The Week from Hell


 Article by: Robbie

Well Well…

In all my life as a Ranger supporter I don’t think I have ever seen a week like the one we have had the misfortune to witness.

First an ex-player is slating us in a red top about the drinking culture at Ibrox.

Quickly followed by our ex captain and assistant manager David Weir also in the tabloids taking sniper shots at the club & team.

Barry Ferguson & Kris Boyd also having a dig at their former club in some shape or form; if they have nothing good to say about the club, say nothing!!

Only one I have total respect for right now is Ally, his silence is deafening, all he’s interested in is getting us back to where we should be.

Sunday; Wow what can I possibly say about the result that has not already been said? After 10 minutes I said to my mate something is seriously seriously wrong here. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was watching, dreadful!! Again turned to my mate and said well can’t get any worse than that can it! Oh dear how wrong can one man be?

Fast Forward >>>>>>>>
Tuesday; Two players suspended pending investigation for a heated argument with the manager at full time. I have heard a few different accounts of the events that unfolded, some suggesting it went further than words. We won’t comment on any of that as it is speculation, we will readdress that when there is confirmation of the facts at a later date. Rewind <<<<<<<<<

I have spoken to a few pure Rangers men with connections about it and one thing has come apparent from talking to them is the spat originated pre-lunch when the team was announced.

You all know where I’m going from here. Kenny Miller fully expected to start the game and when he didn’t get his own way the seeds of chaos were sown. Again there’s a few stories what then took place but again speculation, and I will leave that to your own imagination.

For me, and I speak only for myself, Miller is a trouble maker and I have no doubt he contributed to causing unrest in the dressing room before a ball was kicked. Miller is now arguably finished as a Rangers player.

Wallace, what were you thinking? This incident in my opinion has no doubt put you on the transfer list. Staying in the stand would have been Dilly Dilly, allegedly backing him up was Silly Silly.

Murty; We all know he got it wrong BUT he’s a first year apprentice, they all make mistakes.

No man alive is bigger than the Famous Glasgow Rangers.

Let’s all draw a line under this and move on, big game coming up at the weekend with Hearts.


  1. Wow. Someone who actually gets it and isn't writing toxic clickbait. Very well written! I applaud you Robbie for representing the smaller percentage of Rangers supporters who also feel this way and dont want to be shortsighted and simply point all the blame on the sacrificial scapegoat. Fantastic point about Super Ally too!

  2. All speculation no hard facts will we ever know what actually happened or said and what if anything other than words were exchanged the bottom line is that Murty is not up to the job his team selections and tactics are absolutely dreadful the board should be the people taking action and sorting this out right now what kind of atmosphere will there be on Sunday and how will the fans react to what is going on As it stands how many of the remaining games do you reckon we will win under Murtys tenure it will be a struggle to get fourth place let alone second

  3. I suspect there's more to come, maybe in the form of pathetic statements with no info from the club, no indication or plans of where we go from here. I've never had to think twice about going to Ibrox but I've not re-newed yet and seriously considering whether I should. I've supported Rangers for decades and followed all over Europe but this feels the lowest of the low! We need a real statement from King with a real plan going forward because right now there's nothing to get behind!

  4. Personally i stand with the players with this one, they have both been good servants for us, but have also been involved in a good rangers team with a good manager etc … from the reports I’ve seen it was Wallace which started it all, maybe he should have done it as captain in private. But there is obviously something going wrong before the games at the moment and if the manager can’t take been told he’s no good (which most fans think anyway) then yes it wasn’t done in the best manner but they are probably right in what they have said. Murty needs to go ASAP but I’ve a horrible feeling he will e made manager again in the summer.

    The only good thing is king and the board haven’t actually been the ones behind it but was Robertson and our director of football that have done it themselfs… hopefully the board actually get involved now since I’ve always expected Miller to join the coaching staff since there is no doubt how strongly he feels for our club

  5. Come on – you haven't witnessed a worse week than this one? What about the week starting 13th Feb 2012? I'm pretty sure that was a worse week than the one we've just witnessed, owing to the fact that it's one of the main reasons the club is in the sh*tty predicament it is just now.

    The hyperbole on this site is getting pretty ridiculous. The only way things could be worse for the team is if the club went into administration again and didn't come back. Losing two players – regardless of their stature – and losing (another) game to 'that' lot, in the grand scheme of things, is hardly a blip in the history of Rangers. But I understand you need clicks, so continue on.

  6. Every man and his dug bash Rangers. Annoying as it is I don’t give a flying **** about the opinions of those linked with the Great Unwashed across the city.

    Former Gers men is another matter all together. From the finincially & morally Bankrupt Barry the Rat, Boyd and the others, it appears the only way to get their mugs on the box or ghost writing in the rags is to batter the club they portray they love. Bullshit. These cretins only care for themselves and will clearly do or say whatever the media outlets want to hear. It’s trendy and hip to pummel Gers these days whilst lavish praise and awe in the direction of all & sundry at the piggery. They should all be banned from Ibrox, pure and simple. All have made millions from the club yet continue to kick us when we’re down. Fucking scumbags and no one should be under any illusion or believe they have the best interests of the club at heart. Only the morons amongst us are fooled.

    Take this latest scenario with Miller & Wallace….. their ‘old pals’ haven’t exactly been slow at defending them whilst spouting the club is a ‘shambles’ ‘disgrace’ ‘in crisis’ etc etc. In the bigger Rangers picture these clowns couldn’t lace the boots of true Rangers greats…
    ……as far as I’m concerned at least, they can all go throw shite at the moon.

