Is Steven Gerrard “another John Barnes”?


With Liverpool youth coach and legend Steven Gerrard hotly tipped now to become a shock selection as Rangers’ next manager, supporters could not be more divided over their opinion of the potential appointment.

There are a number of schools of thought among debate, and they are all valid, interesting and worth looking at.

Here Ibrox Noise takes you on a trip through them all, and their merits, or otherwise.

“Rangers did this in 1986 and look how that worked out”

Yes, Rangers did indeed sign up a Liverpool legend in Graeme Souness who basically knew less than sweet FA about Scottish football and Rangers. He also had absolutely no coaching experience, having been playing at Sampdoria when Rangers made the dramatic choice to make him player manager. It was a roaring success and it revolutionised Rangers. So yes, we have done this exact same thing before and it worked out. But yes, there are caveats. He had money to spend, big money. He had an incredible assistant in Walter Smith. He also had the best English players around due to the Heysel Disaster.

However, he also had world class contacts, and the man was a European champion. He was a born winner. Inside one match he completely got Scottish football and Rangers and the rest as they say was history.

“Steven Gerrard is another John Barnes. And look how that worked out”

A world class player does not guarantee success in coaching. Absolutely true. John Barnes was a move of desperation by Celtic, hoping to hit upon Dalglish’s football nous and Barnes’ ability to inspire the players. It was a dud. It failed comically.

However there are two caveats here. Barnes had never coached in football on a single level, never picked up a badge, nor learned the trade at all – he went from Charlton Athletic as a washed up player to Celtic’s manager. It was absolutely shambolic. Secondly, he had never demonstrated an iota of knowledge in the game, while Gerrard has been preparing for life after football for the past two or three years. He has been punditing on BT, and coaching Liverpool’s youth.

“Gerrard is yet another Celtic fan manager”

Actually, no he isn’t. There is no evidence the lad has any affinity with either Rangers or Celtic at all, his team are Liverpool. Catholic he might be but who gives a damn? Only Celtic fans, who were the only ones to raise that about Joey Barton and Jon Daly. Unlike our eastern chums we don’t care who comes in, just as long as they raise our standard. If Gerrard comes in, regardless of who his second team are, we hope he does. We don’t want tonnes of dross Celtic-minded men, but Neil McCann and Mo Johnstone weren’t dross. Barton was. Either way, you’ll need to give us some hard proof Gerrard is a Celtic man.

“Football management isn’t like how it used to be”

There is certainly merit there, for those who try to dispel the Souness argument by pointing out it was a different era. And yes it was. But 9IAR was a different era to 2007 and Walter still came back and sorted Rangers overnight with his wily brilliance. Eras count for little, and look at how Jupp Heynckes has done over FOUR different eras at Bayern. Quality is quality whenever it takes place.

“Gerrard’s contacts will be incredible”

Imagine the players Steven Gerrard could bring north, just like Souness did. So many great players will want to play for a legend like him, and Rangers can only benefit from that. Sure, we’ll need money to pay them, but Gerrard’s own reputation could itself clinch a great number of deals.
The point?

A lot of fans are making knee jerk reactions on this one – we instantly knew Pedro was a dud, and Murty was just a pathetic appointment, but Steven Gerrard is a bold and ballsy move like we used to make. It’s slightly risky, yes, but it is a much more reassuring name than some Portuguese guy we’ve never heard of. We know a guy like Gerrard will NOT take nonsense and knows how to play the game of football. He understands the sport as well as anyone.

He has experience coaching and he clearly knows how to lead and communicate.

This is not us endorsing or condemning the appointment – we truly don’t know. How can we predict the future?

But this is one where we would suggest, if it materialises, we give it a serious chance – he will have Rangers-quality players again – McGregor, Docherty, Arfield, potentially McArthur and we’re sure many more will come in.

Do you want him as manager?

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  1. No another Souness.
    The unwashed are dreading this happening, they know he ain't no Barns.
    dr today saying that we approached Clarke through a third party and he fuked us off.
    Anything and everything to make it not happen.
    Loving it me, hope he signs on Monday.

  2. I’m worried plus excited about this, he has all the attributes to be a great manager. Most people are prob worried cause we had McCoist as a great ex player but poor manager. The difference is I don’t expect Gerrard to be everyone’s pal.. which is where I think warburton (ok he had other flaws) and Murty have went wrong. There too scared to hound the players when it’s needed (Murray well talk about it later when emotions have died down- sounds like he was scared of the players personal). I think Gerrard could be the hard hitting man pusher we need. Let’s not forget he has also won the champions league as a player too. It’s a decision I will get behind, but if this goes well we will lose him quickly.

