Does January signing regret move to Ibrox?


A lot went wrong for Rangers on Sunday. Quite honestly nothing went right. But something subtle stood out for Ibrox Noise while pandemonium was ensuing all around us:

Jason Cummings was again completely ignored on the bench.

Just like against Dundee, the 22-year old striker was totally overlooked despite his qualities, with Josh Windass, Bruno Alves and, inexplicably, Jason Holt brought on instead.

Just like his utter mismanagement of just about everyone else, Graeme Murty simply doesn’t like Jason Cummings and has let personal bias and genuine cluelessness get in the way of the right thing for Rangers.

Now, before I continue – by no means am I saying Jason would have fixed this game and turned it around – but it’s become glaringly obvious our manager has no time for the striker and isn’t interested in playing him.

For Rangers to be 3-0 down and bring on Jason Holt sums up the disdain Murty evidently has for Cummings, a striker who should well have been the best Rangers had had up top in years, but instead has had to resign himself to being frozen out on the bench.

Many ask why Murty signed him not to play him – because Murty doesn’t have a clue and has been completely exposed in the past five matches. Even the win v Dundee wasn’t even remotely deserved.

Rumours abounded yesterday that Murty would be vacating his position – as yet we’ve not heard anything to confirm this, disappointingly, so for now, it’s as we were, but Jason Cummings must be sitting there wondering why he’s even less in favour at Ibrox than he was at Forest.

And for Murty to fail to use him at all is simply not in Rangers’ best interests.

Murty started to believe his own hype in early March, some of which was admittedly furnished on him by us after the impressive run in February, but reality has hit home to most now and one of the bigger victims of his increasingly dreadful management is a player who could give us so much.

But not from the bench.


  1. I was behind murty,but his constant refusal to give cummings and miller game time has turned me against him as well as a few other bad calls tactically. fuck!boyata looked like beckenbaer strollin aboot hampden, do we SERIOUSLY believe kilmarnock and hearts have better squads than ours and doing something that we have failed to do( beat them) these two clubs didnae need 50/60m to do them.I'ts shit talk, a top manager like walter wuld have toppled celtic this season

  2. Cummings should be getting a lot more game time
    …Better Finisher than Morelos! ⚽

    Murty doesnt have a fckin clue!
    Not playing cummings
    Dorrans in defence

  3. Cumming's season is over. Five games left. It would take that long for the boy to be match fit. The way Murty positions players Jason could well be wearing the goalkeeper's jersey against Hearts.
    It would be a shame if Jason walks away, but who could blame him?
    Neil Lennon must be wetting his lips at the chance to take him back to Easter road.
    Maybe Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace too. We are no longer a go to club in Scotland.
    Haven't Bates and McInnes proved it. And now Miller and Lee Wallace?
    Some of my mates are not going to the Hearts game, others say it might be their last. It's fuckin' serious. And still only silence from the lambs. King, Robertson, Allen, Park. Fuckin' cretins.

  4. For months i've said McCrorie is never a Rangers class defender or a defender at all. I know he's still young but no-way should Rangers have extended his contract, i'de have released him age's ago.
    He caused 2 goals on Sunday and has been at fault and a liability in a lot of other games!!

    • You are right Thomas. I said the same a few months ago on this site and got pelters!!
      I wouldn’t have released him though because he’s ok in midfield.

  5. I had high hopes for Cummings. We have not had a gallus goal scorer that opposition supporters love to hate since McCoist.. I still think this guy could be excellent if given a chance in the right formation to exploit his strengths…he is not suited to being alone up top. Morelos is not suited to a partnership as he is too greedy and selfish..and we should bite the hand off anyone that's wants him.
    My worry is that we let him slip away and he goes n to prove who good he is elsewhere.
    Bottom line is we need a new manager Asaph that commands respect and who isn't afraid to give people a bollocking …

    • Agreed mate 👍
      Cummings shoud be our main striker and we shud be bustin a nut to keep him and we should be fckin playin him!

  6. He should be on the park every week,all the hype when we got him,yeh to sit on the bench,ffs whats going on at our club,every week in the press/tv for all the wrong reasons,embarrassment,if its no king scamming some cunt its players greeting at each other,they aw need a good kick in the baws,and told this is the rangers we dont take that shit here now fuck off

  7. We are slowly getting to the core of our problems, more and more people realizing the real problem, know I am a stuck record, but nothing will change unless Mr K goes. Trouble is, yes it was a shambles at Hampden, more to follow in our last few games i fear, but even more shambolic are our finances and the full Mr K story is still to be revealed, what he is really trying to do with our club, it is not good, it is tragic J

  8. His mistake was leaving fibs far to young, should have developed there before heading anywhere.
    If he was still there ginger would have developed him way way better.
    Nott Forr + £££ = Loan!!

  9. We need to Keep Cummings at The Club

    1. Fuckin Play Him Murty ya Eejit
    2. Hes a Bluenose
    3. Hes a Better Finisher than Alf
    4. Hes Not Greedy like Alf

    Cummings has the potential to be a rangers goalscoring hero!

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