Are Rangers hanging Lee Wallace out to dry?


Let’s face it, it’s far from the first time Rangers players who are dyed-in-the-wool fans have had collision courses with the manager.

We all remember Barry and PLG – ok, it turns out years later on that there was no bust up, but that Ferguson simply objected to PLG saying a draw or loss was no big deal. PLG then fired him. More recently Kenny Miller and Pedro Caixinha came to blows and Miller got banned for the first time.

Now today’s latest. We’ll leave the Miller stuff for another time but we are truly troubled by the treatment meted out to Lee Wallace.

Wallace has been nothing but impeccable since he signed. He sacrificed so much for us, and all fans have respect for what he did back in the day. Since then he’s never covered himself in anything other than dignity and, maybe not quite glory but certainly with a level of class we expect from our Rangers players.

Of course, his ability isn’t what it was – and he would have real difficulty getting his place back from Declan John (who had a shocking Old Firm, incidentally), but that’s a side issue.

If there is one player at Ibrox who deserves slack and respect it’s Lee Wallace.

Yet over this incident the man has now been banned by the board regardless?

This smacks of yet more mismanagement and exceedingly shoddy treatment of someone who has led this club for years and barely done a thing wrong in that time.

Sure, as a captain we’ve had better – but we’ve also had worse. And as a man, a professional, and a football person, no one has ever had a bad word to say about Lee Wallace.

And yet, he’s now banned for speaking his mind.

Our understanding is he told Graeme Murty exactly what the fans were thinking, and for that he finds himself axed.

It is true the manager is the ultimate boss and will always be the winner in these situations. No player is bigger than the club.

But neither is any manager, and the fact the board have backed Murty despite it all seems absolutely incredible.

For all that he got wrong, and he did much wrong, Murray did the right thing relieving PLG of his role – just like the board did the right thing firing Caixinha.

But this current malaise stinks. 8 players now disenchanted with either each other or the manager, or now, the board, and it’s getting worse day by day:

When will this madness end.


  1. Fucking shambles. You cant sack our most loyal player and absolute legend for what he sacrificed for us in the hay day of his career. I truly hope we as fans stand up for one of our own. We need answers before we renew our 40k season tickets. We still have a season to finish as well.

    • This season is finished Martin. This lot of mince are finished. Massive clear out or next season will be no different. Weakness and stupidity needs to be hunted and destroyed. King, Board, Robertson and Murty need replaced. Abject failures in every appointed position. Toxic from the Chairman to the players on the park.
      Enough of their shite.
      Season ticket holders taken for muppets. Disgraceful.
      Off with their heads. I am losing mine with pure frustration at the fucking total incompetence of this fucked up regime.

    • Well said !!!!! No way to treat them atoll …. Miller's 3rd stint (obviously cares about the club) & a man who's been with us through it ALL good & bad ((more bad than good but We'll Be Back))

    • guys waken up the club needs cleansed from the youth dept just heard that the young boy lyons is out of contract now out the door mullholland said murty made decision to not offer new one gave the a new deal to the ones who are on the web with their celtic on colours its a joke thats what we have become lyons has just been out on loan and every game he started they won against all the top teams and can handle himself but no one from rangers watched his performances

  2. We don’t know the full story, and we may never know exactly what was said to whom and why.

    But I will say this: if he had a go at the manager he deserves his suspension, and it doesn’t have anything to do with whether he was ‘right’ or just speaking his mind. It’s a matter of respect. There is no profession in the world, whether it’s accountants, fashion models, shop clerks, or football players, who can have a go at their boss and expect to get away with it unpunished. It’s as simple as that. It really is. We, correctly, threw Joey Barton out of the club for having a go at Warburton, and if that’s what happened here the same fate should await Miller and Wallace.

    You and I would never get away with such behavior in our jobs, and Wallace and Miller shouldn’t be exempt just because of what shirt they wear on Saturday afternoons.

    • This isnt Janet shouting at her line manager in WH Smith, Its our club captain (forget about miller for now) and you are right that we might never know what happened but after a performance like that you are going to have reactions. Suspension fine if that is it but a full sacking for Wallace especially would be difficult to swallow.

    • Robbie , No player bigger than Rangers 100%. Our captain's anger at that performance and letting it be known is him protecting Rangers. Miller / Wallace part of the team that defeated Celtic in the cup. Miller a top performer in old firms , Wallace has had his injury issues but to question his performances when he hasnt had many is poor, Not to mention this team is supposed to be improved regards the team 3 years ago. That performance lacked effort,backbone,heart,desire,fight. In a game to get us to the final FFS. Something had to be said

    • Martin.
      U don't get suspended for saying something, it must of been a lot more than that.
      They both know he's a apprentice and should treat him accordingly.
      The players let us all down on Sunday including themselves.
      Players just not fit for purpose.
      I half the team and most on the bench also.

