Betrayal at Ibrox? The David Bates story…


So as every Rangers fan and his dog now knows, David Bates will not be with us next season. It’s really no big miss, on a playing level at least, given how rank ordinary he is, and it beggars belief how a Raith Rovers reject managed a move to us in the first place never mind the switch to the Bundesliga (relegation notwithstanding).

We never rated him much on this site quite honestly, but there are a number of subplots to this disturbing development which we wish to address.


This screams of Danny Wilson all those years ago. A young promising defender swayed by the glamour of a bigger league and more glamour. He left Rangers and it made Rangers fans hate him, feeling betrayed by a youth player who had looked great in the side suddenly switching to Liverpool. But:


At least we got money for Wilson, and a fair chunk of it. David Bates refused to sign a deal and left for nothing. We spent thousands on his development, and he now says thanks but no thanks and ditches us at the first chance.


Like Barrie McKay, he was never signing a new deal. He made his mind up long ago he wanted to leave, and when a move like Germany came up, he was all for it. Higher wages, better league, but no sense whatsoever of loyalty.


His agent has played a blinder. Bates wasn’t good enough for Rangers. He was probably our best defender, true, but that’s no praise at all. Our defence is the worst SPL Rangers have ever had. How the heck he managed to get him a move to Germany is one of football’s great mysteries.


Mark Allen and Graeme Murty made an absolute pig’s ear of this in January. They chose David Bates and Russell Martin and binned Danny Wilson. Now we’re left with absolutely nothing at the back except two players who don’t want to be at Ibrox and one who shouldn’t be at Ibrox.

We didn’t need this on Old Firm week, and quite frankly if we never saw Bates again, it would be too soon.


  1. You’re well wide of the mark IN… Bates always did his best when required upon. You always need somebody to throw stones at in this Rangers Team..Ohh as for Danny Wilson his mind was made up regardless of Murty & Allen…

  2. Bates was by far our most solid defender, still very poor distribution but so much potential. Gutted we never signed him but it's his choice. Now that he's made his choice to leave the best club in the world….f**k him! We are Rangers and we move on, we have lost bigger and better players than Bates. Now we do what we have done many times before and replace them! WATP

  3. Don't disagree with anything you have said.
    Like you I find it infuriating when mouths scream at the board….we cant force someone to re-sign.
    Question…everyone screaming about the board answer this…If Bates was our top centre half AFTER the summer window would you be happy or do you want better for us ?

  4. As for I.N not rating him? To be fair apart from Jason Cummings is there any player you do rate? Lol

    • C'mon Stevie, don't be unfair my friend! We've furnished big praise on tonnes of our players. Murphy, Candeias, Windass, Docherty, Goss, John, Tav, Cummings, Barjonas. It would be wrong to rate the lot because we both know this squad as a whole isn't yet Rangers standard. If we did rate the lot, then our expectations would have dropped.

  5. Just the same as Danny Wilson,Moving on to better himself and his family!Get a grip lads. Good luck David.

  6. This announcement could have waited a few weeks. Lacks class from the player and Hamburg SV.
    More importantly, could we have a new Public Relations Officer. Not quite sure when we last had one but again the silence out of Ibrox is deafening to us fans.

  7. I warned everyone weeks and weeks ago that this would happen, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Be ready for plenty more of this between now and the end of the season, There agents will be told they are surplus to requirements and can find another club in the summer.
    Lots of people on here and other sites that players like Holt, Halliday & Hardy will be joining other clubs no matter if he's one of our own!!

    1.Do we want better players and a better team 》》》》》》 YES.

