Ins, outs, and the manager – the latest roundup from Ibrox


The past 24 hours have gotten even more intense down Ibrox way.

Let’s try to sum up where we are with regards…well…everything.


Steven Gerrard’s Liverpool have reportedly officially been contacted by Rangers with regards to the impendingly vacant position at Ibrox; further reports suggest the man has directly been offered the job as well, and it does seem the 37-year old Liverpool legend is hot favourite now to get the job. Whether he wants it is another matter but the lack of his denial or rebuttal over the negotiations suggest distinct interest on his part.


Scott Arfield and Allan McGregor have both seemingly agreed three and two year deals respectively. All that is left are the medicals and signatures. Mark Allen has fast tracked these deals incredibly swiftly and clinically and we applaud him for this.


Wes Foderingham
has officially denied this morning’s reports that he is set to move on, with Nottingham Forest and Sheffield Wednesday in particular said to be interested in him. The 27-year old is about to become Rangers’ number two but has said he is not leaving. Whether that is just to keep everyone happy or not is another matter, but the former Swindon man claims he is hanging around. In fairness, we would actually be happy with him as a deputy. He just isn’t good enough to be first choice.

Swap deal:

Some suggestions in the press that Foderingham could be used in a direct swap deal with Forest for on-loan forward Jason Cummings. Easy way to pick up a quality striker for essentially free and word around Ibrox is the lad is highly rated and extremely likely to be retained if possible.


James McArthur remains a possibility, as does Kyle Bartley, but both of these have gone a little quieter following the buzz over Arfield, Gerrard and McGregor.

It’s only going to get more intense as Sunday looms.


    • Not just a celtic fans, he's a Catholic.
      Funny how all this is happening the week running up to the old firm game trying to keep the attention away from the team.
      Cummings is not the answer up front. He can't play in the lone striker role.
      And buy players without a manager is a fucking joke. We will just end up with more players we don't need

    • Mo Johnston was a Celtic player, Kenny Miller was a Rangers player then a Celtic player then eventually came back to Rangers. Would you have preferred that didn't happen?

    • Do not ever equate catholic with Tim. Shame on you mate we have had some great catholic players and I'm glad we have. Catholics outside the goldfish bowl of west of Scotland are no different to anyone else so don't make us look like sectarian idiots please

  1. How can it be a straight swap deal with Cummings and Foderingham a deal has been struck for us to get Cummings for £600k if we want him, I think Foderingham would be of interest to a gd few championship clubs and with the money down south I think we can easily get £3m for him so why would we do a straight swap

  2. Gerrard could be amazing…or could be awful…it's yet another MASSIVE gamble.

    We need a strong man manager with SPFL experience. Tommy Wright, Alex Neil, Steve Clarke would all do for me…

  3. So was Neil McCann.

    I don't know if Gerrard is the answer, woukdnt be my first or second choice, never really been a fan of his, but will support whoever they bring in.

    Mark Allen seems to be doing well so far, as he did in January


  4. Absolute insanity to take on another "learner" manager when we're challenging for first place. Is it just me, or does anyone else, think this is a crazy move??? He doesn't understand the Scottish game, either. Just don't get the board's thinking???

  5. If Gerrard move was last year I would have been all for it, think it's a risk we can't afford at this time but would still support him if it happened as a name who should be able to attract players and will gain for the swap deal between wes and Cummings that would be a great bit of business would be more than happy with that swap deal

  6. Mo Johnston was a Celtic fan and player. I hated that signing but he won me round so Gerard would hopefully do the same though I don't think he is right for rangers as not tried and tested the present manager murthy has more experienceThan him so we would be no further forward the big problem is the board are clueless and Allenstein signings I'm not sure I prefer wee to mcgregor and is he Allen blind a person with a guide dog could see we need a dominating centre half like ammoruso was

  7. I am not saying that Gerrard doesnt have the Potential or Ability to be a Good Manager one Day in the Near Future and it would be a Blockbuster appointment 😎👍⚽💙


    We are trying to close the gap!
    We are trying to get back to the top of the scottish football mountain!
    We cannot go for another Rookie!
    …Its too much of a Risk

    Albeit I like the Idea of Stevie G being our manager but He isnt Proven and doesnt have The Experience

  8. The Players Leaving (in my opinion) will Probably Be :

    Martin(Loan Expiry)
    Goss(Loan Expiry)

    (** Hope They Stay/Want to Keep Them)

    And the ones being kept no matter who manager is …

    Tavernier, John, Jack, Dorrans, Docherty, Windass, Halliday, Candeias, Holt, Cummings&Murphy (Permanent Deals)
    And Young Players such as McCrorie and Barjonas

    • You seriously want to keep Herrera? WHY? While we are at it we could appoint McCoist and McDowall as a management team and bring back Mike Ashley to fund it all. I also hear that Charles Green and Craig Whyte are looking to buy into a football club again!

    • Because for some reason ive got a soft spot for Cardoso & Herrera
      And I dont think Herrera has really been given a Fair chance.

      No I Dont See Us Reappointing McCoist or McDowall 😂😂😂

      I also think we should keep O'Halloran as hes not been given a fair chance and would be a good backup for Candeias at RM

  9. So this time next year…or maybe even at Christmas…."who next then as Gerrards proved to be another mad risk, more mad than Pedro"!!

    That will be the debate as sellic prepare to lift another treble…and 8 in a row!!

    You couldn't make the MADNESS UP…we are actually going beyond sack the board here…MADNESS

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