Graeme Murty admits the Gerrard discussions have bothered him


Likely-outgoing Rangers manager Graeme Murty has admitted today that the speculation over Steven Gerrard has affected him personally.

After months of claiming he never thinks about himself in this job and it is all about the team, the 43-year old has finally revealed the talks with Gerrard bother him, and he has tried not to let that affect his doing the job.

He said:

“Yes it’s affected me (personally) but it doesn’t matter about me, it’s about the team.”

Looking white as a sheet, Murty spoke to the media before the ambush at Parkhead and in every sense appeared a dead man walking – and knew it.

Murty has been out of his depth as Rangers manager and while things went astonishingly well for 10 weeks (just like Mark Warburton when he first joined) after it become semi-permanent the wheels have come off in a manner Rangers fans are sadly used to seeing these days with their club.

Things desperately need to change.


  1. We can all see the problems but he obviously can’t. Time he admitted he’s not good enough. I’d actually bring Kenny bk for the last few games and sack Murty now

    • Kenny who? Is this the guy that showed no respect for the manager which is a no no. Remember Murty was thrust into the position as we couldn't attract anyone. Imagine he had said no. If I was the board at Ibrox I would be looking for someone with Rangers in their blood, why not try Stuart McCall

  2. The man hasn't looked well for weeks.
    So Robertson and King will appoint another stooge. Rinse, repeat but nothing will really change.

  3. We are a shambles. Never in 50 years of supporting what I regarded as the best team & best supporters in the world have I felt so embarrassed.

  4. Murty should have been fired as soon as the final whistle blew.
    Thought it couldn’t get worse after the semi, but how wrong I was.
    The club is a total embarrassment from top to bottom.
    Apart from Alnwick today the rest should never wear a Rangers shirt again .
    If Gerrard comes after watching that shambles I’ll be amazed .
    We will probably end up with Billy Davies and get told that he was always on the radar.
    Well I’ve had enough.
    The way I feel right now I won’t be renewing my season ticket after 40 odd years of never giving it a second thought.

    • Murty picks the team. Once they cross the white LINE it's up to them. So why should he be fired. He gave the support what they wanted, Cummings starting, but he proved again that he cannot hack it as a lone striker. Morelos can bully defenders. You are obviously not a true supporter. Remember Murty took the job because we couldn't find anyone. The blame lies at Dave King and the rest of the board no one else

  5. Totally disgusting the way Graeme Murty has been isolated by the Board.
    King and the Board are charlatans who have destroyed the credibility and respect of Rangers.
    Robertson and King hide in the shadows as do our players. No leadership on or off the park. Then leave Murty to choke on their shit.

  6. Couldn't Agee more the man has been shat on from great hight and he will not be the last some of the players should give their wages to a charity this week and give an apology for not turning up to play that game I feel sorry for murty hung out to dry by players who he trusted he is well rid of the job he should resign and tell the whole story of what's going on at Ibrox the fans deserve to know all the crap that going on behind closed doors we should not have a secret society running a business

  7. Got to agree,the board need to take a hard look at them self Murty can only work with the tools he has,will there be a huge pot of money for SG or any one else or will it be most of the players we have now.?

  8. Murty was never made "semi permanent" – what the hell is that? What he did was step up from the under 20s and for a while, restore some dignity after the Pedro fiasco. The team then lost a closely contested OF game and all the outside negativity returned, capped off with some bizarre comments from the board that basically left him in a no-win situation – and the players on the park proved that they were punching above their weight during the six-on – the – bounce winning streak. Thanks to the board (who recruited Pedro) we currently have a much worse team than the one Warburton put together – the fact that we could still finish 2nd speaks volumes for the overall standard of the SPL.

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