Who punched Graeme Murty?


Graeme Murty was on media duties pre and post-match as always today, but eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed the marks on his right cheek, which strongly suggest he may have been hit by someone.

There have been tonnes of accusations flying about in the press and on social media about what really happened last weekend, but if Murty’s own appearance is anything  to go by, someone does indeed appear to have taken a swing at him, and we daren’t suggest who.

It does lend support to the notion of a bust up in the dressing room though, as clear visual evidence that someone may have gone for the Rangers manager.

Question is, who?

Of course, it could be a completely innocent mark on the man’s cheek, and utterly unrelated to anything caused by anything Rangers. Or anyone.

But after the week Murty had, anything is possible and it could be visual proof of certain claims.



  1. Would have to be someone that’s left handed… shouldn’t be too hard to work out who it mayabe… but I’m gonna say millers wife

  2. I read in one of the red tops it was Jimmy Nichol. Last Sunday GM offered him a small mint sweet and it was off. Jimmy didnt like it and said your tic tacs are shite. Groan.

  3. What ever happened last week happened, he maybe a better manager for it,but lets not stir up anymore shite,we've got important matches coming up lets move on from this ffs

  4. Why are you making comments like this it only leads to more trouble for the club and give media and others ammo to use.

    Not impressed I’m a fan of your work here on the site but this im is no good

  5. Couldn't have been any of our players, if they took a swing they'd have surely missed on current form…!!

  6. scooter nation respect. its like listnin t me granny an her pals!!

    just watched sportscene and i think neil mccann needs t be rangers manager sumday, maybe even soon-ish.

    we all want a rangers winner t be at the helm "walter u D Man" been there done it like GVB one option. more i see mccann more i see hes got the passion still we ken he had it as a playeri think he could be a gd manager i future, he always speaks well,and his spat way wright u need that i think. i think hed be no nonsense on players too.

    any fellow bears think am no talkin shite oot there??!!

  7. Im not a Rangers fan. But I enjoy seeing all Scottish teams play well.

    Niel McCann may be a decent manager fort Rangers once he properly learned the management trade.

    Murty is a half decent young manager and by all the guys who understand football he is very very good youth coach. I can't really understand Rangers fans some times. The guy is trying his best. But Rangers as a first management job is poor strategy from board. But question marks need to asked of the professionalism of the senior players at Ibrox if they think disrespecting your manager is gonna result in good consistent performances. Seems a lack of maturity right through the team at the minute. Most of the Rangers players are decent football players. I have no idea what Miller and Wallace did. But they clearly are fit to be rangers players if they they are mutinous. Rangers need a proper eperiened manager with at least 5 million worth of investment in experienced under 31 years olds. need to somehow clear out all the shirkers. Need stability through the spine of the team. They have some really talented young guys. But most of the young guys like windass mcgrorie are very inexperienced so they are on learning curve to get consistent. The experienced guys should be passionate about Rangers. But not mutinous. THE MANAGER might not be very good. But if you disregard his instructions because you think you know better then you throw whole team into confusion. Therefore your useless to the team. A disunited team cannot win league. Marty should not be manager. But while he is you need to back the man especially if your wanting to play for Rangers. If his instructions are duff then he will be sacked. If you rebel against him as player the player should be sacked. All this talk about net Rangers manager. Unless board are prepared to help him fix the team then I can't see any good manager wanting to try fix club. Rangers really need a very experienced manager with balls of steel. Somebody like Smith with track record as assistant manager and decent achievements as manager over many seasons. Lot of talent at ibrox that could be galvanised into strong team with few very good signings through spine of team and cutting loose temperamental back biters.

