Is this Rangers squad as bad as we think?

Is this Rangers squad as bad as we think?

As regular readers will know, Ibrox Noise recently put out a 10-step plan to get our club back on the right track. It is of course subjective – we are all loyal supporters of this club who want the best for it, but we all differ in how we think that can be done.

But the absolute truth is that while there are endemic flaws currently in management and playing squad, the football side of the club is going closer to the right direction than the wrong one.

There are a number of players in this first team who are genuinely good enough for this club, at least as part of the process of growth in getting to where we should be.

If we think about how good the Declan Johns, Sean Gosses, Greg Docherties, Daniel Candeias, James Taverniers, Jamie Murphies, Josh Windass, Alfredo Morelos, Jason Cummings etc are, there are few who can make a strong case against these players completely.

Sure, Morelos’ finishing has been poor recently, but if a Celtic player *cough* Dembele *cough* was top of the scoring charts the country would have his value at £25M. Oh wait, they do. Or did.

Sure, Cummings hasn’t played enough, but anyone doubting his work rate, talent and clinical finishing is the type who is unlikely to ever take to him even if he brings peace to the Middle East.

Sure, Sean Goss went a bit flat of late, but the performances in his first 12 matches were enough to show the guy has a tonne of quality, just not experience.

The point? Even the players in the list we can criticise have still shown far more quality than anything anyone did last season.

The best players last season were Kenny Miller and Clint Hill. That says absolutely everything for the team we had in season 2016/2017 under Mark Warburton then Pedro Caixinha.

The further point – there IS a base core to work with here, and the personnel are at a much higher level than they were. The first two or three months this year flattered to deceive, and the team as a whole isn’t as good as that yet. Defence, especially, is absolutely horrendous and desperately needs a dramatic overhaul this summer. But the squad is much better than we have suffered in recent years.

Pedro gave us Candeias and Declan John, and Jonatan Johansson gave us, patchiness aside, Morelos, while Mark Allen gave us Jamie Murphy, Greg Docherty, Jason Cummings and Sean Goss even if Graeme Murty had to actually say ‘yes’ to them.

The ingredients are there. It lacks flavour and substance, and needs the right cook to blend it all together and bring the vital herbs and spices.

That isn’t Graeme Murty – even if he wins on Sunday. After all, Mark Warburton did the same thing and history tells us that did not work out the way it indicated. Beating Celtic once doesn’t prove anything. Murty’s had three cracks at Celtic and not won any. It doesn’t suddenly change if he gets the win like Warburton did.

But we know we have the base infrastructure to go somewhere with much of the present first team – it just needs tweaking.

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  1. I always believed that Graeme Murty should have been made assistant manager under an old head like Eck or Tommy Wright , to learn his trade proper and gain experience . I still think he'll make a good manager one day , before too long . Wee Barry talks about bringing Walter and Souness back , which would be fantastic , even though they're both now centenarians , it would be great if they had a last crack at winning the league . Would King be prepared , or able , to give them the kind of money they would want to spend on players though ? I doubt it . Graeme Murty has done a good job in the circumstances and hopefully he'll go on to be a right good manager one day. Whatever happens , i hope he goes out on Sunday and proves that he's got what it takes .

  2. I finding it difficult to put down the players or manager. Murty is a professional man who was given this job as a desperate measure by the board. I doubt he had much say regards the signings he has brought in. He has had to deal with all the foreign lads brought in by Pedro and morale in the squad seems high. Murty has been the best manger we have had in 7 years , add the fact that he has no manager experience and the pressure of managing Rangers i think he has done a great job so far. We do need second place and we do need to win on Sunday but until the end of the season we need to back the squad. It must be horrendous for some of the player for example Haliday. Bought buy , playing for the club he loves but knowing that he is just not good enough. The same can be said for all the other players we deem not worth a shirt. they must get affected by the press both national and from fansites. The defence needs sorted out 1st , we concede far to many as you all know. Goss is only in to cover Dorrans , Jack and McCories injury issues. They 3 players could make a great midfield partnership if given the opportunity. We are reluctant to play 2 strikers upfront but i think we need change the formation. Cummings if given the opportunity might not even want to come back if he feels he wasnt given a fair crack of the whip. Add in the manager issues and not knowing who will be the next boss you can forgive the players fearing for their futures. Wilson wanted to go , bates as well but without a plan of action on hiring a boss long term who commands respect can we really blame some of the boys for wanting to move on. Especailly when they get put down by their own fans most weeks. Most of the guys played under Warbs , Pedro and Murty and they must be beginning to wonder just what the future holds for both Rangers and themselves. We need stability and quick, until that happens this Rangers team needs to be good enough and they need our help to feel loved at our great club. Lets get behind guys until the summer as we are both stuck with each other. WATP

  3. I think the problem is more consistency than anything else. I doesn't help having the turmoil of a manager change less than halfway through the season.

    I've seen some excellent football this season – the Aberdeen game at Pittodrie at the tail end of last year, was some of the best I've seen a Rangers team play in years – and some rubbish stuff too.

    Hopefully we can build on the foundations laid since Murty came in and have a great season 2018/19 – whether that includes Graeme or not.

  4. The foundation for any succesful side is to build from the back,to many sides flood their sides with midfield players. with a proper defensive unit i beleive we would be still in the hunt, that said how many points were dropped in games where we created chances to win 2 games and managed to lose impotant ground on celtic never mind aberdeen. In short we blew it, nothing to do with any gap 4 me. A strong gers would have topled them.

  5. I like Murty he has got some good ageing players and some younger ones who are no better than players that play for the other teams,this is a one off game on Sunday and we can win it,i would get rid of some players if we get beat as they have had many chances to beat them Sunday maybe the game that makes us stronger in every other game we play them in but we must win this game.

  6. From middle to front it’s as strong a squad Rangers have had in a long time has to be said. The GF this seasons has proved that the case.

    Then you’ve got the Defence which in all truth has been Dot Cotton.
    So if the powers that be at Ibrox according to some on here have FDB as the next Manager – then answer me this who sanctioned the Martin move and why??

    It would’ve been a risk but why the hell not bring young Wilson into the Team at the time instead. Worst case scenario he would’ve got turned over a few times but by in large he’d learn from it – flipside he could’ve been a stand out for the Team and would be into the Semi with some big match experience behind him..

    It doesn’t exactly promote the Youth set up with the current standards is it…

  7. Goss on loan
    Cummings on loan
    Murphy on loan.
    That's 3 players you write about as having a good base. They are not our players. Murty has just said that we couldn't afford to keep Bates, if that is the case, how the hell can we keep these 3 players as they will want substantially more than the £7.5k that Bates wanted paid.
    And to top it all we will have Pena back after his loan if reports are anything to go by

    • Am with you on this,Bates i did like he was a up and coming young lad with a big future in the game.

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