Murty makes worrying admission following draw


In a worrying testimony, Graeme Murty has admitted ‘relief’ and ‘happiness’ was a big part of his response to yesterday’s final score, in a damning indictment that getting a 2-2 draw and a point is in some way a positive for Rangers.

Rangers boss was reflecting on the latest poor result, his first non-win away from home other than Parkhead, and while castigating the first half performance, admitted there was a sense of gratification that his men managed the draw.

He said:

“Relief that the boys managed to come back. Happy that they showed more character in the second-half.”

Not really what you want your Rangers manager to say, even with caveats.

He went on:

“I thought they (Motherwell) played some alright stuff, they shifted the ball okay without really penetrating too often but every time they put the ball forward I was fearful that we were going to lose a goal and that can’t be right.”

In short, Rangers’ manager was scared of the opponent. And apparently didn’t see the multiple attempts Motherwell had on our goal after successfully penetrating time and time again.

It’s not the inspired message Rangers fans needed following a pretty dismal afternoon.


  1. murty looks down think we will be fighting for third place cant see us beating smeltic with our defence ,murty called it wrong with wilson he went for martin the money weve wasted with martin should have made available for wilson think thats his biggest mistake .

  2. Murty is just another Ped (talks shite at every op), cant wait for this season to be over and possibly a real manager in and send Murts to train with the under 12's and those idiotic fans that keep supporting him need to stay away from Ibrox and crawl back under their stones, l have had enough, and plays the biggest flop Alves who would struggle to get picked for a pub team these days

  3. Here's a poser for you. Hypothetical but if by some chance we ended the league in 4th, our only path to Europe would be if Hearts fail to win the Scottish Cup.

    Therefore, in a Celtic v Hearts final, would you prefer Celtic win the double treble for first time ever and we get into Europe…or…Hearts stop the treble but we miss out on Europe..???

    I can't even answer it myself!!! If this scenario doesn't give Murty's men motivation to prevent this ever unfolding (by beating winning the Cup or finishing 2nd) nothing else will…

  4. Like a helluva lot of fellow bears,i've also heard strong stories that frank de boer is going to be our new permanent manager in the summer.I truly think that if we are going to go down the foreign manager route here again,then here's 2 managers that i personally would want long before frank de boer.What do you think fellow bears,of either michel preud'homme or marco silva,as the next permanent rangers manager??I truly believe both are better than de boer.Whats your thoughts on this guy's?

  5. You can only work with the tools at hand and we got some in our bunch of old rusting and younger right tools that can not play for a a huge team like ours,its not Murty its some of the players we have they are just red rotten.bring in new and get rid of the ones who hide.

  6. Murty looks lost when teams play with tempo and aggression Motherwell Hibs for example …Dont like his submissive behaviour at interviews which looks like giving up !! Lots to be done

  7. We all know he isn't a Rangers manager, he reminds me of Kenny McDowall when he took over our club when Ally left for PAID garden leave. Just doesn't belong there!
    Question is, what is the board doing about it? Has Mark Allen submitted any suggestion for a replacement yet? If they have, get him in now!

  8. Much as I didn't want Murty to be the mamanger what other feasible option did we have when the sheep lover turned us down? Basically we have written off another season albeit stopping Ceptic winning back to back trebles would ease some of the pain but realistically I don,t think this team has it in them to fight the good fight. FDB for managers? Unless he has a substantial bank roll or Breda heads back down south then it will be another long season.

  9. Watching Motherwell players scattering Rangers defenders was akin to a ten pin bowling alley. McRorie, Rossiter and Dorrans are not match fit. With our recent poor results and other teams hitting good runs we need a result against Dundee as much if not more than any other game this season. If we lose this game we should drop Alves and Martin and find out what we have in our younger players as this season will be over. Semi final. don't make me laugh.

  10. Murty needs to go!
    He doesnt havee the experience
    He doesnt have the bottle
    To take us up a gear!

    Need proven experienced manager who understands Rangers and the Scottish Game 👍

  11. Just can't believe how bad we were first half.
    Then boom 2 goals rapid then back to sleep.
    Murty now looks like a lost sole on the touchline, sooner a new manager is appointed the better for the club and Murty.
    Windass is fuking woeful, Middleton should take his place he's a star of the future.

    To be honest our team is average in so many positions.
    Summer can't come quick enough for me!!!

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