  8. Rangers need a manager who will blow his top when team are not giving 100 percent. An angry man who won't accept half heartedness but understands tactics for different teams. And knows he knows what he is doing coz he been there done it. If you don't fear the manager you don't respect him. And if you get away with half heartless performances and get piked next game you aint got a good enough manager. Letting any player do his own thing unless he is superstar is recipe for failure. Personally I think the board are halfwits. But they get away with coz the fans refuse to take them to task properly oz they claim to be Rangers men. Real Rangers men have never accepted half hearted players or weak managers ever. Can you imagine Struth or Jock wallace putting up with the garbage this board have served over last few years. You an bet your life a few of the players might have black eyes if they tried to cross them with the mediocre dross too often served regularly. As for morelos. If board rejected 10 million + even when he was doing well I would truly be asking wtf. Lots of good players on loan with reasonable low price tags at club not properly snapped up oz board claim to be skint. 10 million might be going rate for dross in England. Moult would been less than million for Rangers. More passionate than morelos. also to turn down 10 million + nearly unsettled morelos. So if it was a ploy from board to dream it up to pretend ash flow is good or hoping some mug actually put that kind of bid in to take him then it spetactularly backfired. He been absolutely dire since that episode. Lucky to get 1 million for him on that form body language. If morelos was striker for Aberdeen would he be worth 1 million punt on current form. If Rangers had billion to spend would Rangers be happy to sign Morelos for 15 million? Also signing players who don't actually understand Rangers traditions or expectations is nutty. If I was a Rangers man. I would be demanding The club have proper audited accounts after the last few decades of financial mismanagement. Accepting any old so called Rangers man onto board without proper due diligence is mentally retarded. Any red flags like being on board that allowed club to go to Whyte should automatically make fans go WTF? But somehow Rangers fans are so depressed that they just accept conmen if they claim to have subs best interest at heart. How much remuneration do each of these directors get total including freebies. Who holds them to account. I would have thought Real Rangers men would understand weird british virgin island accounts with hidden tax management bordering on ridiculous would put fear of God into a real Rangers man. Weird mystery investments from Hong Kong would alarm me. Any mystery investment would alarm me. Rangers need an EGM and a proper board that wants to get it rolling properly with clarity on all fronts so that proper investors feel like they have decent chance of a return without all the clandestine pr spin. Like it or not David Murray metals company shafted Rangers big style. And most of the real Rangers men on board helped him cripple the club. The finical ollpase of the 90s spiv culture might be an excuse sine it looked like the hot shots could make killing with bigger bigger loans. But when the bubble burst it destroyed every business that used that paradigm. With that hindsight the current debate at Rangers should never have happened. But these same conmen who made themselves fortune through loans and strange financial mismanagement find themselves bak on the board with same delusional theory of extreme high risk for club but hey don't blame them if it all goes wrong it was somebody else fault. If they have nothing to hide why aren't they transparent. If they love Rangers why are they onnstantly talking mince. If they are stand up guys who know what they are doing why is club with so many devoted fans served up mediocre management of their own supposed investments.

    • talkin shite morelos could easy top scorer nxt season no bother punt u of ur head!!!!

  9. Why the fuck don't club 1872 have a seat on OUR RANGERS board ????.after all they own 18% of the club ….No Surrender….

  10. The whole of football these days seems to be one big tax system scam full of overpaid party posing mercenaries. That culture came into Scotland with Murray as did massive loans and pretend loyalty mercenaries. And since then the steel grit determination and passion for football nosedived. Now Im not saying that was the only factor. But the real living legends at Scottish clubs prevalent of 60s 70s started to peter out. Where are the future Jimmy Millars, Wullie Hendersons, Wullie johnsons, Davie Coopers, Ralph Brands, John Greggs, tommy Mcleans. Its not just at Rangers its England as well. The mercenary pretend loyalty is no match for the passion generated by partisan teams of committed professionals who love their club. Scotland national side has never had a half decent team since football became mercenary. Rangers and Celtic used to have two of best European sides full of mostly Glaswegians with passion galore. Lots of reasons why that might have changed. But Yuppy culture of corporate governance coupled with financial alchemy has helped destroy Scottish football and probably all small nations football. The culture of vice over virtue that introduced is eroding the game worldwide. And the hard passionate Sottish footballers and managers with elite skillsets has left the game so badly damaged. The Whole of Scottish football needs revamped. Proper 18+ team leagues playing each other twice per season like old days would give all clubs a better chance to compete better. Wage structures at all clubs based on performance related pay should become more common. And the playboy image and namby pamby overpaid petulant posers should be driven out of the game. But sadly the conmen running the game get paid first these days and the media don't hold them to account. Bill Struth would run the current board out of town if he saw the way these clowns have ran the club he ran like a machine. Now Im not talking about discriminating against different cultures. Im talking about Virtue related customs. Aim to be the best. Train harder. Work harder. Best discipline. Respect. Trust. Team work. Passion. No excuses. Stepping up to the plate. No sophistry. No double talk. No hidden contracts. No special treatment. Being inspired and inspiring others. Unity on side of objectivity. No pretending things are gonna fix themselves hiding behind twisted subjective spin. Stepping up to the plate. Its all missing from Scottish game these days. In fact its missing from game all over world by looks of things. Financial imprudence and bizarre corporate governance is the norm. Its like a big money scam from top to bottom.

  11. partik vs hamilton this last weekend 2-1 watchit and tell me theres no heart in scottish football agree though thmoney aint been spent right at rangers fur a while, i dont mind spendin on decent wages but i want too see passion in return with a littl magic on top!

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