“My one regret is not playing for Rangers” – fans will love new reported assistant manager


Following the whirlwind 24 hours in which Steven Gerrard looks like he is becoming more and more likely to take the reins at Ibrox, his reported assistant has been revealed as former Scotland legend Gary McAllister.

Rangers fans well remember the ex-Leeds midfielder for ‘that’ goal at Ibrox in 1992, and the man himself admits his only career regret is that he didn’t actually play for Rangers.

He said in 2003:

“If I had one regret, it would be that I didn’t go and play for Rangers.”

The Battle of Britain in 1992 remains the most epic and colossal European clash between two British sides in history, and older Rangers and Leeds fans remember the hype about the fixture, which saw two stunning goals; the aforementioned volley from McAllister, and Mark Hateley’s incredible response at Elland Road.

As for McAllister, he’s a wily old fox who knows the game inside out, and while he is not quite a dyed-in-the-wool Bear, he has certainly been on enough SPL matches over the past decade as a pundit for ESPN (now BT) to know just what it takes at Rangers and has never denied, as mentioned, his affinity for all things Ibrox.

We will see if this management team transpires in the next while.


    • Agreed, might as well hand the beggars title number 8 next season before a ball is kicked and save us all the heart ache of another pish season!!!

    • Andrew.
      I remember people saying exactly the same thing as U are right now in 1986.
      How did that Go??
      Gerrard 2 years coaching!!
      Souness Hehaw!!

  1. I fully agree Andrew, A Total Joke once AGAIN !

    Our Fans, our WHOLE FANBASE, They NEED TO ALL GET TOGETHER AND OUST THIS amateurish Board led by so-called 'Rangers-Men', 'Rangers Men'…. my back-side they are !

  2. I didn't like the idea at first, but with Gary as assistant, I'd be happy giving it a go. As long as theyre not looking for a huge budget to revamp the seuad again, I do t think there's much else out there.

    My preference would be Steve Clarke though.

  3. I wonder if people would’ve said the same thing about Souness and Smith in 1986 when they were first announced, given they both had no managerial experience either and the fact we didnt have the same level of media scrutiny and exposeure via internet and social media back then ??
    Like Souness, Gerrard has played at the highest level for both club and country, he has also won a European cup and is a born winner, the only difference i see in potential managerial terms is the level of spending Gerrard would be given compared to what Souness was given.

  4. It's simple – Dave King and his cronies have made Rangers toxic and no manager with experience would go near him! It's not Rangers it's him. His disprespect towards guys like Murty, his utter incompetence and his lies. So when we he says we are searching for a manager what he really means is he is searching for a coach to manage Allens signings. Gerrard has less experience than Murty, but King knows his name will sell season tickets after fans began revolting. Gerrard is looking for a good job to get into management so it's a perfect match. If it goes pearshape don't expect either Gerrard or King to be anywhere near Ibrox when Celtic take a step closer to 10 in a row. King will be well gone having flogged us for as much as he can, back to Africa to hide….like he always does!

  5. It is a Huge Risk
    It is too much of a Risk on a Young Manager with No experience when we are trying to get back to the top of the Scottish Football Mountain and also to Catch Celtic! 🤔👊

  6. Some negative moaning faced fannies on here… It’s not even confirmed yet and the pitch forks are oot ffs… The more I’m thinking about it the more it could be a masterstroke for Rangers & Gerrard… As Robbie pointed out above Souness had fuck all experience and Gerrard has 2 yrs… They’ve more than the Liverpool link in common both were sublime midfielders and born WINNERS you can’t deny that..Try and be positive Bears 🔴⚪️🔵

  7. The board are in a no win situation here. Ok it's a gamble but who isn't? Who is the safe pair of hands that will guarantee success? Answer: no one!!!! Give them a break. It's a bold and imaginative move that may well fail but I'd rather see that than seeing McInnes, Wright, Robinson, De Boer etc. fail just as miserably.

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