Has Dave King indirectly confirmed Murty’s chances?


If yesterday’s statement is anything to go by, Graeme Murty’s days in Rangers’ management are numbered.

Chairman Dave King was cryptic, non-committal at best and downright negative at worst about Murty’s prospect of getting the job for next season, and if past history teaches us anything, Murty isn’t going to have the position going into the new season.

If we remember the last time King made a statement like this, it was when Stuart McCall also had a temporary gig at Ibrox.

The chairman praised the present manager, said he was in the running, and not long afterwards Mark Warburton was presented as manager. This was following the play off loss to Motherwell, and the fact McCall did not make the final cut strongly hints Murty won’t either.

Speaking yesterday King said:

“However, on the managerial front I emphasise that the Board fully recognises the need for sustained stability in this area of the Club. Whoever is appointed must be able to meet the unique challenges of managing Rangers and ensuring immediate success. It is a priority that we commence next season with the best appointment we can make and that we move forward rapidly.”

To follow praise of Murty with such a vague piece of rhetoric screams of how he addressed McCall in 2015:

“Stuart has a fantastic attitude, and we don’t view failure to get promoted negatively.”

Before then going on and being very vague about how much of a front runner he was:

“With a club like Rangers there are a lot of names that might come forward, but it’s important that we balance the obvious need to make an appointment with getting it right.”

As we know, McCall wasn’t appointed, and just like with the McCall praise, King furnished some on Murty:

“Graeme Murty was again thrust into an extremely difficult situation and continues to provide the stability and progress that we need at this time. Graeme can be proud of what he has achieved so far.”

If Rangers are to make ‘the best appointment we can make’ Murty has no chance. If we look at the outcome last time this situation arose, Murty has no chance.

Quite frankly most of us would be pretty happy if he went back to the Academy.


  1. The only certainty in all the uncertainty surrounding our club, is that Murty will not be our manager next year. And I believe that will be the case irrespective of Scottish cup and second place success. And I agree 100% with this! If we beat the scum, let's be honest, it will be because they never turned up: not because of any insightful tactics deployed by Murty – he hasn't got that in his locker. Beating the tims will also be possible because we ACTUAllY have the players to do it if, another big if, they are up for the challenge. Again it will not be a direct result of Murty's inspirational man management skills because, again, they are sorely lacking!

  2. Personally in maybe 5 years or so he will be our manager once again cause I do think in the long term he has what it takes. But I have no idea who we should go for in the summer… there isn’t anyone that makes me think we must get

  3. King said the next Rangers boss must deliver immediate success that tells me Murty is out of a job,i like him Murty that is what would happen if he got the £30 million plus i am sure he would do the job,if we bring in a new manager and they know what they must do and deliver immediate success would you take the job?we all know Selltic have got money to burn so if we put down £30 million they could put down the same or £50 million so where do we go from there,what manager is going touch the job with that hanging over there head you must deliver immediate success none Murty is the manager me thinks.

    • If we could responsibly find £30m to spend and they come up with £50m then so be it. Isn't that precisely the policy adopted by Murray that got us into this mess in the first place.
      The manager who will touch the job will be someone with ambition who wants to manage a huge club. And maybe as a stepping stone to a bigger league. There's nothing wrong with that.

  4. I'm all for throwing good money at a good manager. Rafa Benitez for me. I'd love to see him take the Gers back into Europe.

  5. if murty lifts scottish cup finishes second jobs his rightly so murty had i. million to spend ,lets see what players think of him sunday ,we are all slating murty guy has done sterling job so far lets get behind our manager until end season ,dave king is trying to give players a kick up the arse to save there manager

  6. Murty has done as much if not more than anyone else we have had in recent years. No-one with any pedigree is going to take the job without plenty of money to spend. If it's a choice between Murty, the names mentioned in other articles – McCall, etc. -, and some Carlos Kickaball we've never heard of then I'd rather stick with Murty.

  7. Murty will not be RANGERS Manager again He lacks ability and experience or cannot change the game when required. Clarke or De Boer please or Jack Ross

  8. The last time we had two decent center halves it was Ally McCoist who brought them in. Can’t remember their names was it Goran and Bocanegro? McCoist was doing a decent job until Naismith was injured and then we had the points deduction. Why isnt McCoist being considered for the managers job.

    • Yes that went well last time didn't it. As a manager McCoist proved what a good player he was. And as for "we don't do walking away", neither would you if you were getting paid £800,000 a year.

  9. I dont think its befitting a chairman of rangers fc comes away with a statment
    Like the one hes came away with re graham murty ? We all know hes manager to end of the season ,and if there is a question mark as to his future ,king should have kept his thoughts to himself.! ! Just remember !! All the injuries murtys had to deal with .I beleive king has done this to maximise s/ticket sales ?

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