the reason we’ve bumbled around with six (count them) managers since 2010. We quite like the idea of Frank De Boer, and honourable mentions to go Steve Clarke, Steve Robinson, Tommy Wright and Stuart McCall. But whoever it is, a real manager please!

Stage Five:

Using the Morelos millions, fix that damn defence. There is a semblance of a good squad at Ibrox, but if one area of the pitch has been a disgrace since Dorin Goian and Carlos Bocanegra left, it’s central defence. It’s high time the new manager signed up three high quality CBs, between the ages of 25-33 (no left-field youth from ‘West Brom’s prestigious academy’ or washed up old mercenaries please), and got the rearguard sorted.

Stage Six:

Improve the scouting network. It was installed in October last year yet we’ve brought in only one notable player (Glenn Middleton) in that time. If we need more staff to cover more (youth) matches, so be it. Bring in more scouts, and start truly unearthing talent that is ready and fit for first team/squad deployment.

Stage Seven:

Better transparency – in simple terms Rangers’ communication with fans is absolutely horrendous. The chairman rarely furnishes fans with anything other than annual hogwash prior to renewals, and less and less do supporters really know what’s happening. Abolish the Club1872 links – how exactly has making one supporters’ group officially endorsed helped the running of the club or enhanced communication? It didn’t work the last time we had a fan board (remember that?) appointed by the club, and it isn’t helping now. The club simply needs to directly communicate better with supporters on an official basis without gimmicks – and today’s cryptic ST renewal piffle is the perfect example of how not to do that.

Stage Eight:

Clarity on the shares issue – ties in with the last one – it’s about time the chairman and the board came clean on their exact intentions with regards a share issue and floating. We’ve had smoke and mirrors, and it’s high time new shares were issued and the club was put back on the AIM. King always said he didn’t want to, but it shouldn’t really be up to him. Investment won’t happen unless the club gets on an exchange.

Stage Nine:

Secure a club-exclusive TV rights deal in an Asian country. The SPFL woke up to China and got themselves a TV deal to expose the league to 1.4 billion people. Asia is where the money is – Rangers need to get a broadcast deal with an Asian nation (Indonesia could be a great bet), grow our exposure there and increase the fanbase.

Stage Ten:

Ties in with Nine – enough of the trashy pre-seasons at West Highland Warriors in three-part shambles or visits from Dumbarton Juniors to Auchenhowie – we need to get out there – to Asia. EPL clubs cottoned onto this decades ago – remember that Arsenal bus propaganda video in Vietnam during pre-season tour there in 2013? Brilliant work from the Gunners to propagate their brand – it’s why they’re one of the world’s biggest clubs. They sussed the Asian market forever ago. Rangers need to go to these places, pick up new supporters, spread the brand and get the money in.

And that’s yer lot to start with. Ten stages (there are many more) of ways we can get our Rangers to grow on the right path.

Any more you good folk have?


  1. Not often I say it but I agree with everything you said. Another major thing for me is get a decent shirt deal i.e Adidas or Nike. And new shirt sponsors. Also, get someone new on the tannoy at Ibrox, someone to help get the place bouncy bouncying!

    • Likewise. I NEVER agree, 100%, with comments on this forum. BUT on this occasion I do. Well 99.5%! The slight exception being any consideration of taking Stuart McCall as manager horrifies me. Otherwise? Well done! I only wish this 10 point plan was an official document written by, or endorsed by, ourBoard!

  2. Why Sean Goss. He is a very ordinary player. If we don’t sign better than Goss we are going nowhere.

    • Your right Roland about Goss. Cummings?Come on,He is bang average. I wish your 10 stage plan was that easy. Sign 3 high quality centre backs!!Are you having a laugh 😂 🤣Do you know how much that would cost?All the managers you mentioned aren’t anywhere near good enough either.

    • think your right about morellos ,greeting faced wee shite ,think morellos is holding team back ,cumdog would have scored double what hes scored giving the chance.said it before dont think hes worth 2 million

  3. no more loan players goss e,t,c ,get more seats ,standing area inside ibrox 60,000 at least ,new manager ,if murty doesnt lift scottish cup if we lift cup ,2nd or third place were flying, no surrender

  4. Stage One : Essential! 👍💰💙

    Stage Two :
    Time to sell up! His Head is gone!
    He's not arsed about Rangers now
    Should get at least £6.5-£7m for him

    Stage Three :
    Buy Cummings – £1m
    Buy Murphy – £750k
    Buy Back McKay – £1.5m
    …Buy a New Defence 😬

    Stage Four :
    Agreed…A Real Boss is now Essential!
    Dont Agree with De Boer or Clarke

    But would go with Wright/Billic/GVB
    or someone Else

    Stage Five :
    Including McCrorie & A.Wilson…
    Need at least 3 Solid Centre Backs

    Get Rid of Alves/Martin/Cardoso & Bates

    Need CBs in the mould of Cuellar/Bocanegra

    Stage Six :
    We need to be buying up the best young talent in Scotland
    …We should also be using ex players in their country to look for young players (i.e Amoruso in Italy)

    Stage Seven & Eight :
    Essential! …More Info to the Fans!

