Rangers Ultras storm POTY awards in protest


To add insult to Rangers’ many injuries, the club’s Ultras the Union Bears stormed the ill-planned club Player of the Year Awards tonight.

After receiving hefty criticism for going ahead with the ceremony, it had been hoped the night would pass without much incident or embarrassment, following the day’s horror show at Parkhead.

Alas, it was not to be, and the club’s more ‘extreme’ fans (without whom Ibrox would be a complete morgue at times, it has to be said) decided to make their displeasure heard, as you can see:

It has been reported they threw flashbangs in, which, if true, is hardly behaviour we can condone and we naturally hope no one was injured in the chaos, but it is a grim slide back to the days of 2014 and protests against the board.

As yet the suits have been able to avoid too much hostility, but if they don’t get the Steven Gerrard appointment over the line over the coming days, it may well get aimed in their direction.


  1. We don't want a new manager until Robertson and King are removed. Their ba's burst.
    20,000 at next home game with or without Gerrard.
    Too little far too late.

    • Alex, no problem. Just need a viable replacement with £20 million to buy them out and then probably £20 million to improve the squad.
      I don't have that kind of cash and I have not heard of anybody with it being turned away – who do you think is going to replace them?

    • $20 million to buy them out? Not a hope in hell.
      Demographics are not on Rangers side. They have a large senior fan base. No young crowd want to give up their Saturday's to sit in a morgue. And lately that is what Ibrox has become. To deny this is to perpetuate our demise. If the young fans stop going we are indeed a club in peril.
      Hibs and Killie are regenerated with management and players who fight for 90 minutes. It shows what is needed and with a lot less than $20 million.
      To trust Robertson and King with one more penny would be stupid.

    • What do they expect. These supporters are being extorted. That's how it feels. God bless the Union Bears and I refuse, to judge them for their direct actions. Rangers players laughing and joking and drinking Champagne, after THAT display. Dave King and co are just not to be trusted and have brought this on themselves. If that's what Alistair Johnson thinks is Rangers FC on course, then he needs to sort his head out. Ordinary supporters deserve better.

  2. Now this is not on , how can you call yourself a rangers fan and do this , there were people there working and not in any way shape or form responsible for anything that happens on the pitch. You do not speak for me

    • Jesus, have you Guy’s forgotten Whyte then Green? Two crooks who had only one plan- to take money out of Club. King for all his faults has put money in. He appointed Warburton on recommendation of Davie Weir , an Ibrox hero then Pedro on recommendation of another of ours, Mendes. Both have squandered money on poor players.Murty was never up to mark. So I have no idea who to pick or how much money we need. But I like Gerrard. But who wants to come to Scotland? Even Celtic have only picked up expensive cast offs . Look at them in Europe. Useless. We have to build and buy wisely. I bought my season ticket. 20 years ago Celtic were exactly where we are today. Their fans had deserted them in droves. Despite today’s frustration get behind Club.

    • agree alan, it swings in roundabouts, despite the carnage we could have got closer.if this is shocking wait tll we get a decent side and manager.

  3. Glad They Did The Protest!
    The Board need to Hear it, Listen to the Fans, Make the changes then Fuck Off! 🤔⚽💙


    • The Stevo926,
      The Board will only hear it if the protest done at Ibrox front door…the rubbish constantly from board via PR is embarrassing. Two years of no direction investment in AIM etc, promises all the time, loans against assets and if no healthy ST monies will find hard to save assets. Rings of M Ashley dealings and hey ho he was ousted. Sons of Struth where are you or are you happy with constantly gubbed by THEM because that's what you voted for.King is taking the piss out of supporters.Senior players suspended and it takes 2 weeks to carry out investigation when all the time the players only reacted as alledgeda the UB did last night. Can you blame them, protest has to start somewhere, now let's hope it rolls on to bring this madness to an end.

    • Agree with the You Donald!
      And The Miller/Wallace thing is BS they are being hung out to dry by the club and for Wallace especially thats disgusting treatment when all that went on was that they went to Murty and says that it isnt fuckin acceptable for Rangers to lose 5-0 to Celtic every other week


  4. I dont condone any form of violence especially blue on blue, but I also dont condone lies and spin from those allegedly RRM running our club. Our fans have been patient and shown King far more patience afforded any other Chairman in recent times…but on the back of the most humiliating season in our 150yr history where every proud record we held against them has been squashed up and thrown in our faces, where are our board?

    Where has our chairman been the past few weeks? Seen more at Anfield than Ibrox, I thought a Chairman of a club attended every game, felt the pain of losing and the thrill of winning….our absent chairman takes more pleasure watching EPL games or Champ Lge games than watching us.

    Union Bears are a voice, the only voices most games at Ibrox, and if your most loyal and vociferous fans feel the need to protest and demonstrate at the state our club is in…then I think we should all air our voices and concerns…this comes only a few days after one of our most useless board members came out with the classic line …"we are ahead of the curve"… does statements like that fill you with pride at how our club is being run… because players on the field take their leads from the leaders. Tavernier as captain *cough*…Murty as manager *cough*…King as chairman *cough* … not one of them are good enough to lead any aspect of or club and that has been proved in the past month alone….our only saving grace today is their finishing was woeful.

