Will Rangers striker’s bizarre admission upset fans?


The last time Kenny Miller was coming towards the expiry of his contract, almost universally fans were bewildered as to why moves hadn’t been made to secure him on a longer deal.

The-then in form striker, 37 back then, was told then-boss Pedro Caixinha would make a decision in good time, which infuriated fans as Miller had been Rangers’ best player that season.

The deal was finally confirmed in April of 2017 and fans by and large were relieved.

Fast-forward to the present day – Miller has lost pretty much all favour with supporters, including here at Ibrox Noise, in terms of playing capacity, and there were nothing but groans and disbelief when his name was included in the starting XI on Saturday.

It is safe to say the former Scotland striker has run his race now, and his comments today smack of slight desperation and a strange change of heart.

If we think about Andy Halliday, he admitted, even when out of favour, that the only direction after leaving Rangers was down, even when he was on the cusp of the switch to Azerbaijan. He’s one of us for sure.

Miller is supposed to be, but his comments don’t seem to have the same gravity:

“Nothing has been discussed regarding my future. Who knows what will happen at the club in the summer, so I’ll look after myself because I want to continue playing. I’ll stay focused on that.”

A strange lack of conviction about playing at Ibrox, just self-focused on playing, period.

We are a little surprised that an apparent boyhood Rangers fan is more interested in extending his career and doesn’t appear that concerned which club it’s done at, but nevertheless at 38, one wonders exactly what kind of move he’d get.

We assume Rangers are his first choice, but his lack of actually saying that is more than a touch strange for a supposed bluenose.

If we look at Jamie Murphy, Greg Docherty, and Andy Halliday – all Rangers fans saying this is where they want to be for the rest of their days, but now Miller has reached the end of his days, he seems to reversing his claims of 2014 where he said he wanted to retire at Ibrox.

Miller has little favour left among supporters – we have better options now and we don’t rely on him like we used to. And his frustration at that has clearly clouded his thinking and we can’t help feeling a little let down by these comments.

NB: Some replies accusing us of twisting his words and that this piece is unfair might want to look at how Atletico Madrid’s Fernando Torres today said the same thing:

“I felt obliged to inform the supporters. It’s not been an easy decision. This is not a day for reproaches. It’s
very difficult to say goodbye for the second time. My aim was to hang
up my boots here. I want to keep playing for two, three or five years.”

 If Miller had said something like this, we wouldn’t have had anything to complain about.


  1. What has the man got to do and say without you all moaning about Him. Kenny wants to keep playing football and why not, if not at Rangers then wherever he wants. What the hell is so wrong about that ?? You should all grow up and enjoy all the special moments Kenny has gave us and who knows even more still to come.

  2. The guy wants to keep playing football, there's nothing wrong with that and he said it a couple of years ago. i think even Miller knows he wont be playing for Rangers next season (there's something very wrong if he is) so why does he have to retire, he will likely end up at one of the lower echelons but hey ho if someone is willing to give him a game and that's what he wants why should we stand in his way and be disappointed by him not wanting to end his career at Rangers.

  3. Bizarre !! … it's this article that's bizarre. Kenny Miller is a true blue and we should be harnessing his qualities in some capacity within the club.

  4. Agree wholly with comments here, Kenny has been a good servant to Rangers and there is nothing wrong with him wanting to continue playing even if not for Rangers. He has been a model pro and perhaps when his playing days are finally over he can return to Ibrox in some capacity.

  5. Hes not said much wrong, he wants to keep playing whether it's rangers or elsewhere. He doesn't know what will happen at the club this summer…again he's not said anything wrong there. He's done us proud, if he goes good luck to him. If he stays he's a great role model but will be a squad player. Kenny Miller rangers manager in years to come…you all heard it here 1st!

  6. If thats the way hes gonna be…
    Get him to Fuck!
    Who does he think is gonna want him?
    Man United? Liverpool? 😂😂😂

    More like Queen of the South or someone like that in the lower leagues of Scottish Football.

    However if he changes his tune,
    Offer him a coaching position?
    Offer him a 6 month contract?
    Offer him a paid as you play?

  7. Kenny will be gutted if he never gets his hands on the league trophy again. That's what he was hoping for when he came back. He'd have loved being part of 55, as much as any of us would if we could achieve it playing.
    Thanks Kenny for your service to our club.

  8. Miller should have been binned when Caixinha saw through him. On Saturday he was shocking. Missed 3 sitters and the goal he scored was all down to Jamie Murphy. Not Miller as a lot of fans think. We have kids who are better than him just waiting for that chance. We germans going on about playing Miller and Cummings against Septic, who can tell me who will do the dirty work that Morelos does, carrying, harassing etc
    So guys come into the real world time to move on. If Miller wants to go then so what.

    • Quite Right Doug! …would love to see Cummings get a go or One of The Young Loons …(ie Rudden, Dallas)

  9. Let him go i like him and if he plays on sunday then make sure he gets a goal this is our game they are there for the taking so lets do them this time i can get 9/2 and am on it

  10. First of all. Kenny Miller has been a fantastic footballer for Rangers. Even this week began a rescue mission against a Dundee team playing better than us.
    Secondly, he HAS ran his course as a permanent first team player.
    But like Saturday, proven his worth.

    Next Andy Fkin Halliday Ibrox Noise. Get yourself a Doctor.
    If singing the right tunes but being at best mediocre is your preferred choice for OUR club to progress, then you're not a football fan.

    It's not savoury the way you continually favour supporter in the squad over footballers.

    That's not football supporters agenda throughout the World.

    Selection of the fit for purpose player AND Manager IS

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