Ex-Rangers man claims huge success was ‘lucky’

Ex-Rangers man claims huge success was ‘lucky’

It all began with the Old Firm at Ibrox. Sky inexplicably confirmed ex-assistant David Weir, already a rather toxic individual at Ibrox having utterly sullied his glorious playing days with his ignominious departure as assistant, was to co-commentate in Govan alongside Ian Crocker.

Naturally the first reaction was ‘what’s HE doing there’ – then, after 10 minutes, it was ‘this guy can’t commentate’.

The former assistant made quite a few barbs in Rangers’ direction, such as praising Celtic for having a go and a few other comments which appeared laced in bitterness over how it ended at Ibrox.

And now the press have rolled him out in Old Firm week with further slights at the club and Dave King.

We know, we know, we’re ones to talk, right? We’ve been critical of Graeme Murty, (oddly enough the one person Weir is defending (management staff union there, and the fact he and Warburton brought Murty to Auchenhowie in the first place)), but there’s something quite amusing now about the routine the media in this country has of anti-Rangers sentiment every Old Firm week.

That every tabloid finds someone with a grudge against the club, usually an ex-employee, and uses them to jibe at the club from all angles, in the latest attempt at undermining us.

Weir’s Way has been to attack King by saying he’s hung Murty out to dry, while saying Rangers will take years to catch up with Celtic, that the job isn’t attractive any more, and then topping it off by saying 2016’s Old Firm win backfired and Rangers didn’t even deserve the win.

Which much of this is actually not entirely false, it is interesting to hear the two-faced shenanigans of an ex-coach who claims his and Warburton’s era was a success, then proceeds to undermine almost everything about the club today – as if he’s almost been told what to say by a press eager to castigate the club.

We have low hopes ourselves for Sunday, and would love to be proven wrong, but guys like Weir seem to have been swallowed by the new media in Scotland, and if it attacks Rangers, it’s in.

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  1. Dorin Goian. Drinking!
    David Weir. Lucky & attack the club!
    Ally McCoist. Picking the transfers!
    Barry Ferguson. Get a real job ffs!
    Why Why Why are they all talking to that anti Rangers scumpress in Scotland.
    I've said it before the minute they slander the club, don't let them set foot in Ibrox ever again.
    We defo don t need them as we don't buy there sorry excuse newspapers!!

  2. A terrible indictment of the Scottish Press hatred of all things Rangers ..We are always portrayed as stupid bigots and the reason Scottish Football is so dire its not us and ..It make me sick. Weir was a failure as a coach alongside the Bread Man the defence was worse under his tutorage . I think his hypocrisy is astounding given the fact the he and his mates tried to tell lies to claim a false dismissal from the Gers.. I hope he doesn't work in Scotland again … As far as the Press its the same old story especially the BBC and the 4 eyed prick Mc Laughlin they can all piss off thanks … We can do this .. We need to stop the pointless negativity .. and I don't mean saying what we think

  3. Weir can fckin do one!
    Never allowed near Ibrox Again

    The Job isnt attractive anymore?…BS

    Sure we are having a difficult period at the moment, but we are still one of the biggest clubs in the world, still the most sucessful and have one of the biggest fanbases in Europe.

    Enough Said 👌

  4. Yep Rangers have a massive fan base and history. but we are living in different times. What DW said is absolutely on the mark, or McInnes would be in the dug-out now. No one trusts this board.

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