A who’s who of all SEVEN Murty bust ups at Ibrox


The brown stuff is really hitting the fan at Ibrox now. Suspensions, fights, tantrums. It has truly exploded in utterly shambolic style, and the man at the centre of it all remains in his job.

Ibrox Noise takes you through a ‘rogue’s gallery’ of all the players Murty has seemingly picked a fight with to give some idea of the scale of the unrest in Govan.

It all started with David Bates. After the 21-year old decided not to stay, Murty took a few barbed shots at him. The fact Bates remains under Murty’s charge until the end of the season only makes the jabs he fired towards the pending Hamburg defender more astonishing. It was an incredibly unprofessional thing for a Rangers manager to do.

Next we had Murty’s apparent decision to blame the first Old Firm half on Andy Halliday by substituting him on 40 minutes. Murty screwed up in the first place, and tried to deflect attention by hinting that Halliday was the problem. Halliday was not best pleased. Cue angry rant.

Next we had Daniel Candeias similarly hauled in a growing ‘it wasn’t me’ blame culture by Murty – sure, Candeias had been awful, but something about this stunk and Candeias, normally a dignified and quiet chap, stormed down the tunnel feeling livid.

Then at full time Alfredo Morelos and Greg Docherty came head to head. We don’t know truly why this happened but Alves had to separate them – this reportedly spilled into the tunnel and the two had to be restrained by the same man, by many accounts. This isn’t necessarily Murty’s doing, but the simmering tension the man created certainly led in part to it.

Next up, Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace are said to have had words with Murty in the dressing room, telling him in no uncertain terms how bad this was, albeit we are unclear if any physical altercation beyond aggressive mouthing off ensued. Cue suspension to both players.

And last but not least Kenny Miller’s missus, who is absolutely fuming! And yes, that was levity folks. Don’t reply in outrage!

There was a brewing undercurrent of unhappiness at Ibrox, and it has spilled over into the public eye. And at least seven first-team players are at odds with it all.


  1. l worked for Parks of Hamilton for years and drove the gers bus on very rare occasions, boy do l wish l was driving it now as id gladly tie Murty to the front bumper and run over the fucking rat that he is, if Murty had a shred of decency left he should already have WALKED AWAY

  2. Firstly, no one is bigger than the club. The amount of verbal crap that is being banded about is shocking and this site is not much better.

    Yes Murty picked a howler of a team I knew we were beat before kick off. Murty now knows he is finished as manager but, for players to react the way they did is shocking. Halliday might be a true blue but let's be honest he's not good enough to play for rangers. Miller and Wallace, pair of twats who should know better.
    Hopefully this will shock the board into positive actionwith regards to new manager and get rid of the dead wood and trouble makers irrespective of cost. This is normally a good site and I enjoy it, but please let's not lower ourselves to the same depth as the daily red tops and other questionable sites.

    • Not shocking to me. Passion maybe but we could be doing with more of it. That was as bad a performance against Celtic as I can remember and something needed saying. Pedro was a bigger disaster than we realise. Club in real trouble and the next appointment maybe the most important in the clubs history

    • Get Murty out blog.. ridiculous bates only wanted to leave because money wasn't good enough for him which is his right wasn't only Murty who was peeved.halliday could have been taken off 10 minutes earlier as his contribution was poor.candeias needed to come off as a centre half was required after sending off.the two lads segueing and near coming to blows was frustration and nothing to do with murty.miller and Wallace overstepped the mark with the manager and in any place of work would be treated the same suspended pending an enquiry.as for Kenny's wife she's just supporting her man.

  3. Wow Ibrox Noise – talk about the Board hanging Murty out to dry! Are you seriously advocating that the Board sack Murty/ For what exactly – being the scapegoat for the Board’s incompetence by accepting a job that he was never equipped to do. His tactics and selection were wrong on Sunday yes – but is that any excuse for the abject performance of every single player on the park wearing the Rangers shirt. If any of them had shown the same fight on the park as off it – then we might at least have given Celtic a game. And exactly what is Candeias’s problem? He was substituted after an hour of one of the most insipid disinterested performances I have ever seen from a player representing Rangers in an old firm match. After his display how dare he walk up the tunnel all indignant! Easier to hide in the dressing room that sit with his team mates on the bench and in the full glare of the support that he has shamefully let down. The truth of the matter is that every single player disgraced themselves and the jersey by their performance on the park, and to compound that many of them have now disgraced the jersey by their conduct following the match – and all in earshot of the other mob who are now laughing at us. The real culprit in all of this however is King. He is the one who put Murty in charge for the last six months of the season when it was clear to everyone that Murty lacked the skills or experience for such a job. King is the one who threw Murty under the bus in the run in to the semis final by his untimely statement which only demonstrated that he (King) doesn’t understand the mentality of players, and that he thinks that all fans are gullible. In not appointing a proper Manager following Caixhina’s dismissal King was in effect writing the season off – his ill thought and completely unnecessary pronouncement on Murty’s position, and the subsequent fall out has now virtually written off second place. There are no winners and losers in all of this. We the fans have been let down by King, the Board, and the players. A word for Murty who I do think has done his best – for a short time he restored some stability and hope – but it was always a ticking bomb due to his inexperience. The last word for Lee Wallace – a player who stood by the club in its hour of need. This would be a sad end the sacrifices he has made should be taken into account. A quiet word in his ear may have been suffice. Once again Ibrox has become a poisonous place to work it seems. Whenever a call out to Walter to return is mentioned there is the expected cry of a backward step however at this moment we need a figure like Walter who can command immediate respect – even from the likes of King!

