This incredible Rangers achievement will make Scottish football sit up and take notice…

This incredible Rangers achievement will make Scottish football sit up and take notice…

If ever there was any doubt Alfredo Morelos is worth well over £10M, it has surely been dispelled after the 21-year old striker overlook Newcastle legend Faustino Asprilla’s decades’ long held 10th place in the list of all time Colombian goalscorers in Europe.

The list, including the greatest forwards and strikers Colombia have ever produced such as Radamel Falcao and James Rodriguez, has seen Govan’s prize asset overtake the former St James’ man who was previously on 59 goals in European competition with a total of 62, including the barrowload he nabbed in Finland.

We’re perfectly sure Scottish football will still fall all over itself to prove Scotland’s top striker is worth no more than a million, while never protesting once about the value Celtic asked for the likes of Dembele or the rejection of a £12M bid for the striker from Brighton.

Only when it’s Rangers.

Nevertheless, if Morelos keeps up his remarkable scoring rate in Scotland, we’re pretty sure he’ll find himself called up for the national team. Naturally the Colombian side is filled with incredible players, but for a 21-year old to make an all-time list in European football after not even yet managing 24 months on this continent is a pretty astonishing achievement.

But not one worth £10M+, no…

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  1. Once he goes to the World Cup in the summer he will be more. Though if we can European football next season and he’s in the national squad I don’t see him leaving. His main goal seems to be in the national team and he prob didn’t expect playing for rangers would do
    It, but it looks like it will

  2. Enjoy the wee man whilst he is here at Ibrox. Let the rest say as they please.

    No matter what happens in the future – whether he stays or goes – the usual suspects will only put a negative spin on it to suit their own agendas.

  3. Just now hes probably worth about £12m but if he he gets called up and has a decent WC and scores a couple …£20m 👌

    • Stevo/Billy.
      Trust me if he goes to the WC scores and plays well we will be getting a lot more than £20m.
      That would bring in the big boys and hopefully a bidding war!!?

      They pay whatever it takes!!!
      🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Queens XI 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. I love the wee man but come on £20 million😳he’s done no better than Moult from Motherwell. maybe once he scores a hat trick agains the scum or a few big goals in Europe. But fuck sake he’s done nothing as yet calm down bears it’s a red neck we sound like they arseholes with the Dembele shite.🙈

    • I agree with some of these comments – we are being a bit too optimistic to be perfectly honest. Great player and hopefully can only get better, however he still has to do it against a higher level of opposition, in my opinion. If there is an offer of over £12M, I believe we have to take it in our current financial circumstances.

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