Tuesday, 17 April 2018

A who's who of all SEVEN Murty bust ups at Ibrox

The brown stuff is really hitting the fan at Ibrox now. Suspensions, fights, tantrums. It has truly exploded in utterly shambolic style, and the man at the centre of it all remains in his job.

Ibrox Noise takes you through a ‘rogue’s gallery’ of all the players Murty has seemingly picked a fight with to give some idea of the scale of the unrest in Govan.

It all started with David Bates. After the 21-year old decided not to stay, Murty took a few barbed shots at him. The fact Bates remains under Murty’s charge until the end of the season only makes the jabs he fired towards the pending Hamburg defender more astonishing. It was an incredibly unprofessional thing for a Rangers manager to do.

Next we had Murty’s apparent decision to blame the first Old Firm half on Andy Halliday by substituting him on 40 minutes. Murty screwed up in the first place, and tried to deflect attention by hinting that Halliday was the problem. Halliday was not best pleased. Cue angry rant.

Next we had Daniel Candeias similarly hauled in a growing ‘it wasn’t me’ blame culture by Murty – sure, Candeias had been awful, but something about this stunk and Candeias, normally a dignified and quiet chap, stormed down the tunnel feeling livid.

Then at full time Alfredo Morelos and Greg Docherty came head to head. We don’t know truly why this happened but Alves had to separate them – this reportedly spilled into the tunnel and the two had to be restrained by the same man, by many accounts. This isn’t necessarily Murty’s doing, but the simmering tension the man created certainly led in part to it.

Next up, Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace are said to have had words with Murty in the dressing room, telling him in no uncertain terms how bad this was, albeit we are unclear if any physical altercation beyond aggressive mouthing off ensued. Cue suspension to both players.

And last but not least Kenny Miller’s missus, who is absolutely fuming! And yes, that was levity folks. Don’t reply in outrage!

There was a brewing undercurrent of unhappiness at Ibrox, and it has spilled over into the public eye. And at least seven first-team players are at odds with it all.

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