    • Hi Dexter, we'd rather a new board. We were never in favour of King in the first place and made that abundantly clear. We've credited them occasionally when they've done something half decent, but honestly, we got tired of doing so. Only now that everyone else wants them out are we being accused of not holding them to account.

      Couldn't make it up. So we don't bother.

    • Candeias has a cheek, he was substituted because we lost a defender to a red card, and to be honest Stevie Wonder would have subbed him !Halliday was a Managers mistake, Miller or Cummings should have started or possibly Windass , at least if it didnt work there to be subbed,But there is an underlying tone of players creating havoc, same thing with Caixhina and Warburton, lloks like the same culprits.

    • dexter great post ,i back our manager all be it hes out depth ,watch the game strangest game ive seen in a long time .the one thing i did notice was candias walking about ,obvioully something ws going on before game ,my opinion we have to show murty respect and leave him in charge for next 5 games thank him and move on ,hopefully murty drops 6 or 7 players that walked about against eastenders .would love to see gers support boycott away games show scotland who the biggest team in scotland , w,a,t,p

  4. When there's no coherent chain of command and competency in any organisationon,you end up with what we sadly were witnessing over last few years, culminating to the total chaotic scenes on Sunday and the aftermath of related alleged activity since.
    We all know this starts from the top and developed into a domino effect.
    We would all hope club 1872 would emerge from their slumber and lead a times up on this board rabble, would this not be the time, and immediately,instead of usual chaotic lip service.
    Their contribution is as weak as management and players performance on Sunday.Amen

  5. I take it they had yesterday off with Mary & Moira not up in front of the boys with long trooosers till this morning.

    Wonder how trainings going today?
    We have a big game at the weekend!!
    Would love to see a few pics from training today, Morelos, Docherty, Halliday & Candias all rolling about laughing no doubt.
    Millers Mrs shes chained to the front gate.

    • Be a hard job miller on home leave same as half the team lucky if u get 11 at training today bring on Sunday canny get any worse nse

  6. Get Rid of the Board!
    Get Rid of Murty!
    Sell Morelos and Reinstate the Rest

    Absolute Disgrace by The Board to Back Murty! 😠👊💙⚽

    • Really Stevo.
      Your ok with that pair of pricks attacking the manager After giving him verbal abuse and having to be pulled off by our own senior players.
      Sack the pricks NOW!!!
      Good fuking riddance💣

    • Now Normally Robbie Mate I usually agree with you on what your opinions are of the goings on surrounding all things Rangers

      But on this occasion I Disagree with you, Lee and Kenny were not attacking Graeme and I dont see them as Pricks…especially Wallace

      Tbh Im just fed up with the shambles our club is becoming 👎

    • I know u dont get suspended for nothing but Wallace is a Club Legend and Him and Miller were just telling Murty what he needed to Hear
      Its Murty and the Board that need to go!

  7. king made it clear that Murty was out of the job and the next manager has to bring Instant Success,was Murty up for the job after that,now you tell me what manager is going touch the Job with king shouting in there ear that they must bring in Instant Success as it stands i would think any top manager would stay clear of the job for now,as instant success is going take £30/40/50million.

  8. I’m sorry, but I don’t think the first 3 on this list should be held against Murty.

    (1) with Bates, if you look at Murty’s comments he was both accurate and professional. He’s disappointed that Bates decided to go to Germany after being developed at Rangers, but the way he expressed that disappointment was very professional. He didn’t make it personal. Also, that whole farce is on the Board and/or DoF for not resigning Bates at the start of the season. By all accounts, Bates’ wage demands were more than reasonable for a guy who was 1st choice CB before his injury and for a club that has designs on making a deep run in Europa. This is especially true after a lot of his teammates have received extensions and raises in the past few months.