    2. Can we afford to keep the dead wood 》》》》》》 No.

    We can't have it both ways.
    Me I haven't been more upbeat in years, It shows real intent by the club for our future ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️

    • Robbie you seem to be a man with his finger on the pulse all things Rangers. What’s Cardoso's weekly wage out of curiosity? I for one rated Bates higher than Cardoso yes he can’t pass for toffee but he did the basics well. He certainly wouldn’t have cost us that goal against Celtic if he’d still been on the park ( Cardoso ) It amazes me at why fellow Bears are so bitter towards the boy and IN even more so.. FFP even with ST & Shares issue that doesn’t mean Rangers can go back to the way it was before and by the best.. Bates has not been our worst Defender by any stretch this season he would’ve been worth it..

    • Billy mate.
      Alves and Martin are meant to be on around the 20k mark a week and Cordoso on 12k a week with Bates on 5k.
      To be tottally honest pal were not getting a great return for our outlay.
      Don't think any of them will be here next season so hopefully our money's better spent next season.
      The club will move forward again in the summer, UR guess is is good as mine how far up the ladder we go in this window.
      Sorry I took so long to reply school holidays!!!

    • No need to apologies on the reply mate! I agree with you on the not getting the value for money with Alves Cardoso and Martin. As you said a while back there will be a lot going out the door in the summer let’s hope it’s those 3 mentioned.

      Whoever sanctioned the Martin move needs his head testing that’s not the way forward for Rangers. Like you it will be interesting to see what does happen in the Summer and the level of investment involved.
      Obv Allen must’ve had some input on the Bates deal Robbie, I just hope he’s got a trick or three up his sleeve for the Summer regards the Defence and lack of quality in it..

      Apprehensive about Sunday now and that’s because of the defence.. I live in hope that we can out score them though 🔴⚪️🔵

  8. I agree. Never trusted Wilson again after leaving for Liverpool. Bates will have the same outcome. Not good enough for Hamburg for sure. Hell end up back in Scotland with a lesser club.

  9. I would rather have kept him, at least until we had 3 or 4 better defenders. Not sure we have any at the moment, McCrorie is more of a ball player but not as good at clearing his lines whatever it takes.
    I wish him well in the future, but hope that Mark Allen has 3 better people lined up for next season. Once we sort defence out, we will be a force again

    • Be interesting to see who the replacements are going to be for next season SWH. A brand new defence is needed and by that I mean GK too. They best hit the ground running or the knives will be out before Halloween mate!

  10. An incredibly bitter article. Why would Bates owe us any more loyalty than any other player we sign? Because he's young? He's not an academy graduate as you touched on yourself, he came from raith rovers. To suggest fans will hate him for this is ludicrous. His contract was up and he was free to do whatever the hell he liked

    • Agreed Gavin some the remarks are way over the top. How somebody can say Cardoso is a better CB is beyond laughable.. I think it will make Bates a better player even the Hammer has said as much..

  11. Players come and go, thats football, no need to get salty over it though.
    Simple fact is Rangers didnt give him what he believes he is worth and Hamburg obviously have.
    Good luck to the lad, he will develop into a better CB in germany than he ever wouldve at Ibrox.
    At least he never shamed the shirt and always played to the best of his ability, thats more than i can say for 3 or 4 others who regularly getva game at Rangers

  12. Bit harsh ' Bates defo our best defender atm bit gutted tbh but he ho we move on would rather he stayed and Martin Alves Cardoso left in summer and we got another 2 quality cb in

  13. We will hear from the boy in about 6 or 7 years when no one wants him.or he is struggling for a game and then it will be Rangers this and Rangers that it's always the same with every ex player how much they miss us WATP

  14. At least it means we now have to go out and get someone better this summer, I was worried if he signed we’d sit back and not worry about another cb, now it’s our number one priority. As for Wilson, all party’s made it clear that was decided last summer cause of Pedro…

  15. Big Jim1872 well said. No one is playing for jerseys anymore. If a club rates a player, they need to pay him accordingly

  16. If we're crying over the loss of Bates (or Wilson for that matter) then we really are up sh1t creek! Bates is not good enough for Rangers and I confidently predict that he will not get a regular game at Hamburg even in the German second division next year. They do not start players who can't control the ball or pass. Alves, Martin and Cardoso are ALL better players than Bates – whether they are showing that or not is another matter. To claim that Bates is a better player than a guy capped 80-odd times for Portugal is laughable. Alves needs a kick up the backside (or maybe an arm put round him – I don't know which). Martin is a better defender than all this hysteria about him says and Cardoso has the talent but not the physical presence. That said I'd rather have 3 new Centre backs for next season.

