Rangers let slip their new kit partner; reports


Unconfirmed reports have suggested that Danish sports manufacturer Hummel are to be Rangers’ new kit manufacturers after eagle-eyed fans spotted the German-founded company following Rangers on social media.

With the club alleged to be announcing a new kit deal over the next few weeks, speculation has been rife with regards Puma or alternatives, but it seems little-known Danes Hummel got the gig and will be the club’s official supplier.

Of course, the social media interaction could be pure coincidence or for another purpose – after all, the world got very excited when Argentina’s Lionel Messi followed Chelsea on Instagram; not a lot came of that!

Nevertheless, this could mark a change of direction for the club, and perhaps not an entirely welcome one given Puma were already hardly a marquee supplier and we doubt many fans have heard of Hummel at all.

We will see in due course if this story grows legs.


  1. If true, another example of how far we've slipped down the pecking order. Hummel, at one time were a reasonably big name, now they are a nobody in football sponsorship stakes. Not one EPL club has them as sponsors. Possibly the same throughout the UK. Only the Danish national side use Hummel.Puma was bad, this makes us a laughing stock.

    • What does it really matter. When I played football I had a pair of co-op specials because that is what my parents could afford at the time. All my mates had Adidas and puma. I felt embarrassed the first outing cthey got but one thing is for sure it never made me a bad player. I could still dribble shoot etc

  2. It's my boys i feel for as i refused to by any merchandise under the previous deal, safe to say they won't cut about where hummel are concerned. shame really as i grew up having worn the famous from a tot to teen.A prvilage i thought they would have.

  3. Hummel Really???
    Jesus …Why Dont we just get sponsored by fucking Lidl!
    Absolute Joke was lookin forward to getting the new top but wont if its done by Hummel

    King Park Murty and Robertson
    We dont want you running our club!

  4. The Rangers strip isn’t about who makes it – Adidas Nike NB Reebok it’s about the colours and the badge and what it stands for…

    It’s a fitba tap not some Gok Wan inspired shite or whatever…Eatly 90s Hummel were massive and like Rangers they’ve fell from the Public Domain over the years..

    Could help both sleeping giants move upwards again I for one would defo buy one..

  5. Why are people slagging Puma. Puma are one of the big names. Borrussia Dortmund use them as their kit partner and so do Newcastle United.

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