    (2) Halliday coming off was a tactical decision immediately after going down 2-0. Murty got both squad selection and formation wrong, but trying to correct one or both is his match day responsibility. Should he have waited until halftime to save Halliday the embarrassment? Maybe. But I’m not going to stick the knife in Murty for feeling the urgency to do it immediately trying to keep the score at 2-0, as opposed to 3-0, going into halftime. Halliday needs to understand this, and he owes the manager an apology as far as I’m concerned.

    (3) subbing Candeias for Alves was likewise a tactical switch once McCrorie was sent off. Putting a CB on the field after one gets a red card isn’t difficult to comprehend. Candeias acted like a crybaby for being the guy selected to come off, and he needs to grow up. If Candeias has been playing halfway decent, Murty would have left him on and selected someone else to come off.

    The rest of the items may or may not have anything to do with Murty at all! We don’t have enough information on Miller and Wallace to come to any firm conclusions, but if the rumours of a dust-up with Murty are true, the suspensions are wholly warranted. Murty is the boss, whether they like it or not, until the board decides to replace him. The players need to respect that and act professionally.

    • Totally agree…

      …we shouldn't confuse "passion" with "selfish ego" as I think it's the ego of players like Halliday and Candeias that we saw not passion.

      If any of the players on the list had a "team first mentality" and fought to protect the team at all costs, we wouldn't hear or see such issues.

      I know all dressing rooms fight, and I'm guessing one or two Aberdeen players had a pop in their dressing room after Motherwell, but it stays there to protect the team.

      We only hear and see it because our team are full of bang average players with massive selfish egos…

  9. From one embarrassment to another… Don’t know wither to laugh or cry lads to be honest… They better get a big fucking broom for Rangers from top to bottom. Stewart Robertson should have his arse handed to him on a plate for his part in the Pedro experiment…

    Murtys defo lost the dressing room no getting away from that and honestly believe he’s being fucked by a certain player…That Ibrox Mole is back on the scene and feeding the rags…

    This should never of reached the shite rags full stop sure as shit wouldn’t of happened under Souness or Walter.,,It’s getting beyond fucking stupid now what a total embarrassment to the Club & Supporters…

    Dreading hearing what’s next 🙈

    • Here's something to give u food for thought Billy Boy.
      Frank De Boer has knocked back Heerenveen and says he does not see his future in the Netherlands.
      Just Saying Mate!!!

  10. Murty was always on a hiding to nothing. I fear we may have lost him with unders now where he was doing a great job. Give him some respect for stepping up and giving it his best. Miller and Wallace have history with past managers and the board have had enough, Halliday should follow them. Any potential manager De Boer, Pardew or Clarke wouldn’t have them near the squad after this. Supporting Rangers doesn’t make you a player, or bigger than the club. Walter, Souness, Butcher or Gough would have left that pair sparko on the dressing room floor for disrespecting the manager. I could name another half dozen. We need a strong manager, an assistant with huge balls and a real captain and leader on the field, then and only then we’ll move forward. We have too many players that have come from small clubs thinking they’ve made it at Rangers, not all, but most. Only when that mentality is kicked out of them, or they’re kicked out, will our club move forward.

  11. Murty got everything wrong against Celtic as he did against Dundee the week before. His tactics are dreadful and it pains me to say it Jimmy Nicholl looked like a kit man at the weekend. Halliday and Holt are rank and it’s beyond me why Cummings can’t get a shot. Murty has tried and it’s not worked out but we are in free-fall once more with no end in sight.
    We do have some good players at Ibrox unfortunately there is no one there with the slightest idea how to play them. Attack seems like a foriegn word with flat sluggish pedestrian football all we seem to aspire to. It must be cheaper to appoint someone decent than be landed with payoffs every 6 months and failed expensive players on the wage bill. We need a decent manager now to sift through the rubble and get us ready, European football is only a couple of short months away.

  12. Wrong Board Picked The Wrong Manager Who Picked The Wrong Team Using The Wrong Tactics And Got The Wrong Result Any Questions?

  13. How much time/hope/support will we give the next manager/squad. Will we all buy our season tickets to continue the shambles that the powers that be are creating. I am not suggesting all the board are useless, just please Mr K, do the right thing, resign and leave the club to sort out the mess you create, Mr K could not even manage a word of encouragement before the semi final, no instead he basically tells the Manager, the players and the support that the manager is a going going gone. So think about a similar message, when you walk into work and your boss calls you over to give you your notice, that must have been great…… only for what appeared to be visible mutiny from players who might equally be wondering what is next for them personally J

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