    So do I condone the UB… no I dont… but I understand the feelings and the utter disregard coming from our board…and the many puppets who peddle their wares… time to act and stop hoping things will change…time to stand up, be counted and force change….or accept this as the normal…. you cant have it both ways I am afraid.


  5. celtic fans dont want stevie g to come-why is that?are they scared?

    who else is there if we dont get him.I hope we do.

  6. Nevermind the flashbangs , the fans should have put a rocket up each of the players backsides before the game kicked off , not one of them looked bothered , it was a gutless shambles of a display yet again .

  7. There are ways of protesting. One is not turning up for games similar to what happened before Souness took over. However to turn up at a Player of the Year award and throw flash bombs shows how disrespectful these so called supporters are for safety.
    I for one will always support Rangers. Can these so called supporters actually say that. They are nothing but crass and we should ban them from Ibrox. Will we actually miss them, I doubt it.

  8. Mr King signs a big name manager. Focus now deflected from board onto new management team. King and his cohorts continue to run club in its shambolic state. Are we to be duped by the timing of the announcement since season ticket deadline day is approaching. Unless red bull or someone with more money than sense comes in, we will be dealing in free transfers and loan deals again. Stevie G has nothing to gain coming here. He is the only one taking a gamble.

  9. There are simply no players of the year at Ibrox! Every single one of them has shamed the jersey on multiple occasions. It was crass of the Board to go ahead with the event.

  10. If there is no money to back the next manager then we may be second some times third maybe we could win a cup or two with the players we have now,maybe it is us the fans that want some thing we can not have just now,but we need the board to be open and tell us where we are and how much money there is to move forward,no one wants to go back to where we come from when it went ass up,so we could back the board but they need to open up and tell us the truth.

  11. I don't condone what the UB did, but I can understand their frustration!

    I could go back further to the pre-souness era in the early 80s. We were just as gash then as we are now! Ibrox was always half empty as fans stayed away we were so rotten. The only reason I went was to see my idol Davie Cooper, he was worth the money alone!

    Even back then thousands demonstrated outside Ibrox and hundred used to fight the away fans after every game, it was carnage until Souness and Smith came along.
    We need an inspirational signing of a manager, Gerrard ain't it!! The job is far to big for him and will crumble under the pressure.

  12. There’s a lot of bears with very short and Selective memories where the board are concerned. We must live within our means, full stop. The board have made mistakes for sure in appointing managers. They have backed them with funds though.

    As for the episode at the POTY dance, I believe the night should have been cancelled. These players & coaches don’t deserve it. Disgraced. It’s a simple as that. Bears storming the gaff ??? The group of ultras (see: wee dicks with banners) are equally disgraceful. What are they trying to prove by their actions. It’s certainly not big or clever. Shambolic state of affairs.

  13. Please fellow contributors ..think about the alternative to what King and the 3 Bears have done…Debt ..No Kit Deal…No new sponsorship…I am hurting more than most but we need to get our Season Books ..We would love Steven Gerrard…They would fear what he could do …Please let's be sensible the board are almost doing the right things …just need to get the on field problems sorted..it's not insurmountable really

  14. im no buying all this bollocks fae pundits newspapers or that mob. we fuckin made them look superior end of.hearts fucked them with 16 year olds in the team kilmarnock beat them and did nae spend anything like us to do it, we'll no mention hibs(stewards enquiry) . nae talk of millions needed weeks ago when we showed real hunger. Their no as good as they thin they are trust me.

  15. ps. im as angry as most, but we need to stop the defeatist talk a it only feeds that mob waae laughter, fuck that, whatexer happended to the NO SURRENDER attitude. did we stand by the club through hard times to let them piss on us. FIGHT BACK FFSdon't let they cunts mock our club without retaliation. SOUNESS PISSED ON THEM let the battle begin WATFP.

    • Fair enough Scooby but lets get new generals that know how to win the war. To charge ahead with the fuckers on the present board is futile. We'll be cut to ribbons.

  16. I never fancied McInnes, so no great loss.
    We stood no chance of Clarke and I wouldn't think that Brendan or Lennon would want to come, so what's wrong with Levein?

  17. I’ve not read everyone’s opinion on the Gerrard situ. Like arseholes seeing every man and their dug has one. Every fucker in Britain who’s ever kicked a baw has had their tuppence worth. The negative Rangers bashing seems to be coming from the great unwashed side of the fence. Not they would dare criticise the much revered and respected Mr Gerrard, no, they spout Gers are a club in turmoil, abject, miles and miles from even seeing Celtic on the horizon.

    What is their issue (other than being manky c***s obviously) ?? I thinking it’s clear they are spewing that such an individual is ;

    Liverpudlian Irish Brother ?
    Box Office for our profile ?
    Is a big name in world football who can attract quality? What midfielder anywhere wouldn’t want to learn from him?
    Do they know their Bang ever age team won’t get it all their own way in Glesga anymore?
    Perhaps Brenda the Magnificent won’t be the worshipped one for much longer.

    Who knows, fuck knows…

    Whatever the reason(s). I for one don’t care on joy, fuck everyone else. If the Club put him in, he must be backed to the hilt, then the rest is up to Mr G & his team. Gary Mac would be a double bonus for me.

    Let’s have it.

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