Has Graeme Murty realised his mistake with January signing?


Graeme Murty has been through a lot the past 10 days. We might not entirely rate him as manager but we do have sympathy with the man over the grief he’s taken, including by us.

It is our job to hold our Rangers to account, but it gives us no pleasure to criticise Rangers and our personnel – which is why we were delighted the man finally dropped the utterly underperforming Alfredo Morelos and gave Jason Cummings a proper start.

The ex-Hibs man was in the XI v Killie but that was a truly dreadful performance all round, following up on a hard fought but ultimately unsuccessful Old Firm match.

Yesterday’s visit of Hearts saw the 22-year old striker given a well-earned starting berth and he certainly took it.

Cummings really only had one true clear chance, and clinical dog that he is, he took it.

He had two other chances – a one-on-one with the keeper which he was unable to make the most of through a minor injury (which saw him taken off), and an earlier weak shot.

But the fact is he shows every performance the work rate, movement, pace and enthusiasm that deserves to keep him in the XI, and he has absolutely earned his place against Celtic next week.

Cummings has intelligence and maturity beyond his years. While his media displays are a tad amusing and the lad is always ‘buzzin’, on the pitch he’s a different animal and truly leads at the front.

Always communicating with his team mates, getting into space for them, linking up with them, and only taking the shot when one is on, unlike the increasingly disillusioned Morelos who now just shoots wildly by default.

Our readers know we’re huge fans of Cummings, and he keeps on proving why. His lack of minutes have been frankly ridiculous, and we gave up on him ever seeing the light of day under Murty.

With Morelos’ hideous form and Cummings’ rather impressive displays, there is simply zero case for the former to be in the XI next week and every reason for Cummings to be.

And if he doesn’t start that one, it suggests Murty only picked him yesterday for reasons other than football.

Just as well he proved his justification (again) on a football level. That’s the one that counts.


  1. Does he hold the ball up as well as Morelos, to bring others into the game?
    But I do like him. If Alves is fit, I would play him and Cardoso at CB, McCrorie at CDM and push Dorrans in behind Morelos/Cummings instead of Windass. But then, I would play Docherty ahead of Holt although that is a close call just now.

    Whoever plays has to understand Hearts are the worst of the top 6 and Celtic aren't. Do what Hibs did, get into their faces and hussle them. Windass can't do that.

  2. Spot on: Tt's beyond comprehension that he's not been a regular since January. He's a far superior footballer to Morelos whom like several of his team-mates (e.g. Tavernier and Windass) is not half as good as he thinks he is.

  3. I wouldn't bet on Cummings starting before Morelos at the weekend. It was great to see change in the line up but as I've said from the start.. Cummings and Morelos should be up front together. Hopefully Alves is fit for the weekend with mcrorie in midfield, Dorrans as number 10 and windass on the bench! – wouldn't bet on that either tho!

  4. Totally agree IN, but I wouldn't hold my breath in Cummings starting next week. Murty will revert to type and Morelos will be in again.

  5. Yes totally agree he must start in all remaining games if we have any chance,
    On another note lennon keeps talkin about rangers i think he wants the job

  6. I don't think Cummings offers as much as Morelos. He scored a sitter that I would have scored but otherwise didn't do that much. He's a decent player but I don't agree he's better than Morelos. He doesn't cause as much disruption to opposition defences as Morelos. I'd be happy to see them both play though with Windass dropped.

  7. I'd give it to him, look at the job he's doin' at Hibs and it's the only chance we'd have of signing McGinn. PS Cummings isn't good enough for us.

    • At last, someone who doesn't think Cummings is much cop. Mind you, neither is Morelos, even when he does give a shit.

  8. I agree about Alvies playing next Sunday. If we play McCrorie at the back we will be slaughtered. He must be in midfield.

  9. cummings wants to stay morelos dosen't and that's a fact, the powers that be at the boardroom will determine the outcome.we have history in losing money on transfer fees and wages ect. why take jc aff the bench at forest and pay him to sit on ours, bonkers.

  10. I stated on a pevious post that murty has to have the element of surprise up his sleeve, which is why i would play murphy up top in a 451 set up. an onfire candieas and young middleton in wide areas could reap rewards. also, murphys pace and ability to go by defenders suts that role. he can also hold it up and bring others into play.

  11. ur gonnae think im nuts, but i would consider puttng big bruno up top with morelos if he starts to bully their centre backs and provide knockdowns for alfredo, similar to what big sam did wth andy carrol. back to front and use the wide players to get balls in to the box. our midfield has been a weak spot against them

    • Scooby..your nuts! If bruno is fit he has to deal with Dembele. I like the element of surprise tho. What about O'halloran through the middle, his pace would terrify them and they eouwould be able to push forward as much. I wanted the breadman to do that against Septic aswell but never happened.

  12. IN – you are a little tunnel vision in your assessment ie Cummings good Morelos bad. It’s not that simple. Cummings is the more clinical finisher but Morelos offers more for the team, harassing defenders and br8nging other players into the game. Sure he looks sullen but that’s just his demeanour. Anyway given the crap service he is usually given how do you want him to look. It will only take a couple of poor games and you’ll be writing Cummings off as well. Easy to herald players that are sitting on the sidelines as the answer. I do hope we sign Cummings but if so we need to find a way to play with two upfront.

  13. Cummings needs to play in a 2 we all agree even with a 10 ( not Windass!) He is young enough to get better and when we sign another striker he will shine. As far as next week … not too bothered how we line up .. Just need to see desire and commitment from everyone. Murty will not be the Manager at the end of the season and he will also leave Ibrox/Auchenhowie too .

  14. Could not have put it better myself, cardoso not as bad as he’s painted,especially when compared to martin who is weak in the air and a bombscare on the deck. I would go for john soutter of hearts who is young,can pass, shoot, play out from the back & decent in the air.
    Ps, sandy’s comment on tav is way off the mark, he is the best player at the club. IF wallace is defo finished at the club i would make him club captain & extend his contract as i can see premiership teams moving for him.

  15. Yasss Delighted for Cummings!
    He is a Better Forward Finisher than Morelos Anyways 😊👍⚽

    But GM will Recall Morelos
    Watch the Space! 🤓

  16. Is simple, with one up front u need a goal scorer and morales isn’t that, Cummings will get more goals. He big problem is if our top man gets inlolved in the build up so only leaves murphey or Candeias in the box with the other crossing, and the amount of times they go to the back post is getting very annoying. It’s leaving 2 cb between them and the ball, the only way to get passed that is to pass between cbs and keeper but with so many defences playing so deep the keepers are intercepting the ball, they need to make more central runs and get between the cbs

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