Will the real old Rangers please stand up?

Will the real old Rangers please stand up?

If yesterday’s draw taught Ibrox Noise anything, it is that things are starting to feel slightly hopeless.

Gone are the days of titanic Rangers bestriding the SPL like a colossus, with a dominating manager and great players.

Gone are the days we actually got bored of beating St Mirren and Killie 5-0 every week, and gone are the days we resented such teams for being so poor as to stop us being competitive enough to challenge in the Champions League.

Gone are the days we expected to win every trophy and were utterly devastated if we didn’t. Gone are the days when fans expected the best from Rangers, and ran pretenders like PLG out of Ibrox when it was evident Rangers were not good enough under him.

Gone are the days Rangers went to Fir Park, took a 0-2 lead inside the first half, handled the wee response in the second half easily then won out 1-3. Or four.

Gone are the days we expected our manager to be a proper Rangers man, or at least one who spoke like one.

Gone. Are. All. Those. Days.

Today it’s a new era – an era where the Rangers that won has been replaced with one that tries to. Where a manager who knew how to win and spoke with class and assurance has been replaced with one who doesn’t understand what the club means or how to speak in a language fans understand.

It’s an era where the board makes weak appointments throughout every facet of the club, replacing men who had business savvy and Rangers minds with faceless suits and soft loans.

It’s an era where we are hearing about the next rumour of the next manager and the next investment and the hopes of restoring our old Rangers, while the contemporary one continues to flatter us with occasional hope before crushing us with the predictable fall back into mediocrity.

It’s an era where more and more fans defend whoever is manager and whoever the players are despite the product on the pitch and results, and slaughter those who demand more.

It’s not good enough for those who expect better, and those who keep on defending this Rangers are hurting it far more than those who demand a rise back to where we belong.

Sure, we had a decent two and a half months. Fun while it lasted wasn’t it. Real Rangers results are a decent two and a half years and more – it’s not just a flash in the pan.

But now it just feels vacuous. There are some good players in there, no denying that – but a complete lack of consistency and substantial quality, and a defence which shames the great Rangers name.

But, if you want to just moan about how negative this article is and tell us to get behind the team, feel free.

Those of us who expect better really don’t care what you think.

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  1. I think if we had a solid defence, a defence with the likes of even just one of Richard Gough or his many predecessors or successors, then things would be different.

    We would be talking about a 0-2 victory at Fir Park and discussing who did and didn't earn their corn. But our defence is shocking. To be missing David Bates and Danny Wilson is a truly tragic circumstance. I also think Dorrans is an attacking midfield player and we need a defensive midfield player in there, given the state of our defence.

  2. the real rangers am afraid are gone. Since 2012 & Charles Green we have been fooled into thinking that what we have is the rangers of old when all evidence tells us differently.
    I think we will need to lower our expectations until we have a board in place who can plan for the long term future of the club instead of living hand to mouth every month.
    Remember we were told we had millions in the bank and no debt. Now we have loans from shady a company , no money in the bank and about 21 million in debt. Not only that, we have had no success or have any players of any real value to show for the debt we find ourselves in

  3. Good blog the latest from Murty is that yesterday could be a good thing for Rangers thats the kind of nonsense we have come to expect from him windass was absolutely woeful and it took an injury for murty to sub him we have no shape to the team we need to go back and I keep saying this to a four four two formation we are continually getting over run in midfield and there is no cover in front of the defence what a nightmare as rangers fans we have had to suffer through a procession of managers starting with mccoist mcdowell warburton caixinho and now murty we are just ordinary fans but we can see where the failings are why cant the so called experts see them and get it sorted

  4. IN.Everything you have written is absolutely true and more,its time for every bear to start putting pressure towards this/our Board for not doing their jobs,especially Robertson/co who I believe have taken our great club Backwards by appointing Pedro the Bullfighter and now murty,and for the record I didn't think the bread man was good enough to be our manager before them,this has to be addressed before the start of next season and as I said recently I would take Ashley in a heartbeat if it was possible and I don't care who disagrees with me as I believe things will only get worse if we don't find someone to take our club forwards…..watp Helicopter 2005

    • Can't take anyone seriously who thinks Mike Ashley is the answer. This Is the guy who put his own charlatans on the board to set up deals that ripped millions out of our club to line his own pockets. Just ask Newcastle fans and Sports Direct employees what they think of the fat bastard!

  5. Well said IN. Too many are settling for mediocrity. Of course we don’t have the resources of old but we do have resources that the majority of our opponents can only dream about. I keep reading rubbish and excuses from supporters on here about who can we afford as a manager etc – well Killie can afford experience like Clarke, Hibs can afford experience like Lennon. We supporters must demand more from King and the Board. We need to demand know their vision for the club short to medium term. We need to demand the investment King promised. We need to demand the transparency promised. We need to demand to know who appointed Caixhina and demand that he is removed from the Board. We need to demand to know what really happened with the McInnes fiasco. King needs to follow the Celtic chairman and personally finance a top class manager if that’s what it takes.

  6. I have followed rangers forever and it was especially good through the Souness/Smith years so to accept what we have now is very hard to take, losing to "diddy" teams but you have to realise the very existence of our club nearly vanished. King came in and made a lot of promises which he hasn't kept. He's played his part and now he needs to move aside or spend some of his money on this club but again he cant because its in SA. But who can topple him, shareholders, i doubt it. Season ticket holders. No. As soon as one season ticket holder withdraws somebody else will buy. Cant see king releasing his grip anytime soon. Yes it really is pish but unless somebody with plenty of money and a Rangers man or a very clever business man comes along, this is what we have.

  7. Really good article IN agree with all your comments. I have and will continue to support the board …we can never go back to those charlatans…please However I was not happy how King shut down the Caxinhna explanation…those who appointed that clown know who they are even tho they did invest when it was needed . I am fed up with being treated with no respect by the shambles that is Scottish Football…however we will only get that respect once we win the league . Murty is not strong enough to get to this level . We will need serious money this transfer window to fix the defence with cover and get the deals done for Murphy & Cummings and get another couple of proven strikers .We also need to buy our season books and get a good kit deal .The board need to tell the fans their strategy and appoint a member of 1872 got the board

  8. I agree partly with this.

    I agree we deserve better. Better results, players, manager
    I also was feeling good at the start of 2018, but the last three results overshadow then.

    Walter always said you are two or three games away from the sack as a Rangers manager. And that level of consistently winning is ingrained within our club. So deliver it or we will get people who can.

    So, that is where we are, at a point that recruitment of manager and players are needed to deliver on this.

    However, I am a fan of the board. They are slowly restoring our club financially, ridding it of the snakes that were once running it, and restoring things like the stadium, etc.

    • You…did see the interim accounts yes?!

      Loans being required to pay the wages for the remainder of the season is not exactly financially stable.

      How can you back the board?

  9. Are you joking? You are unhappy that the major shareholders are continually putting in money to help build our club?
    What is your solution?

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