    Stage Nine and Ten :
    Would be a Masterplan for the Club if we could get something like this Done!

  5. Step 3 should be to release the dross. Halliday, Dodoo, Pena, Herrera, Hodson, Alves, Cordoso, O'Halloran, Rossiter, Holt. I'd loan out Windass to a decent side if we can until Dorrans is finished with us.

    Step 4 is then signings and I'd also include Hardie, Martin, Bates (then loan out), new CF. No Goss unless cheap cheap. I'd go all in on McBurnie if we could.

    Our team then looks like:
    John, Martin, McCrorie, Tavernier
    Jack, Docherty
    Murphy, Dorrans, Candeias
    New CF


    With a much smaller squad, this team should be a lot cheaper to maintain and allowed to settle. Then any new signings from January are straight improvements or youth signings.

    I would rather spend big on a new manager that can get best out of existing players than one who wants to rebuild squad again. Think we missed a trick with McLeish, then could have had Clarke or McInnes when their contracts expire.

    To win the league, we don't need to beat Celtic, we just need to beat the other teams more consistently while maintaining financial sustainability.

    • Interesting….I agree with most of your 'ideal' team selection – particularly Docherty & Jack as the defensive midfield lyncepints. Surprised Bates doesn't appear while Sand
      Aiden Wilson does? Don't agree about Hardie. Yes, he's probably had a poor deal in first team terms but Nd it's a big but, every time he goes on loan he sets the Heather on votes for the Portsmouth or so, then nothing. So, personally, I'd let him go. Wallace, yes he's been a great servant but he's on his way back to Hearts – if not the end of this swIm unfortunately end of next. And good luck to him. Persoanally, I'd keep Halliday as back-up for left back and midfield. It must have gaulled the Haliday haters that the team improved when he came on, on Saturday: as it definitely did!

  6. I like the idea of a Stage plan
    1)Agreed, but lap of the Gods
    2)Agreed IF we can get big money for him. But 20 goals a season strikers don't come cheap, so replacing him will cost us. McBurnie would want a sign on fee
    3)Cummings doesn't seem to be Murty's favourite, but I would take him. Murphy is £1.6 Million if rumours are believed, not £600K
    4)A good, high quality manager who can guarantee the league would be brilliant. But Man City will fight to keep him!! Not sure who else can guarantee it, they are all a gamble
    5)Three high quality centre backs, 25-33. Really? If they exist, under £10 million each, everybody would want them. I would settle for one to bring Bates and McCrorie then Wilson through and one decent backup in case of injury. But I think I am being optimistic. I want better than Martin and Alves. That costs money we don't have. Allen, work your magic
    6)Scouts don't just find kids like Middleton, they also seek older players like Murphy. I am happy with the players we scouted for January and hope for more of the same. Also very happy with our youth team and looking forward to seeing several of them jump to the first team squad over the next two seasons, including Middleton
    8)Agreed, but King has made his legally required offer. Once that has been rejected, he can move to next phase, rolling outstanding loans into shares
    9)Agreed and a good idea
    10)Agreed but to be fair to club, times were different then. It is now time to send kids to do the loyalty tours and the first team to exciting new fields to gain new fans, particularly in Asia

    Good article

  7. I often wonder about Rangers fans, who seem to suffering from severe delusions of our status in Scottish football. Have we forgotten where we were these pat nightmarish years?
    I like many Ranges fans wish and hope we get back to the club we once were, it seems an eternity since we were in Manchester in a European final. Realism is almost every other football club in Scotland wanted us dead and we were so close to it, we were on life support.
    This article in my opinion is 50% nonsense, rambling on about this player in, that player out, get rid of Murty or keep him, King is doing nothing, no money, etc. , etc. We are emerging from a shambles, Whyte cleared of fraud, Green and cohorts stealing assets and money from the club allegedly, internal directors bickering, shareholders bickering, fan associations disagreeing, then we look at the team management sackings, manager changes, players not fit to wear the blue jersey, the turbulence and troubles are almost endless.
    Yet we are in a semi final of the Scottish Cup, sitting second in the league, just, with a squad of players most fans seem to say are inadequate, the manager is also inadequate yet Murty inherited the previous managers squad minus players out with serious long term injuries, no backing or consideration here, he also brought in players in the winter signing too. I am not going to praise Murty or say what team he should pick or whether he should be Rangers manager next season or not, but if we are to recover our position at number one, we need club stability in the boardroom; we might have that already. We need financial stability; unsure our position there, much better sponsorship generating money from @broad a start well as the domestic market.
    I think we are on the road to recovery, we are probably two seasons behind schedule due to all the stumbling blocks these past years, but we need to believe we are improving but are way off what we as Rangers fans call Rangers class.
    My final point is on Morelos; the Chinese money was a scam, the offer was genuine circa £10 million,but Rangers would only receive approximately £3 million immediately and around £6 million in total via monetary exchange deals over a few years. The board was not going to be involved an any deals like this, however if there is an offer in the region of £6+ million, from a European team, he will be sold.

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