    Ps according to some reports today Clark turned us down big time. So at least this time we aren’t putting all our eggs in one basket to begin with. But it’s def showing is what other people in Scotland think of us… time to give some of them a wipping for their arrogance

  3. King usual lied to all of us once again, so much for a an experienced manager to take over the hotseat…… who has Gerrard managed, what has he won ? Liverpool under 18's and absolutely hee haw, this has disaster written all over it, Clarke has already knocked us back and now we are getting a complete novice just like Murty, my season ticket has not been renewed and it wont be either, l am sick to the teeth like every one of us and enough is enough, King & Park has to go, its as simple as that

  4. This hardman sort this shower right out,great possibilities,no nonense,back to the Gazza days great🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 watp,tims raging 😂😂😂 overshadows the title😂😂😂

  5. Any appointment is a risk. But a calculated risk (Gerrard & McAllister) is NOT the same as a reckless gamble (Caixhina). Warburton/Weir lies somewhere in between, worked up to a point. And if there is a time to take a calculated risk it's now. This time next year will be too late!

  6. Gerrard is not a Souness. Whats the matter with us? The Rangers job is a plum! There should be a queue for it. The board should appoint a consultant if they cant make a decision. Have they never heard of doing due diligence before?

  7. It's a no-brainer…Mr Gerrard's high profile would attract players and sponsors alike…No experience? He is and has always been a winner..He in the same mould as a certain Mr Souness..(He did alright eh?As a lifelong Gers fan I say..GET IT DONE

  8. This one has been pulled out of nowhere but i would rather have Gerrard than some half baked manager like the last few appointments as IN says it would be a ballsy appointment.He is a true leader in the Souness bracket and we need leadership from the top down.As with any managerial appointment you never know how its gunna pan out to you try it and Gerrard is a winner

  9. If he brings Gary McAllister as Assistant, the parallels with Barnes and Dalglish are too strong. Also, Dalglish had a managerial pedigree, McAllister has been manager, assistant manager and coach and achieved nothing. The whole deal is a risk we can't afford to take.

  10. Key appointment will be his assistant who HAS to know Scottish football and Rangers. Has to be Stuart McCall…..

  11. I met Gerrard outside Ibrox about 10 years ago, he was mobbed by Gers fans before an old firm game- he was going to collect tickets and sat in amongst the Septic fans! I know it doesn't make any difference on whether he will do a good job for us but since then I've always had him down as 1 of them!

  12. Huge gamble this is not what we need at this time an experienced manager is required. It’ll end in disaster. This is John Barnes all over again👎🏼

  13. Some fair points there. I think i'll just suspend judgement and get behind him, if he does come. If we get it wrong, it will cost us a season, but I think it's a calculated gamble, this time around. He could just as well, be fantastic for us.

  14. As I said in one of your previous articles. I remember when Liverpool legends John Barns and Kenny Dalglish went to manage shellic. Remember the headline


    That's what "Legend" Gerrard will bring!!!

    He is no Greame Souness, everybody feared, as well as respected him. I may respect Gerrard as a player, but I certainly wouldn't fear him!

  15. I just wish he would get fit enough to play for us. Maybe in the same capacity Souness did playing sparingly and the rumour is Gary McAllister would be his assistant manager.

  16. Like you, I couldn't care about Stevie G's background. But IN, you are the guys that raised the point a week or so back about too many Celtic minded people at the club, including a younger player – so when you say that there is no evidence to support him being of that persuasion, I think there is and it wont be long before some people expose it. So best get it out in the open now, and before you ask me to provide it – I am not the sort of person to go searching through Celtic minded sites – but colleagues are all too quick to point them out to me, so I reckon they are there. I would admire the decision to bring him in, even more so with someone along the lines of Gary McAllister to support him – biggest concern I would have is the money required to pay him and fund his targets.

  17. It will be the board that says who the next manager is if we like him or not they will not careless what we think,as for Gerrard he may be another Murty he may be better he may not if he gets the job we back him if he fails like other ones we sack him,i would like a manager some one who has won a league or two and a few cups in there own country a manager who knows what it is all about and what it takes to be winners we need one and fast.

  18. I think it is a massive unnessasary gamble in a time where we've twice take two huge risks and it's failed horibly. Even the appointment of murty could be counted as bad choice number 3. ITS very worrying we're hearing that SG is being considered as he's totally unproven. We need stability and we need a proven manager who is going to get us wins and be tactically shrewed.

    The board are letting us down big time with this if it's true.


  19. I have thought long on this as it's a total left field proposal…Gerrard was a class act…Mc Callister was also a very good player …I know both have the coaching credentials required..but lack the experience. Howevere this is Scottish Football we are talking about it's not top drawer..its not highly technical or has many top players in its ranks….We need a change …Mc Innes no thanks ..Clarke has knocked us back so fuck him …Warnock might have been an alternative !? I say we should go for it and see what happens …we are 2nd at the moment and we are not very good surely they can build on that .As far as those who are not buying their Season Books I ask them to consider if we do that what happens to our great Team and our history..??? Bring it On….WATP and always will be it's in our DNA

  20. Not for me this appointment. Great player that Gerard was, he is inexperienced as a top level manager.
    if you factor in that he is Celtic and an admirer of Rodgers then he will be judged and scrutinised mercilessly

  21. It’s a respectful Yes for me. There are many ex players who go into management/coaching with little or no experience. Maradona, Gattuso, ‘Zizou’ with the latter having to cope with winning everything and managing the biggest bunch of egos on the football planet!
    The fact that Gerrard is even in discussion with us has got to be positive. I really don’t care where his boyhood allegiance lies.

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