Graeme Murty’s latest club interview is worrying to see


There comes a time when everyone realises the game is up. Going by Rangers manager Graeme Murty’s latest club interview, this is the time – we have been hard on him the past few weeks, but the results have been mostly poor, the performances definitely terrible and the strain is clearly showing.

If ever a Rangers manager looked a defeated and desperately stressed man, it is now – and we really do feel for him.

Sure, he didn’t have to accept the job, but he did, and it has clearly become too much for him – his interview for the official club channels as published today is actually hard to watch – all the surefire signs of stress and grief are there – pale complexion, broken out skin, sullen demeanour, and a real lack of body language.

And we never want anyone to feel that way – the job was always too big for him, and while there was a great honeymoon period that we all loved and all bought into, it has definitely changed in the past month or so, and for all his mistakes recently, self-inflicted or not, it will never give us any satisfaction to see a man look like Murty is now.

We would be perfectly content for the guy to go back into the shadows and back to the Academy – he is not built for front line football management, certainly not at a club the size of Rangers.

As he himself admitted, the club is colossal, and only managers of Rangers understand just how pressure, brutal, massive and intense the job is – we supporters and websites and fan groups etc will never know how tough it is to be the manager at this club and the gravity of the responsibility looks like it has truly gotten to him.

The last time we saw a manager this uncomfortable was Kenny McDowall, when the caretaker was clearly 100% out of his comfort zone and struggled deeply with the job.

Again, in both cases, no guns were held to heads or orders given to take the job; men these intelligent can find work elsewhere in football if that’s what they want (although we understand McDowall remains out of work to this day), and Murty’s stock has certainly benefitted from his time at Ibrox.

He has learned a lot, and while it hasn’t gone wholly to plan, we certainly thank him for giving us a couple of months of hope – it was nice to believe Rangers were on the way back to the top, even if it’s faltered now.

Whatever happens to Murty, we hope he lands on his feet – whatever flaws he has, the way he looks now just isn’t nice to see. And we really don’t wish that on anyone.


  1. Yes I felt quite sorry for the man he looks like he has been out in the wind and rain for a few weeks !! As you say he was never big enough or experienced enough to be Rangers Manager long term I wish him very well

  2. Instead of focussing on the frailties of Celtic "the former invincibles" it seems that in desperation we are jumping on every bandwagon criticism of Mr Murty and from where I stand he has made one serious error of judgement and that was unfortunately against Celtic.but he has formed a very good dressing room and on the pitch camaraderie,as well as providing a positive and respectable image on the club's behalf. I remember when Walter Smith was 1st given the reins and there were many dissenters initially but with time and growing into the job we all know the rest,lets have trust in the man and give him a chance without a gun held to his head.It is tasteless the way some people continually seek change without looking at the very encouraging youth set up and improvement of some of Pedro's signings and I agree that the bad ones have to go but with 3 or 4 introductions from Mark Allen we may be on the verge of an upward curve.

  3. the brown brogues just do not fit nor does the tie….. sure l feel sorry for the guy but not willing to give Murts any more chances, l fear for Sunday against the bead rattling ambulance chasing scum, as usual he will make wrong decisions then make a complete arse of himself on camera like the caravan man, quicker he is gone the better

    • two draws at the piggery as I remember. Better results than most in recent times. Can't wait for the next manager, who will also be assassinated after the first defeat. At times I really despair of supporting a team with some of the worst fans in the world.

  4. This is a ridiculous article to put out days before the Celtic match . Criticising the manager like this is hardly going to inspire the players or the fans when what we need is everyone to be 100% behind the team on Sunday .

  5. I can scarcely believe Dave Kings statement. Many Gers fans feel massively underwhelmed by the same rhetoric that we all heard last year and the year before. Dave! Show us the money!!!

  6. Murty took the job when no other could manage or wanted the job. He had courage of his ability and steadied the club.The best few months since coming up was under Murty.Stop slating him IN get behind him and the team for a big celebration this weekend. Its going to happen, i feel it in my water.

  7. I have a massive amount of respect and appreciation for Graeme and the job hes done.
    …But sadly the size of Rangers has engulfed him

    There is no shame in you sliding back to the 20's Graeme.
    …You put your neck out when no one else would 👏💙


  8. Totally agree with Alex Gordon and Jimbo. Neither Murty or the squad need this right now Ibrox Noise, bad enough King opening his mouth to change feet as usual!!

    • We will always call it as we see it. Good and bad. And we'll make no apology for that. Mind you, the article is actually sympathetic to him rather than anything else, so we're not quite sure on the outrage.

    • For me you typify everything that is wrong with a sizeable section of the support. You systematically beat the shit out of Murty then comment that he seems to be lacking in confidence.
      Back to the Old Firm game. With the score at 2 – 2 Morelos hits the post from two yards. If he had scored we were coasting against ten men. Rodgers looked at his bench and brought on two players from Man City and PSG. We opted for the best player on our bench, who can't get into the Notts Forest team.
      Murty has had one transfer window and done well in it. He is doing a good job and needs the 100% support of every Rangers fan. For God's sake stop undermining him.

    • Big Harry – any Rangers manager who can't handle criticism and lets the strain get to him has our sympathy – but shouldn't be manager. And the rest of your argument screams of an auntie with balls being your uncle.

  9. Gees, we wonder why we will struggle against the Scum…..Dave king,should NEVER had made that statement at this time….i cant see our team doing what their supposed to do…and that is FIGHT the Scum….Murty should NEVER have been told his position right now……this is the most NEGATIVE thing that our players will also deal with,EVERYONE will be wondering and that WILL NOT be positive….which we need to even try and get the right result..

  10. Blue bear is absolutely spot on. We all know it yet those with the blind loyalty will bury heads in the sand. Look at his overall record and his decision making when the chips are down, seriously has he ever brought us back from the brink in any fixture under his stewardship, please don’t give me Fir Park as an example…..

  11. We shouldn't be looking at it in this fashion.
    Sure, he looks stressed, who doesn't at work from time to time, but he knows, and must have had an idea that this was always a short term appointment, unless he pushed them for the title, which sadly never happened.
    We and Murty himself should be saying, this is the last chance we have to give the fans what they desperately crave, and we have nothing to lose this Sunday. So lets prepare properly, bolster the midfield and put them under pressure.
    We weren't far away the last two games, and they will know this.
    Its interesting that our team have said little before the match this time. Before the last game, innocent comments were blown up and embellished to invigorate their team. It looks like they have discussed this and are keeping a quiet resolve. I like that.
    Lets be positive, get behind them and have a brilliant day.
    On Rangers On…

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