  3. Both these guys showed they care. They should just tell the board to shove it . The board members are dinasaurs – worse than the useless. Idiots at the SFA and SFPL . RFC has become a laughing stock and will continue to be with this lot at the helm. Just wait for the next manager search shambles.

  4. Looks like either they are trying to set an example of how to behave by suspending a player who's not fit anyway. Or they don't expect wallace to either recover from his place in the team and will use this to get him out the club. Either way this stinks, why come out and say he's suspended. They should have dealt with it behind closed doors. Do the media really need to know that an injured player has been suspended for challenging the manager. Our club is full of amateurs from top to bottom

  5. This can't go on lads. The club is in deep turmoil. Headless chickens throughout the club. Breakdown in administration, management, board. The weakness is palpable throughout the club. It is rotting in front of our eyes.
    And still no liaison with the fans. We are simply being ignored.
    Glasgow Rangers. You must be fucking kiddin'.
    It's a fucking mess, top to bottom.

  6. Had Enough of this Shit Now!! 😠

    1. The Board need to Fuck off and Take Murty with You

    2. Reinstate Wallace/Miller and whoever Else

    3. Get a Proper Fucking Manager!

    4. Get Rid of The Deadwood
    (Forrester, Pena, Hodson etc)

    Treating Wallace in this way is an absolute disgrace! And tbh that our board is backing murty makes me feel sick to be a Bluenose

    The Man is Blue Through and Through
    He Gave up Scotland Duty
    He Refused EPL Sides

  7. Wallace and Miller undermined Pedro. Now it’s Murty. With bears like yon who needs papes. Doesn’t matter who you are, how long you’ve been there or what you’ve done…when you cross the line your out the door. No ones bigger than the club and players who cross the manager must be shown the door immediately, regardless of who is manager or how good he is.

    Wee Bankrupt Barry played ‘in a bigger bear than you with LeGuen like his buddies Miller and Wallace done with Ped before turning on Murty. Out-fucking-ragious in all counts. This is Glasgow Rangers not the local junior team. Dispicable to even suggest any player should call any shots at Ibrox.

    Good riddance to Miller and Wallace. I for one have never forgotten oor Kenny run towards me and every other bear in exctasy after scoring for that lot at the piggery. Judas then Judas now. Wallace has been good in staying thro the banter years but it by no means wins him immunity from getting his jotters. Both have previous. Ta Ta. I just wish Halliday & Candeias were following them for their show of utter contempt, not just to the manager but to every bear inside Hampden and the millions hurting all over the world. Shameful. Ta ta.

    Murty is nowhere near what we need as Manager at the club. He’s naive in all aspects and the forever diplomat ad naseum. Not surprising given he’s not a manager, never has been and never claimed to be. ……however, if, and it’s a big if…he pulls us to 2nd spot he’ll have delivered something most fans would have snapped your hand off for the day he stepped back in.

  8. Got to laugh at the ‘fight’ patter. Some would have you believe that’s important and above all else. No, sorry but it’s about ability. 100% effort is a given. Don’t care how blue their noses are or how dyed their wool is….

    ……can they play, are they the best we can get and can they do it week in week out against anyone?

    That’s all that matters and don’t forget it.

  9. IN, you say if one person deserves respect it us LW. You are wrong. The manager deserves respect from EVERY player.

    There is a lot of dross in the club, both on the pitch and in the boardroom. It will take a long time to sort it out.

  10. I definitely do not blame MURTY MILLER OR WALLACE for that matter I blame the idiot who's never here the tax dodging prick who's never here KING who before a huge semi-final clash with them decides to publicly humiliate MURTY by saying he won't be the manager next season now everyone knew that but why come out and say it before a huge tie like that ….I mean case in point everyone of us that have a job …lets say we go in on a Monday your boss calls you in and says I've been told your shit at what you do and I'm only going to give you 2 more months here …is there anyone of us here that would give a shit about how well they do there job over the next 2 months HELL NO !!! it's not MURTY IT'S NOT THE TEAM IT'S THAT TAX DODGING IDIOT KING …END OF …HE TOOK THE CHEAP OPTION IN APPOINTING MURTY because he made a massive blunder with PEDRO we are no cheap option KING we are the most successful team on this PLANET…FACT

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