Murty takes thinly-veiled jab at David Bates


Graeme Murty has today claimed Hamburg simply beat Rangers’ wage offer and David Bates moved for nothing more than money.

In a barbed statement to the press today, Murty could barely contain his annoyance at the defender’s decision, after the 43-year old Rangers boss had effectively built his defence around the ex-Raith man, and revealed that after negotiations slowed, Hamburg’s superior offer was of more interest to Bates and he was away as soon as the terms arrived.

He said:

“We couldn’t match what Hamburg came in and offered, that’s the simple reality of it. We talked to him the whole way through, he knows my thoughts about it. We were in a good moment with him in terms of his development, we’d worked really hard and I think we’d really aided him. We wanted David to stay obviously but Hamburg have come along and made an offer we can’t match.”

Murty sounds evidently angry with the decision, and a sense of betrayal permeates through this entire testimony – a player moving for little more than money.

I mean, let’s be honest – who wouldn’t switch jobs for more money. And in a sense we can actually side with Bates on this one on a pure mercenary basis. Everyone wants more money, it’s a statement of fact.

But we are Rangers fans first and foremost and this does feel still like a stab in the back at a time we didn’t need one.


  1. The Problem is Rangers are not filling our players with confidence the way the club is being run. If Murty was on a 3 year contract he would be able to show his vision and where that player would fit. When we get a new manager in next season and bates gets the chop then you can see why players in general make decisions about their future. Stability effects everything

  2. Sorry but I'm just not buying that one little bit.
    Alves Martin & Cordoso are all on triple what he asked for and they couldn't match a third of there wages.
    Funny Funny smell and it smells like shite!!!
    More like take 5K a week or fuk off??

    • You got it there robbie! 👍
      Especially when Cardoso is on about 12,500k a week.

      Hamburg would have offered him closer to £15-20k and by that time Bates was already in Germany 🤔

  3. Simple that he did want to be there. If he was offered the 5k that’s being bashed around that would make him one of the best players in the spl. He won’t make that money anywhere inscotland bar the other lot… no aspirations especially since he would have had at least Euro qualifiers to look forward to at rangers

  4. Bates was at best a stop gap. We desperately need better centre backs than him to move forward. No big loss.

    • Agreed Rob
      Wasnt Good Enough for Rangers

      Germanys 2nd Div will probably suit him in a similar way to Raith! 😄👍

  5. Truth is our centre of defence HAS to be improved in the summer. There was no point offering Bates loads of money to play back up. Although this does admittedly not make the club look good, nor does it come at a good time

  6. Bates has done okay, wouldn't be hard with the likes of Cardoso, Martin and Keirnan etc before him! Would fans really be happy with him being our main centre half next season,because on 5k a week or whatever he wanted would have put him there. Decent player, not Gers quality. No composure,too quiet,to easily turned. We need much better quality. Let's not forget he isn't one of our academy kids we've brought through the ranks for years and sone one who loves the club. He's a mercenary who's happy to play in German second tier as long as he's getting a big paycheck. Expect to see Warbs in paper praising himself for finding Bates..cringe

  7. Also fed up hearing "we should have upped his wages to what he wants" – Why? He's already on much more than he was at Raith were he wasn't getting a game. He's been plucked from that to the countries biggest team were he played regularly and paid handsomely for the honour to follow in the footsteps of Gough, Amo etc in front of 50k fans every fortnight and play in Europe and he turned that down for more money! Not the type of character I want at the club anyway. And not good enough to be a mainstay..

  8. Murty is an absolute disgrace bringing up these details on a transfer between players no wonder the teams unplayable one week and reported missing the next ur gaffer is supposed to back the squad regardless of circumstances what a farce this clubs been for years amateur stuff new imposing manager pretty please for next season 🤞

  9. What the fuck does it matter now?
    …he has left the club for a lesser club.
    Has our fans lost their minds?

    We lost DAVID BATES we didnt lose Richard Gough or Terry Butcher 😂

    Bates was Pish simple as, also it will be a different story in 3-4 years when he comes crawling back and ends up at a lesser scottish team
    (Morton? Raith?…Clyde?…DundeeUtd?)

  10. Problem is not Murty, is not Bates, whether they are good enough or not, the problem is how us fans are being led up the garden path by Mr King, it is with out doubt that Mr K is our biggest problem, nothing will be sorted until he has gone, which in itself is problem because he excels at lies and hiding behind why he is really sticking around, to do basically what Bates has done following the money or in King's case trying to recoup any money he has lost over the years J

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