  17. Good Riddance!
    He should remember where we plucked him from?? 🤔
    …Glad we are shot of him anyways, he was Pish plain and simple

    Germanys 2nd Division will probably suit him in a similar way to Raith 😂👍

  18. Young Bates did give of his best when he played although exposed a few times for sure ! He will probably do OK in the lower German league..I wish him well. Whole truth …not good enough for Rangers ..All of the CH at Rangers are awful …Lets see what the new season brings but we need to start building properly and scouting better . Wilson never was the player he was during his early Rangers career so lets not even talk about him please . Young Mc Crorrie is better in DM .I find it difficult to understand why we can't find a few decent CH . THE OF game will come and go…lets just get ready for next season and getting the league . We do need to build better relationships off the field too ..both with other teams and unfortunatley with the Media ..the only real answer is to win the league

    • Im sorry but i disagree with the vast majority of fellow fans assessment of Bates on this site.
      At 21 years of age he has plenty of development left in him.
      The fact that he managed to get himself from Raith Rovers to the Rangers first team within 18 months is testament in itself.
      Yes his distribution needs to improve but anyone one who knows anything about football development, knows he will improve leaps and bounds in germany and he wont be the finished article for at least another 3 years.
      The truth of the matter is that scottish fitba is shite, for some readon a lot of fans put it up on a make believe pedastal of excellence, we havent produced a world class player since Dalglish and Souness and they didnt even play in scotland at their peak, sorry lads but thats a FACT !!!
      Yet everyone is saying Bates wont last in germany.
      Now im not for one moment suggesting Bates has the potential to be world class, cos he doesnt….BUT !!! He will develop into a better CB than he ever wouldve at Ibrox by plying his trade in germany, so if we wont pay him what he believe he is worth and he wants to move on, why hold a grudge or whinge about it ?
      all the fellow bears who never seemed to rate him seem to be greetin the most.
      Away and dry yor eyes, the boy owes us nothing !!!
      Do we want a better standard of CB than what Bates is at his current stage of development ??
      Yes of course we do….can we afford it ??
      Of course we fucking cant.
      Its all good having a 10 point plan for the betterment and future growth of our club, any fucking muppet can come up with that, but the truth of matter is unless youre playing it on that daft wee fuckn xbox or some rich arab buys our beloved club, everything currently being disscussed on this website is all a pile of shite, pipe dreams and fckn moon pies !!!
      Reality check lads…. our foreseeable future revolves around good scouting, recruitment and youth development, we are now a selling club like Ajax Porto etc… if we loose players with a wee bit of potential like Bates for nothing its no ones fault but the Rangers board.
      And if we are gunna talk about Rangers class and behaviour, we as fans should conduct ourselves accordingly and thank the departing player for his services and wish them well on the rest of their footballing journey.

    • Billy Turner 👏🏼👏🏼 Well said that man. I’m in total agreement it was the same when Danny Wilson left it’s embarrassing.. Show a bit of class and wish the boy well ( not his fault he’s a ginge ).

  19. They can have him never been good enough for our bench never mind a pay rise if he's what our defence is getting built around we're in trouble.get caulker Bartley and soutter in get rid off the rest of the over paid rank rotten cb we have in our first team

  20. A solid CB that MA should be looking at
    …Tosin Adarabioyo

    That said I would go in for Bartley and and McKenna from the Sheep

    I would also bust a gut to get McGinn to Ibrox to fill the gap left by Kranjcar and Pena (when hes sold) but also because hes the best young Mid in Scotland and could be the Centre Mid qe have been looking for 😃👌

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