    I would like to see Walter be offered a PR role at the club to deal with constant negative press….from the so called bears especially.

    • I like your style Dino no sugar coating shite and straight to the point.. Agreed on the old players trying to make cash of Rangers back and slaying them in the rags…

  7. Best and most balanced article on here is a while. Well done and great point about Alistair. I watched his interview last night with Is Ferry and it reminds you of the players we had on the park and that even the likes of Scott Neisbet were leaders on the pitch. We simply didn't have that on Sunday.

    Murty stood in and helped the board and therefore the club by taking this job. Like lost I expected Miller to start but never in a hundred years did I expect Halliday to start. Sorry but we are all Blue Noses but none of us is good enough to play for the club and neither is he. Murty got it wrong but he is a rookie standing in so we need to support him…. as he's our rookie.

    I totally supported Miller against Pedro but it seems he thinks he is the club. I believe he wants to be a coach and maybe a manager one day. In that case he should have thought about what he was doing and what it would have been like if it was him in Murtys shoes. He should have lead support for the manager rather than undermine him and push the club into more embarrassing headlines all over the country. Miller is responsible for this not Murty.
    We all need to get behind the 'rookie' until the end of the season as the board are not going to change things. Finally, what was Jimmy Nicol doing when all this was going on? Not criticising just wondering. I know what Alistair would have been doing…
    They are all laughing at us now (thanks Kenny ) so lets unite and show them who we are by supporting our own ….rookie or not!

  8. One of the better articles that I have read over the past few days relating to Sunday's fiasco(s) and the aftermath(s).

    For me Kenny Miller has previous so I don't have a lot of sympathy with him, despite the fact we clearly don't have first hand evidence on whatever happened – however he is a common denominator when it comes to internal problems – so better that he is gone, he would have been gone in a few weeks anyway.

    Wallace is a different ballgame, and as official team captain I do think he should have been more reserved in his actions, but as I said earlier we don't even know what went on, so perhaps he has his reasons.

    Graeme Murty has had ups and downs in his spells, for people to totally castigate him is wrong – in my opinion, even if we agree that he was never going to be permanent manager. He helped out when asked, he did some good work especially at the beginning of this year – some people and twitter users actually praised him and are now berating him big time. I feel he has to realise this gig is not his and he can either step back to academy work or go elsewhere.

    Overall though we have work to do and the board have to get an action plan in place fairly quickly.

  9. It’s been a hum dinger of week Robbie lad… A good article mate and nice not to see the snide snippets at the end if we don’t agree with you..

    As you said it’s a big game versus the Jam Tarts and it’s hard to see where we’re goijg from here.. I’ll be honest here I was going to get a ST for next season as would love to take my boy up to Ibrox and show him the sites.. The way things are unfolding at the mo I’m going to put that money into shares that way I’m still doing my bit for the Clubs future…

    We’ve comeback from worse than this but the Board must know they’re on thin fucking ice now.. Union Bears silent protest & Club1872 statement and other forums there’s no getting away from how the support feel about the last 2 seasons…

    Onwards & Upwards 🔴⚪️🔵

  10. Sack The Board
    (King, Park, Robertson)
    Sack Murty

    Push Miller into Coaching Position
    (The 17/18s perhaps?)

    Reinstate Wallace, Halliday & Doche
    Sell Morelos
    And Fuckin Play Cummings!

    • Either you’re at the wind up, you have a parody account or you’re a short sighted buffoon.

      Go support Miller wallace and Halliday next season. I’ll stick to supporting the club I love.

    • Miller Wallace & Halliday think they’re owed a game due to them claiming they are Rangers men lot been there for years. Laughable. The aforementioned threw their toys out the pram when they weren’t selected. Upset the squad and killed us before we kicked a baw.

      None of them are anywhere near good enough. Simple and straight forward as that. Their past hast been rewarded by way of Millions of £’s paid. No one owes anyone anything. Their past is in the history books.

      The ‘definition of insanity’ springs to mind…

      We need better simple as.

    • I am Neither ..Thanks DV 😂👍
      I dont "support" Miller n Co!

      I Support The Famous Rangers ya Idiot! …I am Not "in support" of Kenny but I am of Lee & Andy

      No, The Only One Who Threw Toys was Miller.
      Halliday was Angry because He was being made a Scapegoat because Murty is fucking useless and Walkace doesnt think hes owed anythin, He just wants the best for Rangers
      …get your facts nxt time Champ 👍😂😅

      And I Agree we need to Replace Miller but id Keep Wallace and Halliday at the Club

    • I’m an Idiot ?? 🤣 Your very wrong there but then again you have a tendency to publish rubbish.

      How you can claim to know what went on is beyond me. Hypothesising.

      Wallace is suspended and hopefully will be jottered ASAP. Halliday was taken off because he was utter shite and had to be replaced. Should never have been on, or even at the club earning money. End of.

      Miller Wallace & Halliday are shit and not good enough. We need better and can’t keep hangers on, and all 3 are exactly that.

  11. I have mainly supported DM however sad to say he’s not learning. Its clear now that the early promising results were because the team picked itself. Now he thinks he knows best, and obviously doesn't. It was a tremendous gaff to leave out from the starting eleven big game players champing at the bit. Clearly he's lost the dressing room. If King keeps him on ticket sales will plummet. I feel sorry for King, he has forked out money and the value for every pound spent has been appalling. All this nonsense about Walter has to stop he’s not coming back. I’m stumped for answers, we should have got in McLeish. Brenda wont stay forever, his grip is starting to loosen. We need a match for Lennon. It’s a tall order.

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